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Even when I’m not the one who’s cooked Thanksgiving dinner, usually there are plenty of opportunities for leftovers.

My mom, who cooked the feast this year and has little love for leftovers, usually sends them home with me. This year, we managed to judge portions accurately, avoiding waste and the need to reinvent the same ingredients for multiple meals. But she still pledged the picked carcass to me, so I could make for stock.

Anyone with a good bit of turkey on hand, however, probably is running out of ideas for recipes. My Season to Taste column provided at least one recipe and referenced several others in our online recipe database.

Or maybe you’re full of great ideas for leftovers that should be shared with fellow cooks. In that case, enter them in our Recipe Box and help us surpass the 3,500 mark before the year’s out.

My column in the Joy magazine gave some hints on searching the Recipe Box by title, ingredient and category. But it didn’t say much in the way of how to enter your own recipes, which may take a little trial and error.

First off, the Web page that accepts the submission expires rather quickly, so don’t attempt to spend 10 or 15 minutes typing in your recipe from a hand-written recipe card. Type it up in another word-processing application and then copy and paste it into the required fields, marked with an asterisk.

Beware of special characters. The application that stores the recipes changes many types of punctuation (even apostrophes), accent marks and fractions to illegible symbols. So I always manually change compressed fractions into the numbers separated by a slash (/) and even retype apostrophes.

Don’t forget to select the date and category and enter your name. Then click the “submit” button at the bottom. If a message doesn’t appear on the page thanking for your submission, it didn’t go through. The easiest way to check if it did is to select that day’s date for the two corresponding search fields. Any and all recipes entered on that date should appear.

And keep in mind that we’re looking for actual recipes that would assist anyone interested in cooking. Even though it may be tempting to type in unlikely ingredients just for the fun of it, ultimately we’ll delete those entries, like this submission for “blueberry scones.”

Author : how do I know!

description : blueberriy scones

ingredients : blueberries

directions : blueberries

Submitted : 5/31/2012

serves : 8 

Category : Pastries

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