I should absolutely be able to expense the Captain America backpack I just found out existed

Dear Editor:

Good morning.

But enough about me. Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Donuts? Have you been working out?

*clears throat*

Destiny is an odd concept. I imagine most people don’t believe in it.

I didn’t. It suggests our choices and decisions mean nothing, that ultimately, our journey is predetermined by outside forces beyond our control. That we’re puppets on strings.

Today, May 12, 2015, changed things. This Captain America shield backpack you should totally let me expense made me a believer. Now I know fate chooses us. Sometimes it takes awhile, but we’ll know when it’s time.

Everything in my 31+ years of existence has led to this point. This $49.99 plus shipping BARGAIN piece of hardware is my utility belt, my sword in the stone with rad pockets for my notepad, phone and bouquet of clickie top pens.

A professional’s only as good as his tools.

I have to believe it will also be the ultimate access to breaking news. You know how reporters sometimes flock to shootings or sizable fires and get put behind a makeshift yellow web of caution tape? This would give me authority. I show up with this on my back, the gate gets pushed aside.


I humbly await your decision. No rush.


Ryan Pfeil

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