What’s the Big Deal About Google+

If you are a regular reader of this column, or if you are just the person in charge of “figuring out the internet” for your business, you’ve heard of Google+ by now. You may have even checked it out. While not much is happening locally on Google+ yet from a social interaction standpoint, one huge thing is happening from a business standpoint. Google has decided to give businesses who adopt Google+ a HUGE boost in their search rankings.

I tell business owners that I talk to these days that Facebook is probably important to include in your marketing strategy because you likely have lots of potential customers there you can friend. I also now tell them that to include Google+ in their strategy because that’s the place where Google wants to be their friend.

As you grow your company’s online footprint, one of the first (or next) pieces you want to add is a business page for your company on Google+. Here’s a link to mine to show you some of what is possible.

Yes, I realize that you won’t find many customers there yet. They are coming though. The important part for now is that the information that you share here will climb the search rankings very, very fast with Google. One of Facebook’s best kept secrets to date is how much Google doesn’t like them. These multibillion dollar companies are bickering like 10-year olds on the play ground. Only your business is being affected by their actions.

Google has gone out of its way to make sure that data shared on Facebook doesn’t come up on a Google search if at all possible. AND they have also gone out of their way to make sure information that you share on Google+ trumps almost anything else out there on that particular topic.

This is important to you because if someone is actively shopping for what you sell, they don’t typically turn to Facebook to begin their research. We don’t say, “I’ll Facebook” it after all. We say, “I’ll just Google it.” So make sure you are doing the things that Google wants your business to do in order to rank well when your customers look for what you sell – and the most important thing you can do these days in this regard is to set up and use your business Google+ page.

Not sure how to start? That’s OK. I’ll show you.

Greg Thompson
Digital Manager


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