Are You Scared Yet?

Foggy mornings, misty streets and falling leaves could only mean one thing: Halloween. Even Captain Limelight will don a (different) cape and join in the mischief!

Everyone’s favorite evening of tricks and treats is nearly here. Tomorrow night children and adults will dress up. Some seek candy; others, a warm gathering of friends.

If you don’t like tricks, what about treats? There’s a bag of candy at home with your name on it. Crack it open and binge on your favorite horror movies all night with a friend. It’s OK if you have to watch with the lights on. We won’t tell.

Whether you’re handing out tricks or gathering treats, always be careful during your Halloween fun. Being safe while you’re out and about ensures a happy holiday. Besides, you never know what ghouls or goblins are out on Halloween causing mischief and mayhem…



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