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Sussing out salmon’s origins safeguards nutrition

Salmon can have some fishy origins of which consumers may be hard-pressed to determine. Such was the subtext of this month’s article on salmon in Oregon Healthy Living magazine. Farm-raised species, genetically modified organisms, even the spawn of local hatcheries all have nutritional drawbacks. Amid these concerns, wild Alaskan salmon — albeit frozen — emerges [...]

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Asian-Latin fusion dishes transform sweet corn

A feast of sweet corn was this week’s food-section feature. Cooks who had their fill of munching corn from the cob found recipes in the newspaper’s e-edition for corn soup, soufflé and Mexican street corn, aka elotes. A south-of-the-border staple, elotes has been bandied about in American food publications quite a bit over the past [...]

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Crunchy carb topping kicks spaghetti up a notch

Now that the tomato harvest has really hit its stride, it’s time to distill tomatoes into paste and pack freezer bags full of the sturdier varieties. In lieu of sauce, those are the preferred methods of my family for preserving the bounty. I prefer paste on pizza or for making quick pasta sauces. And traditional [...]

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Panzanella easily adapts to kid-friendly format

For the scores of us who swoon over summer tomatoes, there’s always bound to be at least one hater. In my immediate vicinity, it’s my oldest son who skeptically eyes the barest sliver that I’m able to slice as a garnish for his plate. Meanwhile, his younger brother is scouring the cherry tomato plants for [...]

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Creamy pesto dressing updates classic Cobb

Given my newfound obsession with green goddess dressing, I was disappointed when recent foraging through a friend’s expansive garden failed to yield the indispensable tarragon. Chives, parsley and mint he had aplenty, not to mention basil, the flavor that — for so many of us — epitomizes summer. When I blended a bouquet of fresh [...]

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Fresh tarragon typifies green goddess dressing

Mint wasn’t the only fresh herb to make an impression in a recent ACCESS cooking class. Lacking fresh dill for Turkish-style zucchini fritters, I mined my garden for fresh oregano, thyme and some newly planted tarragon. Tasting nothing like dill, tarragon is a flavor that many of us associate with seafood. Coincidentally, perhaps, I also [...]

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Tired of basil with summer vegetables? Try mint

Amid aromas of onions and shallots sautéing in butter, mint made its presence known to participants in a recent cooking class. A key ingredient in millet tabbouleh, fresh mint made the trip from my garden to a class coordinated by ACCESS at Rogue Valley Family YMCA. Volunteering for the former organization, I was demonstrating how [...]

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‘Spiralized’ veggies make better gluten-free pasta

Long, spiral, strands of vegetables (“spiralized” veggies) made a splash in a story about wheat-free noodles for the August issue of Oregon Healthy Living magazine. I’ve seen several spiralizing gadgets at work, including the Inspiralizer. But as the following recipe acknowledges, a vegetable peeler will produce something of the same effect, although it isn’t nearly [...]

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Fried rice is a go-to dinner on portable griddle

Campout cooking looks a bit different when a griddle replaces the ubiquitous grill. My husband decided that a portable, propane griddle was the way to go for this year’s big camping trip — and summers to come. It eliminates the need to pack so many pots and pans to use with the typical camp stove. [...]

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Lamb a canvas for Mediterranean, Indian flavors

Camping trips have engendered some of my family’s signature dishes. Since my first stint cooking for a Lake Shasta houseboating excursion, lamb secured a spot on the menu. It’s a fitting formula because by early summer, we’ve usually just stocked the freezer with a whole animal raised by local 4-Hers. And a whole, butterflied leg [...]

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