Internet Marketing Rule #2

Even here in the Rogue Valley, how business is being conducted has been steadily evolving.  While a solid relationship with your customers – good customer service on a great product at a fair price – will never go out of style, how you get introduced to new potential customers is changing at an incredible pace.

Even if you don’t sell your products online, you need a powerful website to compete in business today.  

While it seems like there are an unlimited number of ways that you can develop an online presence these days – Facebook account, Twitter profile, etsy or EBay store, etc. – none of them are as effective without your website as the foundation.  While there are businesses out there that still get by without a website or perhaps just a Facebook page, every business that is thriving in this recession (can we even still call it that?) has at least a basic website.  I think I do mean every business when I say this, although feel free to point out the exceptions that prove my rule in the comment section below.

What are Successful Companies Doing?

Could you imagine Starbucks deciding, “This website of ours is a lot of work.  It costs us money too.  Let’s shut it down and just run everything through our Facebook page.”  How about Nike, Les Schwab Tires, Harry & David, or the Mail Tribune?  Sounds a little silly to say things like this out loud doesn’t it?  Of course these successful companies are going to continue to invest in their own websites.  That’s where their customers expect to find information about their products.

Yet, plenty of local businesses make the decision to do just this, or forgo a proactive web presence all together.  There are plenty of reasons and all of them sound good at face value.

These are all valid concerns.  The internet CAN be a huge investment in time and money – and there are potential blind alley’s all over.  That’s where our Marketing Blacksmith team comes in.  You can leverage the same people that work on the largest local websites and utilize their expertise for your business as well.
The best part of all is that this help is completely scalable.  SOMG offers solutions for as little as $5 per day that can provide quick, noticeable results for every business in town.  Whether you need just a little boost, some brief sprucing up of your website, or a full-service hands on partner, you can find exactly that.
AND…. the answers to your questions are completely free.  Seriously.  We look forward to hearing about you and your business, and working through what your business has to gain from a better website.
Greg Thompson
Digital Manager

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