14.5 percent. Really?

Discouraging and perplexing to read this morning that as of Monday only 14.5 percent of registered voters in Jackson County had bothered to return their ballots in the election for local school boards and other boards. That number is likely to go up by the end of today (and if you’re among those who haven’t voted, you have until 8 tonight to drop your ballot off). But it still promises to be a dismal turnout.

What’s perplexing is the paltry turnout compared with the endless complaints about public education, public employees, PERS, graduation rates and on and on and on. The average citizens don’t have much ability to make a difference in those areas, but they do have the ability to cast a vote — a vote by mail ballot, nonetheless.

If you have concerns about how your schools are being run or support how they are being run, today is the day to weigh in. With turnout numbers like 14.5 percent, your vote really does count.

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