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limelightGroup buying is the newest hype of online and local advertising. It is becoming increasingly more essential for businesses looking to have a competitive edge. Although, coupons and discounts are old but effective marketing tools used successfully for promoting new products and services in both, online and offline business. Group buying, on the other hand is relatively new but an invigorating approach aimed mainly towards online users.

Several sites, such as Groupon and Living Social have developed this type of promotion and targeted larger cities with great discounts. However, the downside of many of these large sites out there now, is that they only target big cities. Now that hardly helps us here in smaller areas…so we at Southern Oregon Media Group have the perfect opportunity for businesses and consumers alike called Limelight Deals. With these Deals we are able to give advertisers another feature to add to their media mix and a no-risk option while giving our local community great buy! As a business, joining Lime Light Deals will help you reach local customers and who doesn’t love a good deal?

How does “group buying” work? In short, an advertised deal is sent out to an e-mail distribution list and posted on our collective buying site. A minimal number of purchases of the particular offer must be reached in order for it to be activated and used. If the minimum sign-up is not met, the deal will not come to fruition. This is where consumers come together to reach that minimum, encouraging viral sharing of individual deals, which in turn promotes the business as well as engaging the public.

In addition to online word-of-mouth, establishments have much more to gain from a Group Buying promotion. Benefits of partnering with Limelight Deals are:

  • Attract New Clientele – your offer will be delivered to our thousands of e-mail subscribers.
  • Increase Consumer Engagement – your offer will spread virally throughout the Web. Customers share it with friends using social sites like Facebook and Twitter, further increasing your brand’s exposure.
  • Large Local Exposure – being exclusively in front of your target audience. We only send out one offer a day, featuring your business solely for that day.
  • No upfront costs – so there is no risk. If your deal doesn’t become active, you aren’t out any money and still received some great free advertising!

With the present economy, people are cutting back to the essentials. With little extra cash, many of us have not been able to afford the expensive salon visits, fancy dinner dates, and relaxing massage sessions we may have in the past. So the benefit for those of us on a tight budget, Limelight Deals can make it possible for us to enjoy a few more luxuries as well as promote local business and stimulate our market.

As a local business also, we at Southern Oregon Media Group pride ourselves in a strong sense of community. Therefore we want to partner with local businesses to create these deals, while benefiting both businesses and consumers here in Southern Oregon.

Contact me at slanier@mailtribune.com or 541-776-4378 for more information on how to partner with SOMG and our Limelight Deals program!

Sandra LaNier
Marketing Consultant

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