Developing a Disciplined Marketing Plan

business-plansAs most of us know, having a marketing plan is essential to businesses that want to survive and prosper.   As a Marketing Consultant with Southern Oregon Media Group, it is my responsibility to help small to medium size businesses develop marketing plans that will grow their business.

I had the privilege of working with and being mentored by two of the best minds in Marketing, Roman Hiebing and Scott Cooper.  They literally wrote the book, “The Successful Marketing Plan.”   Their book provides a practical and proven step-by step guide for preparing your own marketing plan.   I have used their process not only in developing marketing plans, but also in real life and personal management.

The process begins with a Business Review where you gather both internal and external information and data.   This leads to analyzing Problems and Opportunities, developing sales objectives, determining Target Markets and Marketing Objectives, creating Strategies, Communicating Goals, generating a Tactical Marketing/Media Mix, Budget, Payback Analysis and Marketing Calendar. Then it is time for Execution.   After execution of the plan, the Evaluation occurs, deciding what worked and what didn’t work, before starting the process all over again. This is something that Marketing Consultants at Southern Oregon Media Group do, on a smaller scale, for our clients on a daily basis.

It is unrealistic to give you all of the detail behind the process of developing a comprehensive marketing plan in a blog, but I will attempt to give you the steps and basic principles.

business-researchStep 1: Business Review

  • Company and Product Review
  • Target Market Analysis
  • Sales and Market Share Analysis
  • Product Awareness and Attributes
  • Purchase Rates and Buying Habits
  • Distribution/Penetration
  • Pricing
  • Comparative Competitive Analysis
  • Demand Analysis

Step 2: Problems and Opportunities

Develop problems and opportunities for each section of the business review.  You will construct your marketing objectives and strategies directly from the problems and opportunities.

Step 3: Sales Objectives

Set Quantitative/Measurable Sales Objectives

Step 4: Target Markets and Marketing Objectives

Once you have developed your sales objectives, you must determine to whom you will be selling your product.   Define both your primary and secondary target markets.

Step 5: Plan Strategies

Brand Positioning and Marketing

Step 6: Communication Goals

business-profitsStep 7: Tactical Marketing Mix Tools

Step 8: Budget, Payback Analysis (ROI), and Marketing Calendar

Step 9: Execution

“A marketing plan, unless and until it is effectively executed, is nothing but a comprehensive list of good intentions.”

Step 10: Evaluation

Guess what? After completing your evaluation, the process starts all over again with step one.

As you can see, a comprehensive marketing plan not only means extra effort, but it also means leaving nothing or very little to chance.  The net result is that you have a marketing plan that will be far more successful when implemented in the marketplace.

Contact me and I will help you create a successful marketing plan!

Kevin Blodgett
Marketing Consultant

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