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Sweet-spicy chutney reinvigorates aging apples

The Whole Dish podcast: Chutneys commingle European fruits, Indian spices They look like rare commodities, those first golden mandarin oranges, still boasting dark-green stems and waxy leaves. By contrast, the grocery-store bins of apples are commonplace, available for months now. And while some varieties are inherently good keepers, others are losing moisture and sweetness by [...]

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Moist banana muffins embrace espresso powder

Coffee and chocolate are a dynamic duo. Even coffee and cinnamon are fast friends. But coffee and banana? Don’t get me wrong. I’d drink a cuppa joe with a moist slice of banana bread. But putting the coffee inside my baked banana treats is untested territory for me. It apparently takes a palate accustomed to [...]

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A hint of coffee perks up chocolatey shortbread

Coffee consumed the back page of this week’s Savvy Living with a somewhat surprising report. People who are more sensitive to bitter flavors actually drink more coffee, according to studies at Northwestern University, as opposed to people who are less sensitive or profess to actually enjoy bitterness on the tongue. I count myself in that [...]

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Roast duck, render fat for purposeful pappardelle

Turkey tetrazzini aside, poultry and pasta aren’t the most natural companions. Sure, I’ve had my share of roast chicken stuffed inside and tossed with various noodles, but the meat usually seems like a concession to palates that aren’t primed for pork products. It’s the latter’s fat that makes all the difference in concocting flavorful sauces [...]

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Carnitas make case for roasting, reusing duck

The Whole Dish podcast: Moist, savory duck a foolproof alternative to turkey, chicken In case shoppers didn’t get their fill of Thanksgiving turkey, birds of another feather were arrayed this past week at Medford’s Food 4 Less. Duck, goose, game hens and their ilk all were available at very attractive post-holiday prices. Likely because I [...]

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‘Cheater’s lasagna’ consolidates cheese, pasta

The lack of Thanksgiving leftovers a mere three days post-holiday is a first for this turkey lover. Flying, rather than driving, to spend the holidays with family near San Francisco eliminated any possibility of returning home with edible odds and ends to dispatch in the coming week’s menu. Even if I don’t host the holiday, [...]

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Apple, fennel add crunch to creamy chicken salad

Pairing the subtle sweetness of fennel and bitter greens was suggested in this blog’s previous post and my most recent podcast. Although prepared as a meatless side dish, the salad I mentioned is delicious as a main course topped with roasted or poached chicken, even salmon or tuna. With leftover Thanksgiving turkey on the horizon,  [...]

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Choose fennel for simplicity or to add complexity

The Whole Dish podcast: Consider light fennel, citrus salad for Thanksgiving feast You know a vegetable officially is in mainstream use when it’s stocked at Sherm’s Thunderbird Market in west Medford. Don’t get me wrong. Sherm’s has made huge strides in the past few years to embrace some of the more esoteric bits of produce. [...]

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Homemade pumpkin latte cuts calories, fat, sugar

It’s not just for pies. Recipes abound for using canned pumpkin puree in all kinds of ways, some more wholesome than others. This blog’s previous post touted a coffee cake, moistened and offering some vitamins and fiber, thanks to canned pumpkin puree. Remember to reach for the “pure pumpkin,” not pie filling as indicated on [...]

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Canned pumpkin lends moisture, fiber to cake

The Whole Dish podcast: Canned pumpkin a convenient addition to baked goods Winter-squash season is in full swing. But I’m holding off on cracking open the butternut and red kuri varieties I have on hand until I use up frozen chunks of last year’s squash. Soup it is! That’s not to mention the can of [...]

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