Fireworks-Nice Job Medford!

We did it (all of us Medfordites!) We got thru another 4th of July without any serious injuries or death. We also avoided any fires that were caused by fireworks. The 4th of July Holiday was a safe and sane one for all of us here in Medford.
This was not by accident or luck…but due to some quality effort by a number of people. There was some substantial effort in public education, enforcement, as well as some big time self control by all of you.

On the public education side, both Medford Fire and Police participated in the following:
-Social media postings on the current law and the conditions we were facing.
-RVTV show on the current law and current conditions
-Local TV News segments and MMT articles
-News Releases leading up to the 4th of July
-Large “Reader Boards” in the East foothills (hazard areas)

On the enforcement side both Medford Police and Fire accomplished the following:
-Both Departments teamed up for patrols on July 4th.
-Additional Police units were deployed the night of July 4th for this effort.
-Approx. 1300 illegal fireworks were confiscated.
-Approx. 30 citations were issued on the holiday week-end for municipal ordinance violations

But the real reason that we experienced a safe and sane 4th of July was the SELF CONTROL displayed by the majority of citizens of our fine City. You all understood that this year was at an “all time dry.” You understood the risk and practiced good “risk management.” You decided to take in the free public fireworks shows in record numbers instead.
Lots of news stories from cities around the country that were not so lucky. Injury and property damage due to fireworks was evident in many of those news stories. Glad it was not here.

I was proud the work accomplished by Medford Fire and Police, but I was also very pleased to see that this effort had an impact. You all policed yourself. That is what strong communities do.

Thanks Medford-Nice Job!

Tim George
Chief of Police

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