Straight from their mouths

We’re trying something a bit different this year in our editorial endorsements of candidates for the Medford School Board. In addition to the editorial we’ll publish (and, of course, stories on the candidates and races by our reporting staff), we are videotaping our editorial sessions with the candidates.

If you’ve been wondering what those lawn signs popping up around town are all about, time to get prepared. In fact, a bit past time: Ballots will be sent out Friday for school board races across the state, including some hot races in the Medford, Eagle Point and Phoenix-Talent school districts.

We will be doing editorial endorsements for the three Medford positions on the ballot and providing video on the editorial board interviews with the candidates. You might question our editorial stance or may wonder what else was discussed and this will give you a way to hear it straight from the candidates.

The videos should be posted by the end of the week. Don’t have a link yet, but if you hold your cursor over the “News” bar at the top left of our website (just under the weather) several choices will pop up, including “Education.” When the stories and videos are posted, you’ll be able to access them there.

Our editorial endorsements for the Medford positions are planned for Sunday and a link to the videos will be provided there as well.


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