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At Thor’s Well, low tide > high tide

The Oregon Coast has a geological feature that seems co-authored in design – a shared effort between J.R.R. Tolkien and Marvel Comics. This fantasy oracle of olde is a short drive south from Newport, maybe a half hour, a landmark just off the shore of Cape Perpetua. My uncle told me about it this past [...]

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The Mouth

My daughter’s abrupt scream during an otherwise-quiet 2 a.m. was a terrifying sound; nightmare notes blended together in an awful symphony. My wife and I knew it was different than her other cries. It just sounded off key. Not frustration or hunger or an impolite request to change her. It sounded like fear, that horrible [...]

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Donuts are basically poison. I’ll take two.

Social media is great at reminding me that we really love to celebrate made up holidays. Oh and that 90 percent of them give us excuses to shovel more high-calorie swill down our collective recycling center intake valves. We need the encouragement here in America, a day or two for all us squares to just [...]

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Ugh, are we there yet?

Earlier this month, I started reading the book “Dead Wake,” a story about the sinking of the Lusitania by give-’em-hell historian Erik Larson. I’m still taking the voyage. It’s a slow and steady one, but I’m enjoying it. Apparently one of the boat’s actual passengers did not: That’s right, our humble tie to one of [...]

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I should absolutely be able to expense the Captain America backpack I just found out existed

Dear Editor: Good morning. But enough about me. Can I get you anything? Tea? Coffee? Donuts? Have you been working out? *clears throat* Destiny is an odd concept. I imagine most people don’t believe in it. I didn’t. It suggests our choices and decisions mean nothing, that ultimately, our journey is predetermined by outside forces [...]

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Sorcerer-historians and hunted boats

No joke: author Erik Larson could write a book about paint drying and I would read it. Little-to-no hyperbole, Larson is an honest-to-God time traveler, a sorcerer-historian hybrid that probably secretly knows more about wormholes and space-time than Einstein, Carl Sagan or Neil deGrasse Tyson. His historical narrative books read more like eyewitness accounts than [...]

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The prodigal Watterson

Here’s how some of the first few lines of my new book go: “I grew up in Chagrin Falls, which is a small town, an outer suburb of Cleveland. It was originally a mill town in the 1800s, and a paper-bag factory was still going when I was growing up. They used to dump their [...]

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Artists, unsung

My childhood science fiction education was very rich and thorough, thanks to my father. His teaching methodology was simple enough. You probably have movie/book enthusiasts in your life who do something similar: 1) Ask me if I’ve seen/read something. 2) If I haven’t, put it in front of me ASAP. He did this with books [...]

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Happiest birthday to the dearest of Seusses

This can’t be coincidence, the books I’ve been reading. The words my kid’s hearing, the art she’s been seeing. For the past three nights straight, I have introduced My daughter to a man pseudonym’d Dr. Seuss. See, a relative’s moving, limiting what he took. And he happened, by chance, to find this old book. A [...]

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Dark house

It’s been more than nine years since the dark house in the woods burned down. Still, it haunts me. This is one of those stories where you have to have faith that I’m not messing with you. I can’t offer exhibits or evidence beyond the few photos that I took of the house in Colorado’s [...]

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