Social Media 201

Your customers are social media addicts. The majority of us are involved with at least one social media site. In fact a recent study by comScore said that 43% of the adults in the US were on a social media site yesterday! Yes this includes us here in sleepy little Medford. Tap into this new ability to have real connections with your potential customers.

You know that your business should take advantage of this new potential way to reach your potential customers. But where should you start? With all of the social media sites out there, it can be overwhelming. With all the contradictory advice out there, it can a big waste of your time and resources too if you are not careful. Southern Oregon Media Group is offering a FREE seminar to help you cut through all of that clutter and move your business forward in a more effective way.

Wednesday, May 16th you can join us at Kids Unlimited for this intermediate to advanced level discussion on the best ways to leverage social media for your local business. Two times are available – 8:30 and 12:00 – to fit with your busy schedule.

Some of the questions we’ll answer…

  • What social media platforms should I use – and HOW?
  • I’m on Facebook. Are there any new sites coming along I should pay attention to?
  • How do I get more people to LIKE or FOLLOW my business?
  • How do I manage social media without it completely dominating my time?
  • How do I measure the return on my investment in social media?

And as always, we guarantee to answer ALL of your questions on the topic as well in this highly interactive gathering. You will learn actionable steps that you can take immediately to grow your online footprint.

You will even get fed while you are there. While the seminar is free to local businesses, registration is required.  You can do so online or by calling Marilyn Zimmers at (541) 776-4427.

Not sure if your business is a good fit for social media? (Hint: It is!) Please contact one of the multimedia experts at SOMG and they will help you evaluate the potential.

Greg Thompson
Digital Manager


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What Does it Mean to Be Found?

Have you ever wished you knew what customers were saying about your business? What about the competition? Ever wonder what your customers think about your service or how they feel about specific products? Would you like to respond to misconceptions customers may have about your business? These are all valid concerns for business decision makers. You now have the ability to highlight your strengths and handle your negative feedback. People take to sites such as Yelp, Facebook,, and over 8,000 others to air their good experiences and help potential new customers to decide between you and your competition. With the reputation management tools found in Southern Oregon Media Group’s BE FOUND! package, you will be notified of the customer reviews from all of these sites. You can easily thank customers for positive reviews and help to heal the wounds of a bad experience before they affect other potential customers. This time saving tool can allow you to put yourself right in the middle of your word of mouth advertising and influence how it helps or hurts your business. We all know that a negative review is bound to happen, but you should have the ability to handle the situation and change that customers mind. Customers are also relying more on sites like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to tell them at a glance where you are located and how to get in contact with you. What if when they found you the address is listed incorrectly, the website listed is not yours, or your listed phone number is for a competitor? This is going to happen when you have to claim your listing on over 350 websites. With the BE FOUND! package your business information will be verified and claimed on all of these sites – automatically. You will see where you are listed and keep the internet up to speed on changes that may affect how potential customers find you. Don’t let the freedom of the internet allow your competitors to skim your bottom line, take control of how customers connect with you. As a part of the Promo Pak portion of the BE FOUND! package you can also keep customers up to date on your sales and specials. List 3 deals or coupons on, and and track their results by being notified of the number of customers that click them. It allows you to know how effective your coupons are and allows you to change them based on customer needs. Think of having the ability to know when someone is clipping your coupon out of the paper before they bring it in! According to Marketing Blacksmith, “Coupon sites are the third fastest growing category of websites. The value of online coupons redeemed in 2009 was $8.3 billion in the US alone. That figure is expected to triple by 2015.” Don’t you want your portion of the estimated $24.9B pie? Take control of your online reputation and maximize your digital presence with the BE FOUND! tool from Southern Oregon Media Group. Change what customers think, drive traffic through your doors and track how your customers feel about your promotions. If you want to know more about how your business is talked about on the internet then give me a call!

Josh Hanson
Marketing Consultant

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Making Value Based Marketing Decisions

Make it a value based decision and you will be successful!

What if I told you could reach everyone that drives down Main Street on a Friday afternoon with your message for $50? That’s sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Yes it does! I’ll take it!

Wait a minute…

  • How many people drive down Main Street on a Friday afternoon?
  • How many of these people are a good fit for your business?
  • How many of them do you expect to retain your message and act on it?
  • How are you going to track who saw your message?
  • How will you track how many times your message is seen by these drivers/ passengers?

