How Do I Get My Business to the Top of Google?

Search Engine Optimization TipsOr Bing, or Yahoo…

Getting your business found when your potential customers are shopping for a business like yours – that’s a big deal in 2013.  Increasingly, your potential customers are looking to Google to tell them where they should spend their money.  You absolutely want your business to be there.

Many, many words have been written about search engine optimization over the last decade or so.  If you are still confused by the topic, and many southern Oregon business owners are, where do you start?

Our internet marketing team, Marketing Blacksmith, answers that very question in this latest post.  The great news for your business, is that Content is King when it comes to helping your website out rank your competition.  It’s a quick and easy read, and helps you to understand the single biggest way that you can improve your business’ visibility when people are looking for what you sell.

The next step, of course, is to make a plan that ensures you are doing this at least as well as your competition.  You can continue reading – here or elsewhere – to gather all the necessary info.  Or you can give us a call.  With access to all of the latest research and trend analysis that we have, we are your built in shortcut.

Spend the valuable time you have working on improving your situation.  We’ll answer all of your questions and provide you with the necessary data to help you choose your next steps wisely – and the cost for this assistance is free.

And if you find that your current website doesn’t allow you to get the maximum benefit from the recommendations, the talented Marketing Blacksmith team is available to do your heavy lifting for you.  (This part comes with a reasonable cost.)

For now, your first step is to check in on the Marketing Blacksmith post and make sure you have the first part of the plan to dominate your competitors understood.  Go get them!

Greg Thompson
Digital Manager


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