Domestic Violence- “No More Silence”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is DV awareness each and every day for those of us in Law Enforcement. This month, however, is that one time during the year where an extra effort is made with the public to draw attemntion to this crisis….and it is a
community crisis!

Now that DV has had an impact on the NFL-it has become a topic of more conversations. Sad that it took that to get the conversations started in certain circles……but it has caused many other folks to step up and become strong in the fight against DV. There are more discussions now on victim protection as well as holding perpetrators accuntable for their actions. A “no tolerance” attitude is becoming more of the norm in such conversations. That is a very good thing.

The Medford Police Department investigates some 400+ domestic violence assaults each year. These are investigations that generally result in an arrest of the perpetrator. The range of crimes goes from Assault to Murder, with many other crimes in-between. There are additional investigations that concern DV such Restraining Order Violations, Stalking Order Violations, Custodial Interference, ete.

These calls for service are both frequent and intense. They can be very high on the safety risk scale in our response due to the conduct/mindset of the suspect. These cases are a priority-and we will investigate any/all DV reports. That you can count on.

Imagine the situation for a DV victim….the person that you trust and have the most contact with…and the person that you depend on for many things is now physically assaulting/menacing you! Imagine that you are trying to protect both yourself and your children from this physical abuse. Imagine all the thoughts going through your head as you attempt to make that call for help. Put yourself in the victim’s shoes for a few moments.

We all need to try and imagine those scenarios a few times to understand the position of a DV victim. Understanding the situation that DV victims are in helps all victims in our communnity. This understanding allows communities to take a stand and have “No More Silence” as their mantra. Every member of our community can have an impact on DV. “If you see something, say something.” We cannot tolerate DV any longer.
We can end DV in our community.

This Friday, October 24th, 2014 @ 4:00 P.M. we will walk from the Jackson Co. Courthouse to Pear Blossom Park (The Commons) in support of Domstic Violence Awareness. I hope you can come and join our community in this event to “walk and talk.” Come walk with us to end DV. Thanks!

Tim George
Chief of Police

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