If you don’t know the answers to all of these questions, then you have not made a value based decision with your $50.

How do you turn this into a value based decision? By researching and knowing this data BEFORE you choose a marketing program.  If you currently have a marketing program – ask yourself these questions.

  1. What type of audience am I reaching?
  2. Am I marketing based solely on the price of the program?
  3. How often is my message reaching my target audience?
  4. How am I tracking the results of my current marketing program?
  5. What are my competitors doing?
  6. Is my media/marketing consultant doing his/her job by showing me the value of my program?

If you cannot answer these questions- you need to start the research today!  Your consultant for whatever media you are currently engaged in should be able to show you the value of your program easily. If they cannot, I would suggest finding a media consultant who can.

At Southern Oregon Media Group we are focused on value propositions. We are dedicated to finding the best fit for your business whatever the media type. We are able to consult with you on print, online, magazine, radio, TV, outdoors– anything you can think of. We encourage a media mix within all marketing programs ONLY if the value can be shown.

Our Media Consultants are experienced, knowledgeable and can help you decipher and decide the best value driven program for your marketing dollars!

Lisa Lawrence
Retail Advertising Manager



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Newspaper Advertising – a Destination, not a Distraction

Since most of my life has been spent around the newspaper business, I was giddy when I spoke to my adult children prior to Thanksgiving and they told me how excited they were to go through the holiday newspaper to see all the Black Friday deals. For many searching the Thanksgiving Day newspaper is as much of a tradition on the holiday as the turkey and green Jello salad from grandma.

The Mail Tribune didn’t disappoint holiday ad hunters this year either. There were 45 preprinted inserts and many display ads within the paper to glean through for specials.

Media has become so factionalized that a business needs to take a multi faceted marketing approach. For consumers, we’re placed into a world where nearly everywhere we look there’s a business who wants to introduce us to their product or service in an ad. This has caused an advertising aversion where consumers want to “click” out of, through or bypass anything that resembles an ad or commercial. We believe we only want to see advertising when it’s on our terms.

So, now consider advertising medium where advertising is actually welcomed; where the information given in the advertising is often one of the reasons people read and use the medium; and where advertising is considered helpful in making buying decisions. Sounds like a great place to advertise doesn’t it?

That’s what you get with the newspaper.

Consider the following:

Newspaper advertising is selective, not intrusive.

Newspapers are the medium shoppers use most for shopping in an average week. Nearly six in ten (59%) use newspapers, exceeding others like television (38%) ad appearing in search engines (18%) or ads on general interest websites (15%) – (MORI Research 2009

86% of consumers used media to help plan shopping or make purchasing decisions in the past 7 days. Newspapers ranked first as a source by 59% of adults, followed by in store displays, direct mail, television, magazines, e-mail, radio and search. 80% of newspaper readers report looking at advertising when reading the paper. –  (MORI Research 2009

41% of adults report that newspapers are the media most used to check out ads; more than all electronic media combined (internet, television, catalogs, magazines and radio).

Shoppers rate newspapers first of all media for:

  • Bringing sales to attention
  • Most valuable for planning shopping
  • Most believable and trust worthy
  • Look forward to this type of ad
  • Prefer for receiving advertising information (MORI Research 2009

It makes sense to associate your advertising in media where consumers welcome information about your business and not trying to avoid it. To associate your business in a positive consumer medium like the daily newspaper will help build success.  Ready to learn more?  Let’s talk.

Greg Smith
Account Executive

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Building a Successful Brand

Building a good brand is more than just creating a logo, tagline and using a specific color scheme to put on your company’s packaging, bags and letterheads. Successful branding is more about building trusting relationships and emotional connections with your customers. For any business branding should be viewed as the vital aim of any advertising campaign, especially if you are a younger and/or smaller organization.

Below are four branding rules to follow to help you create an impressionable and quality brand name for your business.

