“TOP OF MIND” Awareness means everyone knows your name!

Coke, Pepsi & McDonalds’s do it  HamburgerFriesC0702_3

Yes, they do. What is it that they do? They advertise all of time! Why? Because now they can maintain the celebrity status that they’ve taken decades to build. They’ve weathered lawsuits over hot coffee; they have nutritionists telling us that we are unhealthy because of these products. But you know what? They are strongly branded and can withstand anything that is sent their way.

I’m not Pepsi

You don’t have to be and you don’t have to spend the money they do either. What we CAN do is take the valuable marketing lessons they teach and make it work for us here in Southern Oregon. Their longevity in a volatile world comes from TOMA Marketing; otherwise known as “Top of Mind Awareness”. More recently I’ve heard it called “mind-share” I like that too. The point is that everyone knows who they are; they rarely discount their products with “sales”. They are able to maintain a hold on the consumer’s mind through image marketing. This keeps consumers craving a juicy burger or an icy cold cola and when the urge hits, they are more likely to go to the familiar than to the unfamiliar. Have a Coke and a Smile?

Frequency Builds Awareness

 Wikipedia identifies TOMA Marketing as “Owning the space that your product or service occupies between your prospects’ ears. That way when they’re ready to buy they think of you first.” Yes! That is what we are after. Ask anyone you know to recommend a business or service and then don’t be surprised when you also recognize the name, because they’ve marketed themselves frequently to the point of being not only recognized, but trusted.

Awareness Builds Familiarity         

If a business sounds familiar to you, you are more likely to feel more warm and fuzzy toward that business, than a completely new business that you don’t have any experience with. But what if you are brand new and you want people to feel as if they have known you forever? The answer:  TOMA Marketing. Start by finding the largest audience in your area, more often than not it is the local newspaper and its website. Smaller communities tend to read the paper daily and check news, weather and sports online as well. Southern Oregon Media Group has the largest audience in the area. We can help you seem like you’ve been here forever in much shorter time frame than forever! We’ve been in business for over 100 years; we know what our community wants. Another way to seem familiar is to get involved with the community, volunteer and sponsor events; these marketing techniques combined with a marketing plan to run frequently in front of a large audience will ensure that your marketing dollars are being reinforced with your own sweat equity.


Familiarity Builds Trust     WomenWhisperingC0701_3                

There are some businesses I feel absolutely confident in handing my money over for their goods or services. They’ve been in business awhile; they’ve always treated me right. I hear good things around town about them. Trust is the cornerstone a lot of us strive for with our customers. Where does it begin? It begins with treating the customers that walk in your door or buy from you online with integrity. One of the biggest trends is the ability for your customers to write online reviews, we have reviews available on www.esouthernoregon.com from plumbers to taco stands. In this day and age reviews are important and they matter. It’s the digital “word of mouth” confirmation your customers are looking for before pulling their wallet out and spending their hard earned money on the unknown. 

Trust Builds Loyalty WomanComputerC1108_3

Some of the latest Borrell & Assoc. research shows that in Jackson County 25% of our friends and neighbors have been at their current address less than 3 years. That poses a risk of lost business if you solely rely on old fashioned word of mouth, or don’t feel you should market in any way. Whether your customers moved here from across the country or across town your business relies somewhat on proximity. Marketing well and frequently ensures that you are getting your piece of the pie when someone moves to your neck of the woods. They are making important decisions when they move, where will they grocery shop? Drop off their dry cleaning? Get Friday night pizza? It’s up to you to make sure they choose you!


Have I convinced you yet of the power of TOMA Marketing? If not, I’d be happy to talk to you about it in further depth. Contact me and I’ll make sure you are getting your piece of the “Mind-share”!

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