Weekly Watercolor: The Pumpkin King

This week’s Weekly Watercolor is coming a bit early this week for two reasons. First, Halloween is almost upon us. Second, I’ll be out of town Friday, my usual day to post these.

The Weekly Watercolor is a relatively new installment at the Pocket Protector blog. I upload one of my watercolors each week and provide a little background blurb.

This one was fun. I love ‘Nightmare Before Christmas.’ Love it. The demented sets and characters, the nutty musical numbers, the sweet story that moves in a quiet current beneath it all. Main character Jack Skellington – seen above, though few of you need that refer, I’m sure – is a character I’d wanted to paint for awhile. This was the year.

It was a challenge, for sure. I had to treat the painting a lot more like a drawing. That required a thicker water-to-paint ratio and making darn sure it didn’t bleed. I hope I pulled it off.

Happy Halloween.

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