#1 Create Authenticity

Consumers are tired of being fed empty promises and lame taglines. They can see through a bad advertising campaign like nobody’s business. What this means to you is that your brand must believably exist in the mind of the consumer. They want to see that you walk your talk. A good example of what not to do is one bank’s attempt at creating a campaign around the financial crisis with a tagline that say’s “We are in this together.” I can guarantee you that most people will not appreciate this message especially after their credit was rescinded and their retirement plans were turned into case studies by this same bank. Do not include generic features when creating your brand. People want to understand what value your product or service offers regardless if it is high end or low end. Just remember that your consumer will ultimately decide your brand, so it makes it more important than ever for a brand to use authenticity that will help with brand differentiation and consumer experience.

#2 Create an Experience

More than ever before consumers are adopting and devouring the latest technologies and innovations and hunger for more. Brands that understand where the strongest expectations exist will be the brands that survive and prosper. You must ask yourself how your brand connects with real people. Currently, market expectations of your brand are high and if you are not in front of your customer evoking an emotion or behavior then you have ultimatley failed. The most powerful brands tap into people’s emotions. In order to make sure that your brand will have both authenticity and create an experience it is recommended that you start by identifying all the benefits of your product or service which are emotional. Boil those emotional benefits down to the one thing your customers should thing of when they think of you. The result of this exercise should ultimately assist you in creating an emotional brand experience for your product or service.

#3 Follow Market Expectations

You would never expect to see a Harley Davidson Logo on Strawberry Shortcake doll would you? When a brand fails to meet market expectations, consumers become confused and give up. To create a successful brand you must ensure that in every customer interaction your brand is in line with market expectations. A great exercise to make sure that you are meeting expectations is to see that your brand has its very own distinct personality just as any person would have. Take care that your brands personality always stays in line with your businesses core values. This way you won’t face branding split personality situation like Harley Davidson on Strawberry Shortcake.

In addition to the above mentioned exercise, there is another layer of brand expectation which lies in where your customers expect to find you. For instance, if you’re targeting to a tech savvy generation and you don’t have a mobile friendly website or a Facebook page I recommend stepping up and having one built. People will become frustrated and will ultimately give up if they can’t find you where they expect to find you.

#4 Build and Control Buzz

Building a buzz surrounding your brand can take a lot of work but it can be done. Getting in front of your customer in a variety different ways is most preferable. For example, join your local Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce or other local association to talk about what you do and what your brand stands for. Get your brand name out there by creating an advertising campaign with local media affiliates such as the newspaper, radio and television.

Also, make sure you know and understand where people expect to find your brand online. The internet will be the ultimate test to a brand and when done correctly, the internet may be where you will reap the most benefit. Reviews, mentions and number of “likes” will make or break a brand. Take care that you are up to speed with what people are saying about your business and change your brand where necessary if it’s not favorable. Additionally, interacting as much as you can with your web customers will help your business look engaged with the community and helps solidify brand experience.

Implementing these 4 rules into a solid branding strategy will get your business seen and heard. I would love to help you abide by these rules by using some of the tools we offer here at Southern Oregon Media Group. To create a better brand we offer many solutions such as building mobile friendly landing pages, reputation management (which allows you to track mentions and reviews about your business across the web), we build professional grade Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter business profiles, and we can create search friendly websites among many other things!

Corinne Swick
Account Executive


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The Benefits of Business Website

The business world is constantly evolving as competition gets tougher and small business owners have to be more progressive than ever before just to keep up with the competition.

One of the best ways for your business to move forward no matter the size and increase revenue is by having a professional website. A custom and functional website is not as expensive as you might think and when done properly can give you more return on your investment than almost any form of advertising or promotion you can find.

How often do you search for a particular business or service online, realize they do not have a website and little information to compare to others? Nowadays, consumers spend hours researching potential businesses, products and services prior to making an educated purchase. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to give your customers and potential customers the information they want and need to make an educated purchase decision by foregoing a company website. Even if you are the only business in your local market that carries a particular product you are competing for local customers with everyone that sells your product or a similar product online.

If you need more convincing here are a few reasons why your business needs a website NOW:

A website will help you build a professional image

A professionally designed website is one of the best ways to instill confidence in your potential new customers who are not familiar with your company already or even increase the confidence of your existing customer base. It gives the customer the impression that they are dealing with a company they can trust and will generate a sense of respectability with your service and/or product.

