Newspaper Advertising – a Destination, not a Distraction

Since most of my life has been spent around the newspaper business, I was giddy when I spoke to my adult children prior to Thanksgiving and they told me how excited they were to go through the holiday newspaper to see all the Black Friday deals. For many searching the Thanksgiving Day newspaper is as much of a tradition on the holiday as the turkey and green Jello salad from grandma.

The Mail Tribune didn’t disappoint holiday ad hunters this year either. There were 45 preprinted inserts and many display ads within the paper to glean through for specials.

Media has become so factionalized that a business needs to take a multi faceted marketing approach. For consumers, we’re placed into a world where nearly everywhere we look there’s a business who wants to introduce us to their product or service in an ad. This has caused an advertising aversion where consumers want to “click” out of, through or bypass anything that resembles an ad or commercial. We believe we only want to see advertising when it’s on our terms.

So, now consider advertising medium where advertising is actually welcomed; where the information given in the advertising is often one of the reasons people read and use the medium; and where advertising is considered helpful in making buying decisions. Sounds like a great place to advertise doesn’t it?

That’s what you get with the newspaper.

Consider the following:

Newspaper advertising is selective, not intrusive.

Newspapers are the medium shoppers use most for shopping in an average week. Nearly six in ten (59%) use newspapers, exceeding others like television (38%) ad appearing in search engines (18%) or ads on general interest websites (15%) – (MORI Research 2009

86% of consumers used media to help plan shopping or make purchasing decisions in the past 7 days. Newspapers ranked first as a source by 59% of adults, followed by in store displays, direct mail, television, magazines, e-mail, radio and search. 80% of newspaper readers report looking at advertising when reading the paper. –  (MORI Research 2009

41% of adults report that newspapers are the media most used to check out ads; more than all electronic media combined (internet, television, catalogs, magazines and radio).

Shoppers rate newspapers first of all media for:

  • Bringing sales to attention
  • Most valuable for planning shopping
  • Most believable and trust worthy
  • Look forward to this type of ad
  • Prefer for receiving advertising information (MORI Research 2009

It makes sense to associate your advertising in media where consumers welcome information about your business and not trying to avoid it. To associate your business in a positive consumer medium like the daily newspaper will help build success.  Ready to learn more?  Let’s talk.

Greg Smith
Account Executive

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