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Morels and asparagus are spring’s dynamic duo

Thick or thin, springtime asparagus has no better complement than spring’s most coveted mushroom. Morels bring their distinctive, buttery earthiness to the season’s newly sprung herbs and vegetables. After a winter of heavier cooking, tender fungus and produce remind us that it’s time for a lighter hand. Pasta dishes are reliable repositories for just-cooked ingredients. [...]

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Sink your teeth into spring’s stout asparagus

Slender spears seek the sun’s rays shyly at first — twirling and curling from mulched garden beds. As welcome as asparagus of any size is in a largely barren garden, I watch with barely concealed excitement for the thick, toothsome ones to thrust through the soil. Tender and juicy, these also come later to grocery [...]

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Fresh mint is springtime’s swap in classic pesto

When it comes to condiments, I don’t keep many on hand beyond the basics. But one, at least, confers instant meal status to almost any food. Pesto stocks my freezer all winter before summer’s abundant basil challenges us to use it all. The end-of-season effort, of course, secures our pesto supply for months to come. [...]

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Cooked or raw, broccoli stems are worth saving

Purchased as a contingency plan, broccoli was the saving grace of a recent family meal. The crown of broccoli was the last green vegetable remaining in our fridge after a long weekend away and the postponement of grocery shopping. With some brown rice and a few frozen and oven-baked eggrolls, it constituted something of a [...]

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Bulk up this basic pasta with roasted mushrooms

Aside from the absence of spring morels, mushrooms have been only more prominent lately in my kitchen. Formerly quite the carnivore, my 2-year-old son seems to have renounced a meat-heavy diet for vegetarianism. And as every vegetarian knows, mushrooms make a savory, hearty stand-in for meat, both taste- and texture-wise. They soak up any flavor [...]

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Slice some lemons for smoky pizza’s centerpiece

A lean produce bin in my kitchen sent a friend scurrying in search of the centerpiece for his own birthday feast. If we could only track down some morels, I reasoned, that would make a fine pizza topping, along with a few slender spears of garden-fresh asparagus and some succulent, springtime chives. Because neither of [...]

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Canned salmon can be a smart seafood choice

Conducting grocery-store tours, mentioned in this blog’s previous post, I always look for those light-bulb moments among participants. But some foods remain a tough sell, particularly ones with decades of negative associations to overcome. Fish, in the Rogue Valley is one of those. We’re not talking about chinook or steelhead fresh from the Rogue River [...]

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Fans of braising fennel, look to luscious leeks

Meal planning around fresh produce in this transitional season admittedly is a bit tricky. Grocery stores and farmers markets offer root vegetables that either overwintered or have weathered months in storage, along with some of the season’s first greens. Anything else has traveled from Mexico or much farther south. That makes grocery shopping something of a [...]

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Spaghetti pie is another form of fast, frugal frittata

Frittata, perhaps more than any other food, recommends this blog to new readers. My chance choice of search engine-friendly wording for the headline of a 2010 post widens this blog’s reach to anyone looking for “no-stick frittata.” Go ahead and Google it. If I’d know that it would be this blog’s most popular entry to [...]

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Flaxseed meal can replace quick breads’ eggs, oil

A decade ago, when I first started writing about alternative baking methods, egg replacers still posed something of stumbling block. One of my most reliable, knowledgeable sources was known to say that nothing can really replace an egg. I wonder all this time later what she would say about aquafaba, the chickpea water lauded in [...]

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