Your Business – What or Why Based?

Before we can even begin to talk about how to make your business the online marketing powerhouse that you came here to learn how to be, we need to talk about how to make your entire marketing strategy a successful one. The internet does not make bad marketing better. So let’s back up a step.

But really, we need to back up even further than that. If your marketing does not communicate the core “why” of your business, it will never be as effective as it could be. The bulls-eye graphic explains the concept really well.

Why Choose Your Business

Why Choose Your Business

Most businesses spend all of their marketing efforts talking about what they do. This can be successful in certain situations – at least in the short term. For example, a plumber might talk about stopping leaks. An accountant might talk about helping you with your taxes. A dress shop might talk about the upcoming prom and how they have the best prices in town. Yawn. Really makes you want to pull out your wallet doesn’t it?

I told you that this can be successful. It has to be at least occasionally or businesses would stop doing it. Take Microsoft for example. They are a classic “what” company. Microsoft makes really good software. It’s pretty easy for the masses to learn. It’s reasonably priced. They sell a lot of it. Not as much as they used to though.

Take a look at this image and you’ll start to get an idea of what we’re talking about here. “What” is on the target, but if you communicate the “why” of your business – why you do what you do and why people should be excited to buy from you – you will DRAMATICALLY improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

Let’s look at Microsoft’s main competition – Apple. Apple gets their “why.” Why did they build the Mac? Because they wanted to give people a better, more elegant, more stable computer experience. Right on target. Next they aimed their “why” at music. When is the last time you went in a record store? When is the last time you saw a teenager without those white earbuds. iPod has changed an entire industry.

Then Apple did the same thing with the iPhone, and now with the iPad they are at it again. Here’s the point. Microsoft has customers, lots of them, but Apple has FANS. That’s a big difference and over time will tip the scales in Apple’s favor. Given the latest profit reports from both companies, it already has.

And the same thing can happen for you and your business as well. It’s a tough question to ask, but if you can answer it well, you’ll be a huge step ahead of your competition.

Why is your business unique? Why are you easier to work with than the competition? Why do you give a better value – even if you aren’t less expensive – than the other guys? Why will your customers be happy to have done business with you? Why will they recommend you to their friends?

If you are honest, you may have to admit that your current answers aren’t all that compelling. That’s OK though. Your competition probably can’t do any better. It’s never too late to get this right so let’s take an honest assessment of the situation and get going in this better direction.

You can do this yourself. Ask these questions. Ask them of your employees. Ask them of your best customers. Ask them of your worst customers? They’ll probably all have interesting insights for you.

But you don’t have too. We’re here to help. SOMG has a whole team of thoroughly trained marketing consultants who can help you short cut this process. After all, you have a business to run. Let us help you with this brainstorming and planning, and get you back to moving your company forward as quickly as possible.

Greg Thompson
Internet Specialist

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