The Internet Changed Our Business. Yours is Next.

Take a look at the following video developed by the Newspaper Association of America.  It shows just how far the typical “newspaper” reader has come in the last 15 years.  News was clearly one of the first industries to be altered by the internet  and it is amazing how far we’ve come in response to these changing behaviors.  We have 1,000s of readers every day who choose to access their Medford news via each of these methods

  • Printed Newspaper
  • Computer or laptop
  • Smart phones
  • Tablet devices such as an iPad
Imagine what would happen to our readership if we said, “You must read the news the way we want to present it to you.”  Because our industry is so completely integrated into the internet, everyone can easily see the folly of that strategy as a business model.  Any readers who couldn’t access the news in the way that they wanted would immediately go find another news source – and take their spending money with them.  However, since we have responded to these demands from our customers, we continue to be far and away the most popular local news source.
But think about the companies that you interact with on a regular basis.  How have they done at keeping up with your needs?  I’m still amazed to see that there are more restaurant menus in the yellow pages than there are on the internet.  While some restaurants are getting it right, the vast majority are way behind their customers in embracing the internet and all it can do for a business relationship.
Now, before we pile onto the local restaurants too much (one look at my waistline will tell you how much I enjoy our dining scene) I’d recommend that you go back and watch the video one more time.  This time, listen for the comments that your customers have made to you and your staff.  Just like ours, your customers probably…
  • Want easy driving directions (and business hours) on a page that shows nicely on their smart phone.
  • Can browse your main products during the evening hours – when they have time to shop but you may be closed.
  • Can find answers to “those” questions that your customers ask all the time that can help them start their research without troubling you.
  • Have an easy way to ask questions and receive answers.
In short, are you helping them in the ways that they hope to be helped, or is your business still doing things “they way they’ve always been done”?  While your industry probably hasn’t had to deal with all the changes that we’ve seen in newspapers, the changes are starting to be felt across our economy.  Yes, even here in sleepy southern Oregon.
The businesses that understand that there is a new way of doing things and embraces this new paradigm before their competitors will have a clear leg up as we move forward.  While that thought may be daunting to even the largest of businesses, you have a easier path through than we did.  Your SOMG representative can help explain the changing landscape to you – free of charge.  And where your staff may not have the expertise to launch your new-and-improved internet presence, have no fear.  We’ve put our incredible team of specialists under a new umbrella – Marketing Blacksmith.  These same experts that have helped to maintain our course are now available to you and your business as well.
Greg Thompson
Digital Manager

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