And the worst job is . . . reporter

If you’ve always longed to be in the thick of things, chasing fire engines, interviewing celebs and being there when the day’s great events unfold, the reporter’s life may be for you. Then again, maybe not. Check out this Wall Street Journal story.

In a survey of 200 jobs in the United States, reporter ranked dead last — edging out last year’s worst job, lumberjack (otherwise known as a logger in these parts). The reporting job was ranked low because of its relatively low pay, deadline stress, job insecurity and staff reductions. What’s not to like in that?

There’s certainly room to quibble with the results of the survey. Reporter ranked below jobs like janitor and dishwasher, both of which pay considerably less. No offense to people who work hard in those jobs, but I guess the relative lack of stress offsets the poor pay and type of work? If “low expectations” rates as a good thing, then being unemployed must be a heck of a job. Guess it depends on your view of life and how you want to live it.

Being a reporter won’t make you rich — it never has. It definitely comes with a stress level and uncertainty that wasn’t there a decade or two ago. But it’s still an interesting way to spend your day and good reporters not only find themselves in the thick of things but also can make a real difference in their communities while doing their jobs. Not sure I’d trade that for No. 1 on the list: actuary (somebody please wake me up when the day is over).

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