‘The Grizzwells’ vs. ‘Rose is Rose’

“Danger! Danger!”

I know my warning alerts should be going off at full volume right now, but I’m forging ahead nonetheless, possibly taking on the most dangerous editorial task of all, changing comic strips. Against my better judgment, here goes:

We’re thinking about switching out a current Mail Tribune cartoon, “Rose is Rose,” and replacing it with “The Grizzwells,” (he said, ducking under his desk).

“The Grizzwells” centers on a family of four bears and their various furry friends of the woods. It’s safe for the whole family and even more important, seems to be consistently funny, a good attribute for the funny pages.

We’ve carried “Rose is Rose,” for a number of years and there’s a sentiment among some readers that it’s bit of a one- or two-trick pony that just isn’t that funny. Now everyone’s tastes differ, so I’m not here to say that if you’re a “Rose” fan you’ve got an odd sense of humor. (Even if that’s what I’m thinking.)

So what do you think? Check out “The Grizzwells” (you can look at previous cartoons by clicking on the calendar icon. Then check out “Rose is Rose.”  There’s an option to view additional strips by clicking a button below the cartoon that’s shown.

So give it a try and let me know, either in the comment field below or on Facebook by going to “Bob Hunter, Mail Tribune editor.”

Then let me know when it’s safe to come out from under my desk.

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