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5 Career Killing Moves

We recently came upon some great research that describes the 5 habits that can derail a career. We thought this was a great list to help you as you lead and manage others. David Maxfield of VitalSmarts interviewed managers from different industries who identified the five top career killers they’ve witnessed in their employees: Being [...]

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Benefits, Concerns, and Suggestions

One of the biggest complaints we hear from people who are passionate about leading others to success is that they have trouble getting them engaged and on board with important decisions. We’re not just talking about your work team or organization, we’re also talking about your family, your friends, a board you’re a member of, [...]

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Revealing Your Inner Beauty

We were so touched by your responses to our recent post, Broken. It’s powerful to realize that we’re all broken in life in many different ways and celebrating how we’ve put ourselves back together is an important part of honoring how our brokenness has contributed to who we are now. This week we want share [...]

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Rules to Live By

  When Linda was in graduate school in psychology, she was influenced by an amazing family therapist, Cloé Madanes, who wrote an article on parenting that Linda found life-changing. The article talked about the fact that children deal with many rules from their parents and that those rules often change, making it extremely hard for [...]

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Many of us spend a lot of time trying to hide the ways that we’re broken. We hide the wounds we have from our family of origin, we hide the ways we feel stupid or unsure, and we’re always trying to cover up the wrinkles and age marks that reveal that we’ve lived.   You’re [...]

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Leading When Times Are Tough

Today we’d like you to spend some time thinking about how you can lead your life and lead in your life. Our short exercise below can help you to: live in alignment with your purpose have some influence and control over your day-to-day life have a sense of connection and camaraderie have opportunities for doing [...]

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Beating Burnout

Last week we talked about the fact that chronic overwhelm can lead to burnout. Today we want to share some thoughts with you about what to do if you notice yourself getting burned out. It’s helpful to remember that burnout is in many ways a response to depletion.   Think about it: you wouldn’t sit [...]

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Chronic Overwhelm will Burn You Out

This year we’re focusing on how to help our clients move from Overwhelmed to Outstanding. Today we want to talk with you about a very serious topic: how chronic overwhelm will cause you to burn out. What is Burnout? Burnout is a very real set of physical symptoms, cognitive challenges, and emotional reactions that can [...]

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Make A Small Change in How You Talk to Yourself

  We want you to matter in your own life. Period. If you can create a purpose-filled, rich, and satisfying life then everyone and everything you touch will be better for it. Your energy, mood, creativity, and openness are enhanced when you see yourself as valuable and worthwhile. That same energy, mood, creativity, and openness [...]

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Time Management or You Management?

Linda was at a conference a couple of years ago with a speaker who was talking about time management. Unfortunately, she can’t recall his name but she was totally caught by his message. In a room with 500 professionals, he said, “Raise your hand if you have ever read an article or a book about [...]

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