Internet Marketing Rule #8

Local is the newest big buzzword on the internet. Search Engines like Google and Bing are going out of their way to show local business information to local shoppers in the search results. What does that mean for businesses in Medford or Grants Pass, or even Eagle Point and Talent? The answer is that it is “mostly good.”

The reason I say, “mostly good” and not “unbelievably awesome” is that there is a catch. While Google in particular has done mom and pop stores a HUGE favor with their recent changes, the businesses that are benefitting are the ones willing to meet the search engines in the middle. These businesses HAVE to make their information available to the internet in a way that Google appreciates. The ones that commit to doing so are enjoying the new customers that are coming their way. The ones that haven’t continue to struggle. It takes some work to play by these new rules, but the work is clearly worth it.

It doesn’t have to be hard work though. There are plenty of great tools to make the job easier and more efficient. Your Southern Oregon Media Group consultant can help you wade through the various options to find the set of solutions best able to help your business – getting you the most bang for your buck. As always, the advice is free. The internet is changing all the time so know that you can count on our advice to point you toward the alternatives that are best for you in the long term.

Here’s one of those tips. Your customers are writing reviews about your business online. Positive online reviews are one of the quickest ways to the top of the Google search results. You probably know all of that. What you may not know is that where those reviews are located can influence how seriously the internet takes them. While national sites like Yelp are popular with customers, your online footprint will grow more quickly if your reviews are listed on instead. As a site that only lists local businesses, the reviews found here are given more weight by search engines than those listed on any of the national sites.

Want to know what other simple little tricks like this are available to help your business do better in this challenging economy? Give me a call and let’s talk.

 Greg Thompson
Digital Manager

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