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A visit from the Irony Fairy

My wife said she wanted to see “Contagion” when we first saw the preview a few months ago. She nudged me at the trailer’s conclusion, gave me that typical moviegoer nod and thumbs-up that’s supposed to mean “That looks good.” It’s a movie about a full-blown epidemic disease that strikes without mercy at an all-star [...]

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Caught in the crossfire of an epic battle with pirates

Hey. You. The person who treats Wikipedia’s content as Gospel. This is for you. I’m assuming you’ve heard about the encyclopedic service going dark today to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill making its way through Congress intended to wholly remove websites that are viewed as circumventing copyright law in one way or [...]

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‘Reporter’: now on PS3, XBOX 360 and Wii

I never wanted to be any of the following: -A Greek god -A vigilante cowboy -A Crusades knight damned to Hell -A space miner who can’t catch a break from space zombies -A gun-crazed widower with a chip on his shoulder -Batman OK, so I lied on that last one. The above list is simply [...]

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Killswitch Divorce

I started today off a little bit heartbroken. Just a smidgen. Not the waking-up-hours-after-a-break-up type. The band-you-love-most-in-the-world-said-farewell-to-its-lead-singer type. Killswitch Engage, a Boston, Mass., based metalcore band has parted ways with its lead singer, Howard Jones, after seven years, according to an article on the Roadrunner Records website. A statement from the band read thusly: “We [...]

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