Sharing the flight

In lieu of some pretty awful local news over the past few weeks (read: slain dogs, stolen cars, stabbings, and drive-by shootings, I really just want to talk about Superman today.

So here goes. You can listen to this lovely, goosebump-inducing score by Hans Zimmer as you go:

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of my buddy Josh.

He’s in the midst of what he’s calling a ‘Man of Steel’ media blackout. Essentially, he’s avoiding anything having to do with the ‘Man of Steel’ movie until it opens June 14. No trailers, no stills, no samples of the epic Hans Zimmer score, no reviews.

He’s gone Geek Amish.

I’ve been cheering him on the last few days via Twitter, giving him a day-by-day countdown ’til the film’s release that parallels an imagined pre-flight check for the flying Boy Scout before he launches himself into the clouds.

Because here’s the thing, I think Josh’s blinders are up for a good reason. He wants a clean slate heading into the film. That’s commendable. Superman’s important to him, same as he is to a lot of geeks. And when it comes to a nerd’s favorite heroes, the greater appreciation they have for them, the loftier the expectations they have of a film. That’s why ‘Green Lantern’ was such a bummer for me. More like ‘Great Letdown.’

When it comes to the pantheon of my comic book favorites, my feelings about Superman are difficult to explain. He’s not my favorite. He just squeezes into the top 7.

But there’s something about nailing his origin story/character in ‘Man of Steel’ that’s become worrisome for me, more than any cape flick I’ve geared up for. I have such a narrow view on who Superman should be, and it’s a tough nut to crack. How do you make someone so strong and noble so vulnerable and lonely at the same time?

And that might be the characteristic about Superman that sets him apart. Of all the heroes, he’s the most open to interpretation. Whether he’s seen as an archetype for Jesus – and no, I’m not being flippant; whole books have been written on the subject – an alien trying to fit among a different species or just a surface level good-versus-evil poster child, there really is something for everybody in there.

I think people like Josh and I are just hoping our visions are included. This goes beyond hoping the filmmakers don’t screw it up. We – at least, I – want to feel our interpretation of this timeless character is shared.

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