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Origin Story: Secret identities

Dear Bethany, Take a knee, kid. It’s time for a little advice. I’m going to take advantage of moments like this for as long as I can, when I know you can’t roll your eyes or run away from my sage tidings. Which, by the way, I have in spades. Just ask your mom. You’re [...]

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You can’t spell ‘Winter Soldier’ without ‘win’

My patriotism is documented, hieroglyphs embedded in the worn tape of a VHS video. It shows a Christmas morning. It’s 1987 in Colorado Springs. Robe-clad and mussy-haired, I reach into my stocking and pull out two comic books. The excitement is palpable as the pages flap and crackle in my tight fist. Side note: Little [...]

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Origin Story: Great powerlessness

Dear Bethany, The first time your mom felt you move happened on April Fools Day. No joke. We sat in a Mexican restaurant finishing our food when she fell into her trance, what looked like one anyway. Someday you’ll learn about the phrase: “1,000-yard stare.” It means that your eyeballs look like they’re frozen and [...]

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Origin Story: First contact

This is the second entry in a series on first-time fatherhood. Read the first entry here. Dear Bethany: I want to tell you about the first time I heard your heart beat, how it made me think of submarines and how I didn’t believe it was real. It was February. Your mom and I sat [...]

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In honor of my workplace, I’d like to share two of my recent watercolors. Here’s the Mail Tribune building during a sunrise. And here’s my boss’s hand while taking notes. I’m pretty proud of them. Now it’s time for the confession: they’re not actually watercolors. They’re photos. Yes, photos. Run through one of the coolest [...]

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Those books we wish we could just…harpoon

This was the passage I stopped reading ‘Moby Dick’ on: “Lakeman! – Buffalo! Pray, what is a Lakeman, and where is Buffalo?” That’s page 292 in the Barnes & Noble Classics edition. Right at the top of the page. I actually shook my head, slammed the tome closed and put it down. “Nope,” I said. [...]

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Origin Story: Our hero is en route

BREAKING: I’m going to be a dad. Yes. A father. In the non-profit industry of responsibility, it’s a promotion. The promotion. Starting in August, a mewling seven-or-so pounds of helpless squirming pink will be in my hands. My wife and I will be responsible for every move it – yes, “it,” we won’t know the [...]

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He believes a man can fly

I watched the Christopher Reeve ‘Superman’ with my dad the first time I saw it. He said, “Cool, huh?” at the end. Yes, Dad. Cool, indeed. The young man in this video doesn’t need any such prompt. Comic book fans aren’t born. They’re made. This is a key piece of evidence in that argument. Unedited. [...]

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Mr. Capote

“Just remember: If one bird carried every grain of sand, grain by grain, across the ocean, by the time he got them all to the other side, that would only be the beginning of eternity.” – Truman Capote I want to tell you about something that’s important to me, regardless of its insignificance in the [...]

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The quiet brains

Ever been to the mall? Course you have. You’ve parked, walked inside, made a b-line for that one item you had to go to the mall for – a video game you couldn’t find on Amazon or a new pair of jeans – and left. The end. But have you ever listened to the traffic, [...]

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