‘Your Money’ is back

Mea culpa: We’ve brought back the Sunday ‘Your Money’ pages, which feature personal finance stories and tips. It’s an improvement, I think, over The Wall Street Journal pages we’ve been running for the past year and a half. But we did it Sunday with no advance notice — and not even any explanation in Sunday’s paper, which was my fault. My apologies.

We’ve felt — and had readers tell us — that the WSJ pages were often off-the-mark, with a more East Coast, urban focus. Our goal in building our own pages is to instead focus primarily on what everyday people can do with their money and assets to be more financially secure.

The move also comes after our parting from Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal. When we were with DJ, there wasn’t a requirement that we use those pages, but there did seem to be some expectation.

Reader may also have noticed that the Sunday paper is now four sections, instead of five. That doesn’t mean we lost all those pages: We made the A section two pages larger and the C section two pages larger, which actually gives us some needed flexibility in handling the  news. The biggest savings for us is that it no longer requires an early press run to print the fifth section.

Some changes that deserve explanations: Next time I’ll try to do it before it happens, rather than after.

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