Information is available 24/7

You are able to communicate address, phone numbers, fax numbers, hours of operation special offerings, directions, what you do and don’t carry, the prices, how one of your services “works”, and yes you are open on Sundays too. You’d be surprised how much a website will take off your shoulders while simultaneously driving business to you. Web pages serve the customer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Consumers are increasingly becoming busier and busier every day and by providing information and services online you are able to attract the people who are simply just too busy to handle all their needs during their 9-5 workday while working around your 8-6 office hours.

Evolution of how people search for your number

More Americans than ever before have high-speed internet access at home or work or both and as technology for web browsing is increasingly in the palm of your hand with an increase in smartphones and tablets consumers search for businesses through traditional means like the yellow pages less and less. Almost every employee in the country that gets paid more than $30,000/year has a computer at their desk and a whopping 85% of college students have their own personal PC while few have a copy of the yellow pages nearby. As habit, they will simply jump online to find what they are looking for before they hunt down the one copy of the yellow pages that was left in the break room or on their dorm floor.

Reaching your Target Demographic

The internet is arguably the highest mass-market demographic available, mostly consisting of college educated consumers making high salaries. These demographics are the ones who will be going online to do product and service research, looking for general business information, and seeking that automation and convenience.

Inexpensive and Almost Risk Free

How much do you pay to lease the space for your business? A website is your storefront at all hours of the day. For an initial investment and low cost to host, your website will have paid for itself in no time and your benefits far outweigh the cost. There is virtually “no risk” in having a website for your business. You can easily customize your website and make changes at your convenience. You can do as much or as little as your business goals and budget allow. When people first began to adopt the internet these benefits would have been very costly and out of reach of the average small business owner. However, while every other advertising medium has increased in price over the past decade, website development and hosting has decreased significantly.

Being Found

Without a website, you simply do not exist to the average consumer. If you don’t have a website consumers can’t find you. So, if your website either didn’t come up in the search engine or perhaps you do not have a website at all, you are losing out to your competition. For me and many other consumers, you didn’t even exist when I was making a decision on whom to do business with. So, first you need a website, and then we can discuss Search Engine Optimization and Marketing.

Sandra LaNier
Marketing Consultant



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To Like or Dislike. That is the question.

The answer is, to Like.

Your website and social media dashboards are, or should be, another “store front” to your business. The ultimate goal is to direct all traffic to your website through social media while impressing current and potential customers along the way.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, Social Media is: forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and micro blogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos). Some of the most common forms of Social Media include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

I’ve explained what social media is; now for the why it’s so important to your business. Below are some reasons why you should consider using social media tools to help promote your business.

1) Build Recognition for Your “Brand” – Using social media allows your business to reach the highest number of potential customers possible. Getting your name out there is incredibly important.

2) Monitoring – Having a social media presence allows you to be cognizant of what current and potential customers are saying about your product or service. Through this monitoring, you have the opportunity to address negative comments and correct false or inaccurate information about your brand.

3) Generate Site Traffic – By updating regularly on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with posts that link back to your site, you can create additional traffic to your site.  Greater site traffic has a big effect on your search rankings.

4) Find New Customers Through a Company Profile – Your company profile is a great opportunity for you to post regular updates on your activities, but also about important news and trends in your industry. This will catch the attention of new customers interested in your industry and increase your reputation as an expert in the field. It’s critical to post regularly if you want to increase your followers or fans and convert them to potential leads.

5) Increased Search Engine Rankings – Social media profiles frequently rank highly with major search engines. Using brand names and keywords in your postings can help you to generate traffic for your social media sites and homepage.

I think by now you understand that social media is essential for your business. So now what? Give one of us a call, we can help.

Kendall Offenbacher
Account Executive


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Marketing Out of the Box

I have a confession to make: I’m a sucker for out-of-the-box thinking. I get so excited when I see a company doing something new that I can’t help but participate in any way I can. I do this because I like to see people taking advantage of the opportunities they already have, because it’s fun, and because I believe that every business owner should be doing whatever they can to make a lasting impression on their customers and potential customers.

The great part? Most consumers feel the same way, whether they realize it or not.

The problem that faces a lot of business owners is that it’s not always easy to get yourself out of that box. This isn’t necessarily due to a lack of creativity. It’s more due to the fact that most business owners don’t have time, and it’s tough to dream up new solutions when every competitor out there is after the same prize. Another key difficulty is that you’re essentially after a moving target, because as soon as someone else realizes what you’re doing is successful, you can bet the imitators will be at it in two shakes, and suddenly you’re back in that same, boring box.


