Who’ll stop the rain?

Tuesday morning’s paper and web weather report noted that total precipitation locally was 0.04 inches for the previous 24-hour period and 0.17 inches for the month of June so far.

That’s notable, because most people spent the weekend and Monday casting anxious looks at the western hills, waiting for the monsoon to arrive. Weather sites, from the pages of our paper to the for-profit weather forecasters like the Weather Channel and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (the feds), predicted the delivery of anywhere from a half-inch to 2 inches of rain. What we got were a lot of clouds, some sprinkles and a brief amount of honest-to-goodness rain on Monday morning.

News reporters (well, the good ones anyway) don’t like to report “maybe-facts” — you know, those facts that may be right, but we’re not totally sure. And yet we all engage in the weather forecasting game. Probably have better odds at being right on the weather than on hitting the big one at your local Purple Parrot, but, nevertheless, it’s a crap shoot here in the Rogue Valley.

Blame it on our proximity to the coast, the mountain ranges in the area or maybe the Vortex, but a lot of the forecasts are not exactly spot on. Typically, it seems, the weather in the Rogue Valley turns out better than forecast.

For those of us who had outdoor projects or recreation planned over the past few days, we’re not exactly broken-hearted over the inexact forecasts. Probably selfish on our parts — after all, the folks in Klamath could use a little of the wet stuff right about now.

And, with 90-plus weather headed our way (“allegedly headed our way”?) we may all soon be praying for rain.

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