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Medford Advertising Audience

Source: C,M&B 2012

One of the most important things to consider when planning your advertising for your business is to know where your customers can be found.  You’d think this could go without saying, but thanks to a recent study here in Jackson County by Clark, Martire, and Bartolomeo, it is clear that many local businesses will want to reconsider their plans.

Radio Advertising

The data in the chart on the right is based on the answer to the question “Did you read (watch/listen to) _________ yesterday.”  So if you wanted to use a radio station to reach as many local adults as possible yesterday, you would want to choose to have your message on AM1440.  In that 24-hour period, over 14,000 of us listened to that channel, which is a great number for a radio station.

The problem, as you might expect, is that radio commercials are not 24-hours long.  Each 15 or 30-second spot is only heard by a fraction of that total audience.  This is not to say that you shouldn’t consider advertising on the radio, but doing so will not help you reach the majority of the adults here in Medford, or Central Point, or the other towns here in the valley.

Television Advertising

As you might expect.  The numbers look better when you consider your TV advertising alternatives.  After all, “everyone” watches television (we’ll address that in an upcoming post).  KDRV has the most of your potential customers watching, with about 57,000 local adults tuning in during a given day.

While that seems like a lot, as you are looking into how effective your advertising budget might be spent remember that this is a 24-hour total and your commercial won’t be on all the time.  (The study also didn’t ask who got up to make a sandwich during the commercials, but that’s something to consider for your business as well.)  On average a TV commercial will be seen by more people than that hear a radio commercial in southern Oregon though.

Print Advertising

In what should be no surprise to anyone, more local people read the Mail Tribune than any other newspaper or magazine.  While the 51,000 adults recorded in this study is a great number, it’s even better when you look a little closer.

  1. Your ad does stay “on” for the entire 24-hour period since the paper only comes out once per day.
  2. Since the newspaper is “invited” into these homes, people are paying in part because they want to learn about businesses like yours.  The ads are read along with the news.  No one is getting up to leave the room during your “commercial” in the newspaper.
So each individual message you put in front of your potential customer is much more likely to be seen by them, making the newspaper the best bet – still – of any of the traditional advertising options.

Internet Advertising

All that we’ve covered so far is great information for your business.  You should be aware of these figures and you should use them in determining how to best help your customers know why they should come see you today.  However, so far it also ignores the two largest columns on the chart.

Of the 160,000 adults in Jackson County.  Over 132,000 of them had access to the internet yesterday.  And even more importantly, 130,000 of them had the internet in their pocket!  The portable digital devices that were a part of this category include smart phones, iPads and other tablets, as well as readers like the Kindle or Nook.  What was interesting is that laptops didn’t count.  They aren’t portable enough!

The explosion of internet connected customers – and those that connect via mobile devices – represents a true sea change in the way most of you should be doing business.  Never before have you been able to reach so many adults in such an intimate way.  The first important step for you to consider here is to recognize the importance of the mobile internet to your business.  If you are able to find new customers in the smaller columns in the above chart, imagine what these larger ones can do for your business.

Mobile Internet AdvertisingThe next step is to learn enough about these new dynamics to make smart choices for your strategy.  One thing that is certain about the web is that there are plenty of ways to waste a lot of time and energy.  The potential to grow your business is here as well, but let’s make sure that you move smartly through this new landscape.

And that’s where your SOMG consultant comes in.  Our business was affected by this change early and dramatically.  Count on our experience, research, and expertise to guide you quickly into this area so you get there ahead of your competition and in as cost effective way as possible.  Save yourself the time associated with the learning curve so you can start taking advantage of these new tools today.

Greg Thompson
Digital Manager


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