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How Do I Get My Business to the Top of Google?

Or Bing, or Yahoo… Getting your business found when your potential customers are shopping for a business like yours – that’s a big deal in 2013.  Increasingly, your potential customers are looking to Google to tell them where they should spend their money.  You absolutely want your business to be there. Many, many words have […]

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Customers are Punishing Companies That Annoy Them on Social Media

That’s the strongly worded title of a new study from Vanson Bourne on what your customers think of business’ attempts to connect with them via Social Media. In my experience, the people in charge of marketing for businesses here in southern Oregon don’t set out to “annoy” their potential customers. But because of the nature […]

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Social Media Best Practices for 2012

Southern Oregon Media Group is putting on a new seminar series to share with you the latest research & best practices that are helping businesses to win customers away from your competition in these challenging times.

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Your Customers Are Looking Online for Your Business

Can they find you? A funny thing happened on the way to the recovery from the recession.  Technology happened and some businesses adapted.  They invested in a website, or a better website, a mobile website, and social media.  Customers found these improvements helpful.  Customers started to shop with these businesses that made it easy for […]

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What’s the Big Deal About Google+

If you are a regular reader of this column, or if you are just the person in charge of “figuring out the internet” for your business, you’ve heard of Google+ by now. You may have even checked it out. While not much is happening locally on Google+ yet from a social interaction standpoint, one huge […]

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Internet Marketing Rule #8

Local is the newest big buzzword on the internet. Search Engines like Google and Bing are going out of their way to show local business information to local shoppers in the search results. What does that mean for businesses in Medford or Grants Pass, or even Eagle Point and Talent? The answer is that it […]

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Internet Marketing Rule #7

It’s all about Engagement. Lots of southern Oregon businesses are trying to grow their sales through use of social media.  I mean why not?  It is FREE after all. And there is the rub.  If social media is the silver bullet for all businesses, why is it free?  A big part of the reason that […]

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Internet Marketing Rule #6

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard about Social Media. Your teenagers and 20-somethings have been using it for several years. Heck, your mother-in-law has been on Facebook for the last year. While you know all of this, what you may not realize is that your customers are too. Almost all of them. […]

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Internet Marketing Rule #5

Your business’ website shouldn’t just sit there. More to the point, it shouldn’t let your customer just sit there. An effective website in 2012 encourages your potential customer to act! Long gone are the days where an “online brochure” about your company is sufficient as a website. These days, you hear marketing professionals talk about […]

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Internet Marketing Rule #4

You’ve worked so hard to get potential customers to your site. Of all the websites in the entire world, they found yours! Now you have to make sure that they realize just how lucky they are. This is where art blends with science. Your web page needs to reassure them that they are about to […]

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