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Prize beets for their lovely leaves, not just roots

Fellow food writer Tod Davies and I seasoned a recent “mystery bag” cooking demonstration with plenty of anecdotes. One of Tod’s favorites, gleaned from a recent shopping trip to Food 4 Less, involved advocating the consumption of not just beets, but the root vegetable’s greens. She attested that beet greens are delicious in response to [...]

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Mystery bag, winter squash couldn’t stymie cooks

The Whole Dish podcast: Mystery bag contained a few curveballs A longtime fan of Food Network’s “Iron Chef America,” maybe I also should bone up on the television series “Chopped.” But when confronted recently with a “mystery bag” of ingredients, I like to think that I acquitted myself fairly well. The challenge: Prepare a dish [...]

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Apples aptly accompany cheese-centered dishes

Don’t count out the pumpkin yet. It’s bound to rear its head before autumn’s close. But fall’s flagship fruit is at its peak of greenish, golden, russet glory. A glossary of apple varieties awaits in this week’s A la Carte, which also features both sweet and savory dishes using the fruit. At our house, of [...]

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Polenta, mushrooms can rescue cooks in a pinch

The Whole Dish podcast: Polenta can be a lifesaver meal After a week away, almost everything about home beckons … except the contents of the fridge. A soured half-gallon of milk, leftovers long past their “consume by” date and some squishy, rubbery, moldy and otherwise inedible items of produce should have been all that awaited [...]

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Food blogger’s new podcast dishes up more

Whole Dish podcast: Easy meatloaf your kids will love The gospel of cooking without recipes is one I’ve been preaching for about a decade. Yet my approach has been far from fanatical in this blog. The message usually resides in the subtext of each post, which still relies largely on a recipe’s written format. Faithful [...]

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Classic cookie recipes need only tiny changes

Tinkering with recipes is something of a specialty for me. So who am I to discourage my husband from finding a “better” chocolate-chip cookie recipe while browsing the Internet? But when he turns up one that calls for melting the butter, I’m compelled to speak up. “You know that melting butter, according to conventional Betty [...]

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Trendy avocado toast makes for spendy snacking

Considering the golden slice of toast on my plate, my eyes stray a few feet to the kitchen fruit basket, cradling a ripe avocado. But I just can’t do it. Not for breakfast, not with coffee. Not when my palate is craving anything sweet slathered or sprinkled on buttery toast. I get it that mashed [...]

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Chutney puts spice in pumpkin better than pie

It’s fall’s favorite flavor. But foods seasoned with “pumpkin-pie spice” (on my palate at least) usually prove sweeter than any pie and deficient in the spice department. Not so with this chutney, strong on fresh chilies and ginger with an extra dose of cloves to go with the pumpkin-pie spice. White vinegar mitigates the sweetness [...]

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Free-form chutneys commingle fruits, veggies

Forgiving. That’s how food-section columnist Jan Roberts-Dominguez described chutneys, those chunky, tangy, sweet-salty condiments that can contain all manner of fruits, vegetables and aromatics. I’m ready for a forgiving form of preserving since helping a friend can whole and sauced tomatoes in an all-day marathon spent monitoring his additions of lemon juice. Then I was [...]

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Fridge on the fritz brings food waste into focus

A new cooler purchased with the intent to expand our outdoor cooking proved indispensable when our refrigerator went on the fritz last week. Summer camping left us with blocks of ice that just fit our Cabela’s cooler. Transferring those from the auxiliary freezer in our garage left plenty of room for our freezer cache from [...]

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