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Alternatives with eggplant, pesto may be just right

Mention “pesto,” and most people have a classic flavor profile in mind. Likewise, eggplant Parmesan is a dish that suggests a specific preparation. While I’ve blogged before about pesto’s wide-open interpretation, depending on the herb and nut employed, I’ve been inflexible on the point of eggplant Parmesan. This is the year, however, that I may [...]

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Sandwich simply showcases first summer squash

Over Fourth of July weekend spent at the coast, I apologetically told my mom that my garden hadn’t produced much yet in the way of fresh veggies to share with her. True, there were scallions, garlic and some kale. But the first flush of snow peas had subsided in recent heat, which still wasn’t enough [...]

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Frozen melon cubes won’t water down cold drinks

When “watermelon water” is the next big craze, food marketers officially are overstating the obvious. “Duh,” was my reaction to news that nutrient-infused water (in the vein of coconut) now comes from watermelon. But nutrition and gardening experts interviewed for this month’s story in Oregon Healthy Living played along and provided so many more reasons [...]

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Grill or reseason steaks for light Thai-style salad

Holiday weekends, regardless of the season, are guaranteed nonstop occasions for eating while visiting my parents. The abundance is ingrained in my mom’s sense of hospitality. She can’t help but cater to every guest’s preference, no matter the extra time or expense involved. Joking that she even made a portion of potato salad without onions [...]

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Summer berries add flourish to July 4th desserts

Strawberries are still going strong just in time for local blueberries to come on the scene. When the two berries are at their peak, there’s no excuse for skipping a red-white-and-blue-themed dessert to fete Fourth of July. It can be as simple, of course, as a big bowl of berries served with whipped cream or [...]

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Simple summer sauce sweetens sour strawberries

There are strawberries. And then there are strawberries. First to arrive on the scene are the pale, still slightly sour supermarket variety, packed into their clamshell containers, which still aren’t pliable enough to keep the berries from bruising and molding, sometimes before even leaving the store. With two young children whose appetites for fruit are [...]

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Lemon, almond boost sweet cherries’ pie potential

The thermometer’s spike should ripen the cherries remaining on our tree overnight. Cooler temperatures last week babied a small crop of more delicate Royal Ann cherries, those tender, creamy-toned fruit with the fetching blush. From a front-yard tree, we managed to pick more than we had in years. But of course, I can’t remember when [...]

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Trio of mushrooms go far in richly flavored tart

Mushrooms beyond the garden varieties have pride of place in this week’s food section. It recently became easier for me to cook with a wider assortment of mushrooms, one of our family’s favorite foods, since the locally owned grocery store where I habitually shop stepped up its inventory. Cremini debuted in the past couple of [...]

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Nix butter for cream cheese in radish sandwich

It seems like the time should have long since passed for buying so much produce. A slow start to the growing season means that our garden also is a bit behind schedule. And while we just harvested the first garlic and snow peas are starting to size up, I walk the rows a bit anxiously, [...]

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Plenty of room for improvement in chicken wrap

It’s the rare recipe that’s sacred, so fine-tuned that even the most creative cook brings nothing new to the format. BLTs, the main course in this week’s food section, tend toward that untouchable recipe category. Don’t mess with the concept; just combine the best versions of the three defining ingredients that you can possibly find [...]

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