The happy hour is a perfect example. Long tested and utilized by bars, nowadays you can find a happy hour in almost every food related business, but there are ways to energize that happy hour even more. Here’s just one example: “Codeword Thursday.” Let’s say you’re a restaurant owner that has a slow couple of afternoon hours, say 2pm to 4pm. Every week, you set up a codeword. The first person to come in and use the codeword gets their meal for free. Everyone else gets your normal happy hour deal. Let’s say you’re running a weekly ad in a product that has a large, active readership, like our own Nickel, or Ashland Revels. Use a quarter of your ad to advertise this week’s code and gear up for a response. But don’t stop there, you should also be using Facebook, Twitter, really every possible avenue available to get out that code to your customers and potential customers.

If you’re thinking you don’t have time for this, you just give us a call at 541-776-4422, and we’ll show you a dozen ways we can help you with your time.


Contests are another great way to drive business to your door, to your website, to your facebook, etc. Just about every contest is going to get some response, but consider that the more active and engaged your contest gets, the more response you’re going to receive. Host a scavenger hunt that spans weeks. Direct mail a pin and a printed flyer (We can help you with both) to your qualified customers, and have a corral of balloons there for them to pop, with a grand prize hidden in one of the balloons and everything from $1 to $5 off in the others. Above all else, keep it fun, and keep your customers involved, and at the very least you’ll get traffic into your door or facebook. Make sure to get all those customers signed up to a mailing list, email newsletter or the like, so you can fully capitalize on your newly gained audience.

Again, if you don’t think you have time for all of this, you’re one phone call away from help. 541-776-4422.


What are you doing on Youtube? If you have commercials posted on Youtube, congratulations, you’re already ahead of most businesses in the valley. Unfortunately, though, you’re still well within the box. When you’re using Youtube, think of Catchphrases instead of Slogans. In the online space, emotion rules over logic. Make them laugh on Facebook and twitter, and you’ll get more shares and retweets than if you make them think. I’m serious. This stuff works. You’ve got to get your viewers, listeners, readers, engaged in what you’re presenting.

Need ideas? That’s right, 541-776-4422.

There are an infinite number of ways to bring yourself business, but they’re not always obvious. Whatever you’re doing, make sure you’re getting the idea out in front of a large audience, and that you’re doing creative and exciting things to create a buzz that lasts. One customer who remembers you and comes back to your business, even if only monthly, is better than ten customers who show up and never return again. Market outside of the box and you’re going to increase your odds of being remembered exponentially.

And if you ever need help, ideas, or advice, well, you just give us a call at 541-776-4422 and we’ll show/ help you not only break out of that box, but stay out of it.

Stephen Winters
Account Executive


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Where Are All My Customers – Surviving Tough Times

In any business, there will be those times of the year that are lackluster, when we know that no matter what we do, our customers will most likely stay away and spend their money elsewhere. Businesses brace for these times, as many downturns are cyclical in nature and come the same time every year. Other fluctuations are less predictable, like an unexpected downturn when a competitor opens up nearby, eroding the market. Many business owners are surprised to learn that even a move across town will change their customer’s shopping habits. For whatever reason, if you find that business is slow, and you can’t come up with a plan to turn it around, don’t despair. Here are some creative ways to combat the really dismal days that try our souls.

1. Come up with a plan to make your own business on tough days.

Years ago, when I worked at a well known retail store, my buyer would call me up on the phone on slow days. I’d complain and make excuses for our flash report, and she’d ask me, are you wringing your hands- or are you doing something about it? Sure enough, after I’d hang up, I’d open up my customer book and find somebody to call. No one can afford to be casual about customer service in these times. Follow up! Make every effort to reach out. Don’t be complacent. Shake it up a bit!

With tenacity and effort, you will improve things. Go through those business cards you picked up at the mixer, search your saved contacts and old sales records to scout for someone you forgot to call.

