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Gun Violence-We Can Do Better Than This.

May/June 2014 has been a couple of months of firearm violence that we will not soon forget. Police Officers across this country suffered the brunt of this violence, but there were also many “citizen” victims out there as well. From Las Vegas to Santa Barbara, to Troutdale and Seattle, few were immune from fear and […]

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SWAT: A Need, Not A Want

I have been away from the blog for a few weeks, and the “Blog Boss” is not happy with me….but I have been thinking about this topic for a bit, and now seems like the right time to speak to it. There have been several critical incidents around the country recently where SWAT Teams have […]

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Peace Officer Memorial-2014

I was honored when asked to speak at the 2014 Peace Officer Memorial yesterday in Singler Plaza, which sits between the Justice Building and the Jackson County Jail. Here were my thoughts: Today is that one time out of the year where we take a few minutes to remember the sacrifices of those who had […]

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The Value of Good Information-School Safety

School Safety is paramount to just about every community in the country as police agencies and school districts look for ways to keep schools safe. From arming teachers (I’m not in favor of) to increasing camera/alarm systems, there is much debate and discussion as to how to address school violence and increase the safety for […]

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I promised myself I would come back to the topic of DUII and now is the time. In the last three (approx.) weeks we have seen three individuals die in traffic crashes where DUII is suspected,just in our region. There are more examples state-wide, regionally, and nationally. These cases make the headlines locally, but rarely […]

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Karen Greenstein-ECSO’s Best!

All of us in Southern Oregon in Public Safety have a very heavy heart right now as one of our own has lost her life in a tragic head-on collision less than 48 hours ago. The shock of it still numbs. Some of those first responders who have been dispatched by her previously had to […]

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The Launch

Tim George/Chief of Police/Medford Police Department. Today I launch into the world of being called a “Community Blogger.” Not sure what that really is, but after some brief research I think I can handle it. After all, if the MMT has asked me to be one, then it must be a good thing…and it must […]

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