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Are You Scared Yet?

Foggy mornings, misty streets and falling leaves could only mean one thing: Halloween. Even Captain Limelight will don a (different) cape and join in the mischief! Everyone’s favorite evening of tricks and treats is nearly here. Tomorrow night children and adults will dress up. Some seek candy; others, a warm gathering of friends. If you [...]

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Holiday Shopping Victories

It’s the first Friday of October; Halloween is merely weeks away. Christmas is in less than three months! You need to get cracking on your holiday shopping. Every year you procrastinate, and every year you wish you’d started early. Limelight Deals is here to help you start (and finish!) all your holiday shopping faster than [...]

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It’s Fall, Right?

Finally. Relief from the heat. But what’s this now? Are the temperatures creeping up again? Aren’t the leaves supposed to change colors, and dance and swirl across glistening streets? Unseasonably warm weather has many people frustrated. Despite a few warm days popping up again, Limelight Deals thinks the weather is cooling down. Whether the weather [...]

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It’s Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sing the praises of the back to school season! It’s a time marked with buying school supplies, answering a million questions from the kids, and watching a flood of commercials about new school clothes. Fortunately, your DVR solves the third problem. The other two are more difficult to solve. Checking the paper for when the [...]

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Cope with the Smoke

Southern Oregon is in the middle of fire season. That means smoky days and eagerly watching the news broadcasts at night for updates on the fires. Cooler weather has brought some relief, which is especially good for the firefighters who work diligently around the clock to contain the blazes. Unfortunately, being surrounded by wildfires blankets [...]

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Fairs, Food and Fun

We had two milestones this week: National Junk Food Day on the 21st and the start of the Jackson County Fair the day after. It’s no coincidence these events happened back-to-back. Everyone remembers their favorite junk food, especially at the fair. Elephant ears, corn dogs, ice cream, hamburgers; the list goes on. If you can [...]

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5 Tips for Handling Unpredictable Weather

Last week thunder, lightning and rain pounded the valley. This week it’s relatively calm. Blustery winds stir up leaves and partly cloudy skies keep us cool. At Limelight Deals we’re grateful for the nicer weather. Some of us aren’t the biggest fans of thunderstorms. Now the question is: how do you plan for every possible [...]

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Thunderstorm Distraction Tips

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens don’t calm you during storms. When the wind whips, thunder booms and lightning cracks across the sky, you need more than pleasant thoughts to take your mind off the outside calamity. Even (mostly) fearless Captain Limelight huddles inside his cape during thunderstorms. Whether you have jittery pets, frightened [...]

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Happy Birthday, America!

On July 4, 1776 we declared our independence loud and proud. Each July 4th we celebrate our freedom and our country. We gather with family and friends and host picnics, barbeques, games and events. Fireworks light up the night sky; each spark punctuated with a crackle or boom. We also remember those who serve our [...]

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

The only thing more American than baseball is a slice of apple pie topped with vanilla ice cream. We’re well into summer and our local team, the Medford Rogues, have started their season. Summer is all about attending a home game with the family. Imagine this… You approach the entrance gate and hear the announcer [...]

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