Bad timing for today’s print edition

If you got your news on the Boston bombing story only out of the newspaper this morning, you probably know by now there’s a lot more to the story. As of 10 a.m. Friday, when this was written, one of the two suspects in the bombing is dead, the second suspect, his brother, is on the run with thousands of law enforcement officers in pursuit and the city of Boston is virtually shut down.

The timing was about the worst for a West Coast newspaper. By our press time, there were reports of explosions and shooting on the Associate Press wire, but there was no mention of any connection to the bombing. By 1 a.m., long after our presses had been running, the first report came out that said police were investigating whether there was a connection to the bombing. It wasn’t until 1:25 a.m. our time that a story moved confirming one of the two suspected terrorists was dead and the search was on for the brother. No doubt that after the numerous false reports earlier in the week, news organizations covering the scene were being cautious.

We were not totally powerless to report the breaking details. Our website was able to provide updates throughout the night via AP and that we were able to post a full story, with lots of details and eyewitness accounts, early this morning. We’ll keep posting updates today as the story unfolds.

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