Be Seen! Benefits of Online Sliding Billboard Advertising

The focus of this post is to demonstrate the effectiveness of a specific type of online advertising; the sliding billboard.   In order to relay the compelling nature of such advertising, the benefits of online advertising should first be established.   The information and data contained here is compiled from a variety of current sources and studies which are cited at the end of the article.   If you want to captivate an ever-increasing online audience of potential clients who are, typically, well-educated and have a higher than average household income then advertising online is a great place to start.   An even better place to start advertising is on a newspaper Web-site.  While it’s true that physical print circulation has declined in recent years, “the tremendous growth of newspaper Web-sites has attracted a diverse new user to enhance the established print audience”. *

3356984_medIn particular, young adults show great interest in local newspaper Web-sites which rank first in terms of the trustworthiness of the advertising.   The reason for this is that local newspaper Web-sites are considered more current, with credibility and local relevance also important factors.  A comScore Research study says that 78% of consumers believe that newspaper Web-site ads are more likely to be current.   A 2009 Online Publishers Association study revealed that consumers spend 40% of their time online with content rather that other activities.   They spend about one-quarter of their time with e-mail, 5 per cent of their time searching and 12 per cent with social networking.   This research suggests that when you want to influence people with advertising, content-focused sites might be the best.

The strength of local newspaper Web-sites grows when, according to the same study, respondents were asked to identify Web-sites used most often for specific types of local content.   Newspaper sites ranked first as a source for local information (29%), local sports (27%), local entertainment (26%) and local classifieds (39%), ahead of both local television Web-sites and online portals.  According to a Scarborough Research study on “How America Shops and Spends”, the Ten Reasons to Advertise on a Newspaper Web-site are:

  1. Frequency . . . online newspaper users are three times as likely as general users to be online during the workday when, out of reach of other media, 8 – 11 a.m. is a new “primetime” for media consumption.
  2. Credibility . . . an online study from the Online Publishers Association (OPA) showed that OPA audiences were more likely to buy products and services in key categories such as automotive, entertainment, financial, home, travel and business to business.
  3. Targeted . . . online newspaper sites are more personal and relevant to the user because they are local. “Newspapers know more than ever about their Web audience because of online registration programs and segmentation software.”
  4. Purchasing Power . . . 89% of newspaper Web-site users purchase online compared to 56% of general users.
  5. Content . . . excluding e-mail, the most popular online and content categories include national and local news, sports, financial information, and entertainment news. Local newspaper sites are much more popular for local news than the large search engines.
  6. Newspaper online audiences keep growing. . . according to a Nielsen Online study in the first quarter of 2010, in an average month more than 74 million visited a newspaper Web-site, more than 37% of the active Internet universe.
  7. High profile . . . upper level management showed substantial increase in brand awareness following their exposure to an ad campaign in online newspapers (across all industries). No management category showed less than a 51% increase and some lifted to 88%.
  8. Reinforcement . . 69% of online newspaper users also read the newspaper in the past five days and repetition increases awareness.
  9. Cutting Edge . . . newspaper Web-site readers are more likely to own mobile devices and are more interested in receiving advertising and product offers through those devices.
  10. Mix . . recent studies demonstrate the power of online advertising to elaborate the brand message.   Newspaper print and online products combined have the highest penetration and most desirable audience of any other local medium.

The statistics included in the article thus far are national so let’s refer to a study conducted in 2009 by Clark, Martire and Bartolomeo, Inc. (CMB) specifically for Jackson County, Oregon. (CMB is a nationally recognized research consultancy.)  The study was based on 554 phone interviews lasting, on average, twenty five minutes with Jackson County adults and the conductors of the survey. This study was commissioned to discover how local adults research, shop and purchase local goods and services.     Data from this survey shows that with a combination of newspaper ads and online advertising on Southern Oregon Media Group (including the Mail Tribune and Ashland Daily Tidings, Nickel and that 73% or 114,576 Jackson County adults are reached during a month-long time frame.   While some people read only the newspaper and some read the online versions, more people are accessing both versions.  Our mobile site is growing in popularity as are the number of smart phones in our area.   Shopping habits are evolving and much of that evolution is being shaped by online usage whether it’s shopping for “deals” online or actually converting the shopping to purchasing.

The CMB study supports that Jackson County adults nearly mirror the national audience averages but with some interesting differences.   Our audience, which can be your audience by advertising online, is comprised of more women than men, reflect all age groups over 18 with a median age of 54 for the printed paper and 44 for the online edition.   Over one third have annual household incomes of over $75K and an overwhelming 84% own their own homes.   This is a stable demographic with disposable income.   A branding campaign or a targeted message will reach this valuable set of local people; people who ought to be your customers.  The benefit of advertising in the Mail Tribune is to reach these people who are ready and able to spend their dollars on your products or services.

Sliding BillboardIt is possible to advertise on virtually any of our online pages and this page shows the various options. The focus is on the first of the options called the “Sliding Billboard Ad”.   Click on the link to view examples.   Sliding Billboard ads can only be run by a single advertiser in one week for a maximum of three days.   These ads run on the Home Page of either or or both as might make sense for your campaign.   Each day as an online reader signs on, she or he will be greeted with a large screen version of an ad which may be animated for maximum effect.   After no more than ten seconds, which is still time enough to be absorbed by the reader, the ad is reduced to a “leave-behind” ad similar in size to a task bar; generally referred to as a pencil ad.   At any time the reader is able to click on the large ad or the pencil ad to go to a designated landing page on the advertiser’s Web-site.   Sliding Billboard ads are perfectly suited for special events, grand openings, sales, new product offerings, ticket sales stimulation and offers, open houses, fund drives, special year-end donations, etc.

The bottom line benefit to the advertiser is that every person who visits our newspaper Web-site will “see” the ad at least once per day.   Since the ads are on the Home Page they are in a highly visible space on a frequently visited local site. Southern Oregon Media Group has an average of 20,000 different visitors per day ensuring that the advertising message is “seen” by at least that many people.   When there is local news of high interest, that 20,000 figure can spike to a much higher number.   Of course, when this will occur is as unpredictable as the news content.  Take advantage of utilizing this special, premium advertising vehicle when you want to captivate a qualified, local audience with buying power.

The ads can be as creative as you and your business. If ad creativity isn’t your strong suit, leave the ad creation to our advertising production staff.   You will have an opportunity to approve your ad before running as well as designating a specific page on your Web-site, such as your box-office ticket sales or featured properties, toward which visitors can be directed.  If you have a need for us to create that special landing or “splash” page, we can also do that.

Several advertisers have recently utilized these premium ads and have enjoyed increased activity, sales and brand awareness as a result.   When coupled with print advertising, the reach is to almost three quarters of the adults in Jackson County.  No other media group can offer that kind of exposure in this area.   If you haven’t already used the marketing consulting services of the Southern Oregon Media Group, give us an opportunity to help your business to “be seen”!  The rest is up to the new customers you will attract.

Patti Phillips-Kahn
Account Executive
Southern Oregon Media Group


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