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Reach Your Customers Where They Are

One of the most important things to consider when planning your advertising for your business is to know where your customers can be found.  You’d think this could go without saying, but thanks to a recent study here in Jackson County by Clark, Martire, and Bartolomeo, it is clear that many local businesses will want […]

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2012 Holiday Shoppers will Shop Online

In a new study that should not surprise anyone, US shoppers will be leaning on the internet to make their shopping easier.  According to a study cited in’s recent article, shoppers will be spending as much or more as last year, on average, and doing much of their planning online.  Average spending will be […]

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Making Value Based Marketing Decisions

Make it a value based decision and you will be successful! What if I told you could reach everyone that drives down Main Street on a Friday afternoon with your message for $50? That’s sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Yes it does! I’ll take it! Wait a minute… How many people drive down Main Street on a […]

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Marketing Out of the Box

I have a confession to make: I’m a sucker for out-of-the-box thinking. I get so excited when I see a company doing something new that I can’t help but participate in any way I can. I do this because I like to see people taking advantage of the opportunities they already have, because it’s fun, […]

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Where Are All My Customers – Surviving Tough Times

In any business, there will be those times of the year that are lackluster, when we know that no matter what we do, our customers will most likely stay away and spend their money elsewhere. Businesses brace for these times, as many downturns are cyclical in nature and come the same time every year. Other […]

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Developing a Disciplined Marketing Plan

As most of us know, having a marketing plan is essential to businesses that want to survive and prosper.   As a Marketing Consultant with Southern Oregon Media Group, it is my responsibility to help small to medium size businesses develop marketing plans that will grow their business. I had the privilege of working with […]

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Helping Small Businesses Succeed

My name is Caroline Hernandez. I have an amazing job; I am a Marketing Consultant for Southern Oregon Media Group (SOMG) publisher of Mail Tribune, Joy Magazine, Nickel, Oregon Healthy Living and their partner websites.  At SOMG I also have the opportunity to assist businesses with Google AdWords, website design, online marketing and so much […]

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Why You Should Really Care Who You’re Reaching with Your Advertising.

If you fail to do some research, money and time is wasted when that message is delivered to the wrong address, or to put it in marketing terms, or simply in front of the wrong audience.

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Why Advertising Is Important to Local Businesses

Henry Ford has been quoted as saying, “the man who stops advertising to save money, is like the man who stops the clock to save time.” So, why is advertising important? Business owners have been asking this question for years, and really the answer is quite simple…to get noticed, drive traffic, and make sales. Below […]

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Your Business – What or Why Based?

Before we can even begin to talk about how to make your business the online marketing powerhouse that you came here to learn how to be, we need to talk about how to make your entire marketing strategy a successful one. The internet does not make bad marketing better. So let’s back up a step. […]

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