Morning plans changed in a hurry

I was on my way to a SMART reading session at Jackson School this morning when I heard that a bomb had been detonated outside the Jackson County DA’s office. I made a quick call to the office and discovered that our morning online reporter, Ryan Pfeil was all over it — had posted online, on Facebook, tweeted, shot video — keeping information flowing on all available lines.

In the several hours since the news changed my morning plans, we’ve posted several updates, probably sent out 100 tweets, posted to Facebook dozens of times, put up a variety of videos and a photo gallery. It’s a huge amount of information, sent out in ways we never imagined a few years ago, to audiences who might not ever see it if we published in print only.

And just a weird side note: Our initial coverage wound up as the lead news item on the website of the Voice of Russia. Digital media amplifies everything, while making the world smaller at the same time.



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