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PAUSE and HALT: A Powerful Combination

8-3 Pause and Halt

One of the things we love about the PAUSE is that you can use it to interrupt your reactivity to external actions, and you can use it to provide support for how you respond to your internal thoughts and feelings. When people are under stress, they often work harder, run faster, spend less time sleeping, [...]

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Your New Year

8-2 Your New Year

We are not big proponents of resolutions, since most of us don’t get much beyond January with this laundry list of big ideas. We believe that you matter. And because you matter, you need to know what your priorities are in life so that you can take steps to move toward them throughout the year. On this [...]

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You Will Fail

7-52 You Will Fail

You WILL Fail. Those were the first words out of a friend’s mouth when, in 2011, we said we were going to create and send out a nugget of our best thinking every Monday morning for a year. For a brief moment we actually wondered, what could we possibly find to say every week for [...]

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I Hate Everyone!

7-39 I Hate Everyone

  This is Linda writing to you today about something that recently happened with me. Last week, I shared with the executive assistant at a client’s office that, “This morning, I hate everyone!” The EA’s response? “I do too, this morning!” As I was sharing this experience with the team at CSC, I laughed and [...]

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