The real crisis in Oregon

Amid all the head shaking about the federal congressional impasse,  a bigger issue seems to be brewing in some folks’ minds: Our “bias” for the Oregon Ducks over the Oregon State Beavers.

Exhibit A: Sunday’s sports pages, in which the Ducks not only got top billing, but also had two color photos and two lengthy stories, while the Beavers got one small photo and a single, shorter story that had no quotes in it.

Well, we suggest you take your case up with the PAC-12 conference and the TV stations. While the Ducks are ranked No. 2 in the nation and will continue to get a lot of attention for that, the real culprit in the difference in the coverage was the difference in the game times.

When a game is played at 1 p.m. (Oregon vs. Washington), there’s plenty of time to gather quotes, photos, sidebars, stats and still make a Saturday night deadline. When the game starts at 7:30 p.m. (OSU vs. Washington State), that luxury vanishes. Our sports crew is waiting for an Associated Press story to arrive so they can get done and make our press start deadline. Not a lot of time — none in fact — for extras.

It didn’t help that the Beavers and  Cougs threw 108 passes in the game. Sixty-four were caught, six intercepted and 38 fell incomplete. That’s 44 clock stoppages, not counting the time outs that occurred for the 51 first downs that mostly came after the completed passes.

I watched the OSU game to the end (OK, there might have been a nap in the middle), but don’t remember what time it finished. Must have been around 11.

And that leads to less time and less coverage. No bias here folks (especially by our OSU alum sports editor). It’s just a matter of time, or in this case, lack of time.

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