Cope with the Smoke

Southern Oregon is in the middle of fire season. That means smoky days and eagerly watching the news broadcasts at night for updates on the fires. Cooler weather has brought some relief, which is especially good for the firefighters who work diligently around the clock to contain the blazes.

Unfortunately, being surrounded by wildfires blankets the valley in heavy smoke. You’re stuck inside during the peak of summer when you should be camping, hiking or biking. You can only spend so many days inside watching Netflix or cooking no-bake desserts before you run out of things to do. You need to get out and move! But what can you do outdoors with all the smoke hanging around?

Plenty! You just need to get creative. And Limelight Deals knows how to help with that.

If you’re restless from staying indoors the past few days, the kids are probably bored too. Why not take the family on a fun outing which also provides relief from the smoke? Experience live entertainment like never before at the Northwest Tall Tale Challenge, an event where local story tellers share their anecdotes in hopes of getting to the National Story Telling Festival in Tennessee. The competition benefits local seniors, so not only are you having fun, you’re supporting the local community!

Maybe you need some alone time after days of going from home to work, and then back home again with no stops in-between. Escape from the daily grind with a body polish and mini facial. 90 minutes of pure heaven. Floating on Cloud 9 has nothing on this mimosa champagne sugar scrub and facial. Leave behind life’s stresses and reinvigorate the body and soul.

It’s good to find ways to escape the smoke covering the valley. But also take a moment and remember the firefighters. They’re on the front lines every day, fighting and containing the blazes, to keep use safe.



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