Nix butter for cream cheese in radish sandwich

It seems like the time should have long since passed for buying so much produce.

A slow start to the growing season means that our garden also is a bit behind schedule. And while we just harvested the first garlic and snow peas are starting to size up, I walk the rows a bit anxiously, wondering when we’ll really be able to fill our plates.

What we do have aplenty is radishes, my older son’s particular purview. He helps to plant them and has a very short window, of course, to wait until harvest. The ultimate kid crop, my mother-in-law says.

But radishes, nor any vegetable, aren’t exactly his preferred snack. I recently witnessed a glimmer of hope on the horizon, after I smeared the length of a celery stick with cream cheese, instead of the de rigueur peanut butter, to persuade him that “ants on a log” actually are a fun and tasty food.

Indeed, cream cheese has proven time and again to be the boy’s kryptonite. So I may have to employ it in the following fashion, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune. Cream cheese is an alternative, of course, to the classic accompaniment of good-quality butter with radishes. A generous layer of butter always does the trick for my boys, too.

Blanching radishes, which softens their bite, is a technique that I’m considering adding to my repertoire.

Tribune News Service photo

French Breakfast Radish Sandwich

Spread 2 ounces cream cheese thickly on 1 side of a slice of lightly toasted rustic bread. Slice 3 or 4 French breakfast radishes (or regular radishes) thinly lengthwise. Layer radish slices over cream cheese. Slice half of a sun-dried tomato in oil in thin ribbons; scatter over radishes. Top with fresh arugula, then a second slice of toasted bread.

Makes 1 serving.

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