2. Look for ways you can combine forces with your neighboring businesses.

I recently attended an out of town monthly music and art event held in the evening. I was impressed by the turnout, and the vibrant crowd of young and old out listening to music and strolling the streets. I noticed most every shop was open, adding a benefit to coming downtown and shopping in the evening. How often have you noticed in our town, that when a special event is going on, businesses are closed? I wonder if owners are being penny wise and pound foolish. How much does it cost to open your doors for a few extra hours in the evening, and help build the momentum necessary to drive traffic past your doors? Hire a musician, pop a cork and put out some cheese and crackers, and instantly you have ambiance. If you want to get the word out and advertise your event at low cost, get your neighbors to pitch in and share the cost of an ad in any of our publications that seems a good fit with the audience you seek.

3. Plan an event inside your business.

Do you have a unique, expert service that you offer? Do you have knowledge on a subject that would compel people to want to come and learn from you? Do you sell something that is complex in nature, and lends itself to questions and answers ahead of time before the sale is made? Think of having a promotion, open house, seminar, or free class to add new clients to your books. Besides, during your slow times, you can focus more fully on planning your event.

Other suggestions include a pre-season sale, to reach those planning for your services before the need arises. Offer special pricing for a limited time to those who book services during your event, to create urgency. Think of planning a pool or new landscape project in the winter so it’s ready to go by summer. If you are a ski shop, show a Warren Miller film in September to build excitement in the ski crowd, and offer special pricing for that night only.

Finally, in order to promote your event, include it on your website, post it on your social sites, email or call your customers, and use whatever free publicity you have available. Then allow us at SOMG to help you get the word out to our readers, either online, in print, or both, and insure your success!

4. Continue to advertise.

Some believe that during slow times, you shouldn’t spend money on advertising. While it is true that you want to allocate more dollars during your busy times, you still cannot afford to lose momentum completely. Some local tourist related businesses refuse to advertise outside the tourist season. Consider this; if you are a tourist draw, when do you invite local people to come experience your place? When the pace is slower, and you can spend more quality time with the customers that come in, these are the golden opportunities. Reach that thin market; the small group looking for your goods or services today. Remember, advertising turns wants into needs, educates, and helps show benefits and features.

5. Let us help you find advertising money.

If you need help with co-op funds, rely on us. This is what we know, and we can help you at the very least get a percentage of your advertising paid for. Let us do the work, while you to focus on what you do best, running your business. While our advertising does have a cost, our services are completely free, and often we can be very helpful in providing creative ways to get your vendors to help out with your advertising costs. Vendors may be willing to help with an in store promotion, providing signage, samples, or providing an industry expert to speak at your event. Think of it as free money to promote the goods they would like you to be successful selling.

So, to conclude, ask yourself: are you a hand wringer or are you proactive? It takes courage and entrepreneurial spirit to weather the storms, and to ask for help if you need it. Partnering with Southern Oregon Media Group means you have the benefit of a well educated team to lean on, trained in the latest technologies out there and capable of helping you reach your customers in print, online, or through social media sites. We can even build and optimize those websites and social sites, and help you be found on the web. Let us help you retain your current customers and reach new people as well. We understand doing business in our world today. Give us a call and we’ll come and visit and see how we may assist you with your unique business. Let us help your business thrive, even during the tough times.

Marie Conte
Marketing Consultant

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Search Engine Marketing, Quick and Simple

Southern Oregon Media Group – “Online Boot Camp”

I recently returned from an “Online Boot Camp” training session in New York where we discussed things like Website Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords, all of which we offer at the Southern Oregon Media Group.

Google AdWords

If you are looking for a quick, simple and economical way to get more traffic to your website, then Google AdWords is a solution. What is Google AdWords? Google AdWords is a service that lets you create and run ads for your business, quickly and simply.

Pay Per Click Performance

It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) program. No matter what your budget, you will only pay when customers click on your ads. Google AdWords allows you to advertise your website by the use of ads, and again you only pay if people click on your ads.

Create Ads

You create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business, products and/or services. When someone searches Google, using one of your keywords, Google AdWords ads are displayed with search results. Therefore, your advertising is hitting your target audience who is interested in your products.

Professionals Certified by Google

At Southern Oregon Media Group we have online professionals who can help you with all of your online marketing needs, including Google Adwords. Our online professionals are certified by Google. If you would like to start or improve your online advertising, please contact me at Southern Oregon Media Group.

Kevin Blodgett
Digital Media Specialist


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