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Is it just me, or …

Is it just me, or is the latest batch of U.S. Cellular commercials, um, off-putting? You know the ones: A guy in a suit is standing atop a cell tower in the middle of a scenic vista. He tells you something to the effect of “You can get 4G, LTE where you just wouldn’t expect [...]

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Not many fires, but …

Local fire departments were happy there were few fires over the Fourth of July weekend. One mobile home on Savage Creek burned, but it was relatively quiet otherwise. Well, quiet isn’t the right word. Sitting outside at friends’ home in the east hills, we were treated to a lengthy — and pretty impressive — display [...]

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Who says nobody does anything about the weather?

Yep, we made changes to our in-paper weather page and, yep, we’ve been getting the complaints we expected. Namely, “Where did the national weather map go?” and “Why did you drop Yuma from your listings?” Simple answer: We tightened up the weather page to create a more specific space for jumps (continued from Page 1A). [...]

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GMO: Facts versus beliefs

After we published an editorial opposing the anti-GMO measure on the Jackson County ballot, we received a number of less-than-complimentary responses. They claim we are biased or are dupes of the corporate agri-businesses that also oppose the measure. The claims include: 1. What do you expect, they are owned by Rupert Murdoch. 2. They’ve been [...]

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Adding to the political discussion

There’s some sentiment among newspaper owners that their publications should not be in the business of writing opinions. They say it messes with the idea of journalistic impartiality if the paper (and of course, website) not only covers an issue, but offers its opinion. That argument can be made (and sometimes made by members of [...]

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You may be a winner

The carnival barker says you can’t win if you don’t play. Well, then, we’ve got a chance to win, because we’re definitely playing in various journalism contests. Every year, these contests come along — chief among them the Society of Professional Journalists and Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association. This year, our new owners, GateHouse Media, let [...]

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Differing views

Here are excerpts from a couple of emails we received today: “Your liberal newspaper is so slanted in favor of the teachers union, that it’s not funny.” … and … “… it appears that the Mail Tribune is determined to defend the position of the district and their efforts to bust the union at every [...]

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Racist language removed from history column

We ran a Since You Asked item earlier this month noting that in our Mail Tribune 100 column of century-old newspaper articles we omit racial references that are now considered offensive. A reader wrote to us questioning why that apparently included the word “negro” after it was excised from a reprinted story. That wasn’t our [...]

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Morning plans changed in a hurry

I was on my way to a SMART reading session at Jackson School this morning when I heard that a bomb had been detonated outside the Jackson County DA’s office. I made a quick call to the office and discovered that our morning online reporter, Ryan Pfeil was all over it — had posted online, [...]

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We love our photos

We may be addicted to moving pictures — on TV, at the movies or on our tablets — but we’ve still got a connection to beautiful photographs. That’s evidenced by the Web traffic we get on a regular basis for photo galleries. Unlike the preferences of print readers, which often remains a mystery to editors [...]

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