Your Customers LOVE Their Smartphones

You see them in the hands of so many of your customers.  You probably have one yourself.  You use it all the time – and probably not just to play Doodle Jump.  If you own a business in Jackson County, you probably DON’T yet reach out to your customers via these incredible devices – even though your customers are using them to make all kinds of purchasing decisions.  I know you are busy with the day to day of your business, but here are some new figures from Strategy Analytics that should help you focus on how your customers smartphone can help you work even smarter.

It should be no surprise to you that smart phones are becoming more and more popular in the US in general, and within your customer base here in southern Oregon as well.  What may be news to you though is how much money is projected to be spent on these devices in the upcoming year.  According to the research, consumers are projected to increase the amount we spend on our data plans and app purchases this year by another 22%!

There aren’t a lot of sectors of the economy growing that fast.  The reason behind the growth is because your customers are fast realizing the potential of these devices to help them with many aspects of their lives.  Not least among them is the ability to simplify purchasing research on the fly.  Is the item that Sally Customer is searching for available anywhere else in town?  Is it in stock?  Is it less expensive?  If YOU sell that must have thing she is looking for, can she find you on her phone?  You should hope so as this process is taking place thousands of times per day all across our little valley.

Your Competition May Be Getting Ahead of You

While this trend may be daunting to consider, the other part of the study is even more so.  While the consumer side of the equation is growing at a brisk clip, the business side is growing even faster.  Businesses in the US are increasing their spending on mobile type advertising by over 120% this year – 5 times as fast!

There are two primary reasons for this difference.  The first is that our customers got a head start on us.  Mobile usage by customers greatly outpaces businesses efforts, to date, to meet these needs.  This is especially true here in the Rogue Valley where only a small percentage of businesses offer mobile friendly data on their websites.  The second is that more and more businesses have started to realize the vast opportunity available to them in the ability to reach their customers via a device that they have on their person most hours of the day.  Smart phones are fast becoming our own miniature personal assistants, recommending where to go, what to eat, how to buy.  Smart businesses realize that being a part of these considerations is fast becoming a critical component to their success.

We see just that here at Southern Oregon Media Group.  The mobile versions of our two news sites – and – are visited by thousands of readers every day and continue to be the fastest growing part of our online footprint.  You can leverage our expertise in this arena in two different ways.  First, let our experts help you morph your marketing message into a mobile friendly format.  No need to learn through trial and error when we’ve been working in this space for years.  Second, let our large mobile audience know that your business is ready to meet them on their phones by advertising your mobile content on our sites.

You’ll be surprised by how simple and cost-effective we can make this for you.  Your customers are mobile and your competition is fast becoming so.  Now is the best time for you to get involved too.

Contact your SOMG representative to learn more about the next steps your business should take.  The analysis and advice are always free.

Greg Thompson
Digital Manager 

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