Weekly watercolor: Bring me that horizon

Two talented journalists I have hoarded amounts of respect and admiration for leave the Mail Tribune today. It’s ironic that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, because I’m not thankful that they’re leaving.

Sanne Specht and Paul Fattig have an attention to detail in their stories that I hope to master someday. Snappy, give-’em-hell  writing both. They’re also incredibly decent people.

But I wish them well. This week’s Weekly Watercolor is dedicated to them.

Weekly Watercolor, for any rookie readers, is where I share some of my art, give a blurb on its creation background, and bid you adieu. A two-minute art class.

I did this in the back of a booklet on a much smaller canvas then I’m used to. I went from big, bleached white paper to postcard-sized gray. That made it a challenge.

Ultimately, I wanted to convey a scene that showed the start of a journey. Sanne and Paul are ending one and starting another, hopping into new boats and hitting another course in a long, boundless river. I have to imagine they’ll both end up at the base of a mountain chain like the one in the painting. A new challenge to climb, a new horizon to chase.

Have a great weekend and Thanksgiving.

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