Internet Marketing Rule #5

Your business’ website shouldn’t just sit there. More to the point, it shouldn’t let your customer just sit there. An effective website in 2012 encourages your potential customer to act!

Long gone are the days where an “online brochure” about your company is sufficient as a website. These days, you hear marketing professionals talk about fostering “engagement” and “relationship marketing” as the Holy Grail. What those fancy words mean to you and your business, primarily, is that your customers expect your website to help them.

  1. It should answer the questions that you answer for your customers all the time.
  2. It should allow your customers to “shop in their pajamas” by listing your products or services. You earn bonus points – and extra sales too – if your products are explained in detail (and video!) so they know what they want to buy before they ever come in to see you.
  3. If what you sell doesn’t require a lot of customization, your site should allow your customers to purchase, or at least reserve the item that they would like to buy from you.
  4. If customization is required, your site can help you sell by allowing the customer to schedule a time for that consultation.
  5. If what you sell takes people a long time to choose – think new car or kitchen remodel or life insurance here – your effective website will allow customers to sign up for a newsletter or some other helpful aid. This also allows you to follow up with them as they work through their buying process.

Your website should also help potential customers with several other things specific to your particular business. That’s where our internet design team – Marketing Blacksmith – comes in. Smart businesses are leveraging this remarkable team in both little and big ways to turn their websites from “pretty” to “pretty darn effective.” If you’d like to schedule a free consultation to learn how your website could be helping your business better in these trying times, we’re always here to help.

Karri Sundberg
Team Leader


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