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Sarah Lemon covers the Rogue Valley’s food scene with an enthusiasm that rivals her love of cooking. Her blog mixes culinary musings and milestones with tips and recipes you won’t find in the Mail Tribune’s weekly A la Carte section. When she’s not in the kitchen or unearthing the freshest seasonal produce, she dishes on local food trends, products and events. Add your own recipes, tips and ideas to this blog or email

Ponzu-dressed asparagus plays up poké bowls

Asian flavors have been influencing family meals over the past few months since we realized the relative ease of making our own poké bowls. Fairly priced, good-quality yellowfin tuna available in the freezer case of my locally owned grocer is the main ingredient. All the raw fish needs is a light dressing of tamari, rice […]

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Simmer succulent chicken in spring-onion salsa

The Whole Dish podcast: Spring onions, other tender alliums infuse fresh flavors My lifelong journey to embrace alliums hasn’t quite come full circle. If it had, I’d be out in the garden pulling up the scallions and munching them — roots and all, unwashed—like I did as a toddler. That early enthusiasm quickly waned, perhaps […]

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Garlic scapes spur escape from typical pesto

The garden devoid of garlic for the first time in several years, I’m feeling pangs not for the cloves but for the scapes. Anyone who’s grown garlic — we skipped it this year — knows it’s a long crop, one that starts in the fall and doesn’t come to fruition until early summer. Just before […]

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Waning warmth warrants more cold-weather fare

A reprieve from summerlike temperatures in the forecast convinced me to plant my yard in tender annuals over the weekend. Clouds and the possibility of rain showers similarly foreshadow a reprieve from warm-weather cooking. I always lament the high-summer hiatus from hearty soups and stews. With at least one more chance to stash away another […]

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Grain, lentil salad stands out at picnics, potlucks

Luxuriant leaves distinguishing the celery plants in my garden inspired this week’s food section column. Any lush, leafy green can form the foundation for delicious pesto, augmented with a wide variety of nuts, acid and other additions. My column encouraged thinking outside the box and experimenting with globally inspired flavors. Celery leaf and pistachio pesto […]

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Grill lamb loin chops like mini porterhouse steaks

The Whole Dish podcast: Reverse-sear method ensures even medium-rare doneness “It’s time to take another look at lamb.” The headline posted a few days after Easter — an occasion when many newspaper readers may take note — came late to the sustainable and eat-local-food party. Make that about a decade late. Anyone who’s followed this […]

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Red chimichurri is an earthy counterpart to green

“Red or green?” The answer isn’t just a choice between New Mexico’s favorite chili sauces. Chimichurri, the ubiquitous condiment of Argentina, also comes in two contrasting hues. Eminently herbaceous, green chimichurri brightens up all manner of grilled meats. Earthy red chimichurri goes lighter on the herbal bouquet and broadens its appeal beyond meat to roasted […]

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Buoy bland fish with acidic peppers, tomatoes

Oven-roasting in the style of so-called “sheet-pan suppers” is a method suited to any number of vegetables. Broccoli, snow peas, carrots and zucchini all were suggested as accompaniments to broiled salmon in this blog’s previous post. Flexibility based on the seasonality of vegetables is just one reason to simply roast them alongside meat or fish. […]

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Simple roasted fish makes for flexible leftovers

Forming bits of leftover roast halibut and potatoes into croquettes, I was reminded of why I love sheet-pan suppers. Call them croquettes, fish cakes or patties, these were the obvious way to recast leftovers from a halibut steak I had roasted several nights ago with fingerling potatoes, a few small Brussels sprouts and asparagus spears. […]

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Deviled ham can entertain numerous variations

The Whole Dish podcast: Try these tips for perfecting your favorite sandwich Taking my family’s Easter meal into the great outdoors let me off the hook for roasting a huge ham or laying a hearty brunch spread. Nevertheless, our picnic had to be a little fancy and still stick with us for a day of […]

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