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Mentoring=Crime Prevention

Mentoring=Crime Prevention One of the things we (Law Enforcement) have not gotten our arms completely around is “Crime Prevention,” and how it is accomplished. Crime prevention is hard to measure, and even more difficult to have an effective impact on. It is hard to measure what doesn’t happen and why? It is not an exact [...]

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The Hug-Let’s Hope it Happens in Ferguson Too.

I need to start this blog by stating I do not know all the facts in the death of Michael Brown last August in Ferguson, Mo. Like most of us, I have received the majority of my information on this case from the national news media. Not sure that it has been accurate or without [...]

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Ernie Whiteman Sr. The Definition of a SRO

Last week I witnessed another colleague retire from MPD….another one that came to MPD years after I did. I guess I haven’t figured out the retirement gig yet! This one was a bit different than others, not because of the years on…..or because of a particular case or incident in their career, but due to [...]

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Domestic Violence- “No More Silence”

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. It is DV awareness each and every day for those of us in Law Enforcement. This month, however, is that one time during the year where an extra effort is made with the public to draw attemntion to this crisis….and it is a community crisis! Now that DV has [...]

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Volunteerism=Stuart Skeele

Medford PD has approx. 25 active Volunteers. They work a variety of non-criminal(yet essential)jobs that free up both our sworn and civilian employees for other priority tasks. Most of our Volunteers are seniors, and they are a bunch of quality folks doing the right thing for their community. My problem is that I don’t know [...]

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There are a few types of criminal cases that have both an immediate/all encompassing public safety threat-and Arson is one of them. From late June until July 24th of this year our citizens experienced that real threat. Fortunately there were no injuries or death. For that I am grateful. While I cannot, and will not, [...]

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Weapons Offenses-Crime Prevention At Its Finest!

I said that I would come back to “gun violence” in a previous post, but I first want to address the topic of “Weapons Offenses” in a larger context. The work in this category of crimes has serious impact on violent crime. Crime prevention is one responsibility that every Law Enforcement agency accepts. Our ability [...]

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Fireworks-Nice Job Medford!

We did it (all of us Medfordites!) We got thru another 4th of July without any serious injuries or death. We also avoided any fires that were caused by fireworks. The 4th of July Holiday was a safe and sane one for all of us here in Medford. This was not by accident or luck…but [...]

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Fireworks-Not This Year!

In case you are not aware, Southern Oregon (and most of Central/Eastern Oregon) is experiencing a major league drought. Things are “tinder dry” right now and it is only the last day of June! Even the rain last week did little to ease the fire danger out there. This will get considerably worse in the [...]

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Crime Stats: When A High Number Is a Good Number.

Each month MPD produces what is called the “Consolidated Incident Report.” This is our complete statistical report for all offenses and calls for service for the month. It is compared with the previous year (monthly) and also includes our clearance rate (solvability.) Kudos to the MPD Records Division for cranking this out for us month [...]

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