It’s not me; it’s you

To: Comic books

CC: Their creators

It’s time I stopped lying to myself, to you. We need to go our separate ways for awhile.

We both know I deserve better. At some point you have to stop deluding yourself into thinking second-rate is OK, especially where my money is concerned.

I guess to really understand how this happened, one would have to talk about that defining moment where they realized staying in a relationship wasn’t the right option anymore. They stay in it because it was familiar; any existence outside of it was scary, unpredictable.

Then that epiphany hits them and they utter a quiet “Oh.”

For me, that “Aha” moment was the closure of “our place.” Iguana Comics in Medford. We’d rendezvous there at least once a week. Remember the excitement on Wednesdays when new issues would be released? I’d head there during lunch and walk away happy.

Then I got this notification via Facebook:

“We can no longer deficit spend in order to keep this location open, we’ll be closing the doors on Feb 26th. This store has lost money every month it has been open. We apologize for missing books, there simply wasn’t enough funding to keep up the orders.”


And with that, so many other indicators that I should have taken a leave of absence from you fell into place.

* Neat, original yarns like DC’s “Frankenstein: Agent of Shade” and “Deathstroke”…cut.

* Crossover titles. Everywhere. If I want to get one complete story, I have to buy six books. That’s absurd.

* I only have so much room. I have six long boxes of single issue comics and counting in my closet. My wife, God love her, can only stand so much. One more box and I’m afraid I’ll find that “I’m at my mother’s. Don’t call” note.

* The writer that got me into this is leaving my favorite title. Yep. Geoff Johns, chief creative officer and Green Lantern scribe at DC comics is moving on to even greener pastures (didn’t know that was possible). He’ll be helming Justice League of America, one of those crossover titles requiring readers to buy all the individual character’s books on top of every regular issue to understand the story’s full context.


And listen, the argument of me being fairweather holds zero weight. I’ve been a loyal reader for years, never breaking routine. It’s time to take a step back and think things over.

I’m not saying this is the ultimate end. It’s not. I’m just going to put the money I normally would spend on US aside. In time, I’ll have a tablet, preferably a Nook, and slowly, I’ll start picking titles up again and read them via screen. No more boxes. No more issue protectors. No more tape. No more lost room. Easier re-reads.

It’s time I treated myself to the 2.0 version of you.

Please don’t call.



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