No coffee pot in the newsroom?

Last week we had our old Bunn coffee maker hauled out of the newsroom. It was one of those industrial models that stored a tank of hot water so you could produce a pot quickly, but it had been so long since anyone used it that I don’t even want to think what was growing in the tank.

So it’s gone and in its place is — nothing. Hard as it is to imagine for most newsroom denizens, past and present, we no longer have a newsroom coffee pot.

That doesn’t mean there’s not caffeine flowing through our veins at troubling levels. But that caffeine tends to come from coffee purchased at Dutch Bros or Mellelo’s (or Human Bean or Good Bean or Bad Ass — the caffeine-opportunity list goes on and on). Some staffers come to work clutching a thermos or mug filled with home brew, while others have gone even further beyond the bounds of normal newsroom behavior and partake of green tea or chai.

We all know the world of journalism has been changing dramatically in recent years. I guess I could get nostalgic over the good ol’ days of the newsroom coffee klatch, but then I remember what that tin-can coffee tasted like and realize I’m happy to embrace the new reality.

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