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For Christa

Thirty years ago, my mom wept for a woman she had never met but admired fiercely. The tears were delayed. Shock came first, that sudden and utter onslaught of disbelief over something horrific that’s occurred that somehow makes the world move in slow motion. The woman, Christa McAuliffe, was a teacher on a star trek. [...]

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My ‘Star Wars’ isn’t ‘Star Wars’

My buddy recalls being 5 with crystalline clarity. One day, anyway; a two-hours-and-change period that’s burned into his brain. “You remember that day?” I ask him on the phone. “Oh yeah,” he says. “Yeah.” Even over the phone I can hear gears clicking in his head as he drifts back in time almost 40 years [...]

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Sentimental reunion

I keep crossing paths with her. She’s a hellcat; 70 years young and doesn’t look a day over 30. Elegant and sleek. Men and women are drawn to her. Her honesty is refreshing; she lets people right in. No secrets. An open book. Her dreams: big. You could say she’s got her head in the [...]

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In ‘N Out reminds me of a dark, betrayal-ridden time

I was a sophomore in college the first time I was abandoned by people I trusted.   It was a Saturday in Ashland. I came out of my bedroom to an empty house. The house was 78 N. Mountain St., a pleasant 10-minute walk from Southern Oregon University’s campus. Four other guys lived there. I [...]

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Origin Story: First meetings and lack of warning labels

Dear Bethany, I want to tell you about two memories I have of you. One I treasure. The other is a cautionary tale. We’ll start with the treasured bit, open this on a positive note. Ice & fire  Almost a year ago, quite unexpectedly, I froze. The icy blast was momentary and swift, that space [...]

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Pop quiz: Why do people keep sending me shark videos?

Pop quiz! Great white sharks: a) Can reach speeds of 25 mph b) Can grow up to 20+ feet in size c) Have a bite force of close to two tons d) All of the above.   It’s d. Congratulations to those who passed. The rest of you get out. I’m not kidding, get out. [...]

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Team Pluto

Here’s a distance to consider: 7,750 miles. That’s almost 300 marathons. About nine round trips from between Medford and Seattle. Just over 31 percent of the Earth’s total circumference. (I was Googling A LOT this morning.) It’s also how close an earthling spacecraft came to Pluto this morning; a stone’s throw in space terms, “just [...]

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At Thor’s Well, low tide > high tide

The Oregon Coast has a geological feature that seems co-authored in design – a shared effort between J.R.R. Tolkien and Marvel Comics. This fantasy oracle of olde is a short drive south from Newport, maybe a half hour, a landmark just off the shore of Cape Perpetua. My uncle told me about it this past [...]

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The Mouth

My daughter’s abrupt scream during an otherwise-quiet 2 a.m. was a terrifying sound; nightmare notes blended together in an awful symphony. My wife and I knew it was different than her other cries. It just sounded off key. Not frustration or hunger or an impolite request to change her. It sounded like fear, that horrible [...]

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Donuts are basically poison. I’ll take two.

Social media is great at reminding me that we really love to celebrate made up holidays. Oh and that 90 percent of them give us excuses to shovel more high-calorie swill down our collective recycling center intake valves. We need the encouragement here in America, a day or two for all us squares to just [...]

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