How Valuable is Social Media in Medford?

I get this very question from local business owners on a regular basis.  They aren’t convinced that “their” customers use social media for much of anything.  They certainly aren’t swayed by what they see on sites like Facebook, Twitter,, YouTube, and…  There sure are a lot of these sites aren’t there?  Where do we begin to make sense of them all?

Here’s the thing.  Social Media is being used by almost all of us now and on a very regular basis.  A 2012 study by Clark, Martire, and Bartolomeo shows that almost 85% of the adults in Jackson County are connected to the internet.  That number climbs above 95% for those people earning over $75,000 per year.  Your customers – and those people who you should want to be your customers – are on the internet on a regular basis.  And in 2012, for most of us, that means that at least part of that time is spent on a social media site or more probably several of them.

This is great news for those businesses that have always valued their word-of-mouth marketing.  The axiom of doing a good job for your customers meaning that they’ll send their friends your way still holds true.  What has changed though is the scale at which this can and does happen.  Instead of your best customer telling her 6 best friends what a great deal you gave her last week, she can now sing your praises to her 437 Facebook friends, 138 Twitter followers, and post a review on that has the potential to be seen by 1,000s more people.  A business who does well by their customers can count on the word getting around now and many, many more people walking in their doors with money in hand.

The same power is available, however, when the service is maybe not all that it could have been.  Hell hath no fury like a customer with a Facebook account scorned.  I know that’s not the way that saying goes exactly, but it doesn’t make it any less true.  And it’s not just Facebook.  In fact, the sites mentioned here so far only just scratch the surface of this new “social economy.”  Do you know what is being said about your business online?  Do you know that Googling your business only pulls in a mere fraction of all that could be being said about your business?  Your SOMG consultant can show you several options on how to monitor – and proactively and positively increase – the chatter about your business on the internet.

The video included above explains more of what is coming by highlighting what already is.  Please take the two minutes to see better the changes that are happening with your customers’ behavior and then give us a call to set an appointment to talk through how this affects your specific business.  As always, the information and advice are free for the asking.

Greg Thompson
Digital Manager


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