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This bar cookie embraces chocolate with lemon

Rarely enthralled by chocolate, I tend to feel a tad excluded on Valentine’s Day. While I appreciate good-quality dark chocolate one square at a time, or maybe a single, velvety truffle, my friends and family know only too well that I prefer my sweets in fruit flavors rather than cocoa nine times out of 10. [...]

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‘Loaded’ cauliflower cuts carbs from potato dish

Soup swaps, featured in this week’s A la Carte, are a savory take on the cookie-swap concept. In my house, the idea of a “soup swap” has a slightly different definition and purpose. Swapping an ingredient that I know my young children will eat for one that incites their resistance, while mostly maintaining the original [...]

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Winter squash makes simple, savory galette

Considerable snowfall over the past month has caused me to comment that winter’s departure won’t be anytime soon. But efforts to clean up our garden and start seeds indoors have given me hope — and motivation to chip away at last year’s produce and meat in the freezer. I’m anticipating the delivery of a locally [...]

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Even classic recipes can use a few improvements

Winter is indeed the ideal time for one-pot meals, as the current issue of A la Carte attests. In my house, the one-dish dinner sees us through all four seasons, particularly in the past three years or so. Anyone who has children, a busy career, full slate of activities or just isn’t all that inclined to spend [...]

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Black lentils make fiber-, protein-packed brownies

Now that I’m plotting to sneak parsnips into cake, going entirely to the dark side of concealing veggies doesn’t seem like such a stretch. This deviousness comes almost four years into having children, the oldest of whom is the ultimate vegetable skeptic, as I mentioned in this blog’s previous post. He has a budding interest [...]

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Shredded parsnips easily swap for cake’s carrots

Vegetables, admittedly, are a tough sell in my house these days. My preschooler and toddler can be relied upon to gobble up a baked sweet potato swimming in melted butter or maybe suffer some roasted butternut squash camouflaged (mostly) by the orange cheese sauce around their macaroni. And here I am, in the position of [...]

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Sauteed shrimp, veggies repurpose bacon fat

I’ll cook just about anything in bacon fat. That’s why I often leave a pan of the solidified grease on my stove overnight until I know what the next day’s meals will bring. The drippings can add flavor to dishes that otherwise would be vegetarian: pasta, risotto, soup, stew and sundry other recipes. Or I’ll [...]

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Undercook scrambled eggs, then nest into pastry

Put an egg on top, and the profile of just about any dish instantly and exponentially increases. So proclaims a story in this week’s A la Carte. Similar logic would suggest that putting an egg inside a food item also heightens its appeal. The theory certainly held true for a certain calzone that I enjoyed [...]

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Rolls offset all-they-can-eat appetites for shrimp

Shrimp don’t need presentation as “popcorn” for my kids to consume them in massive quantities. Just a light sprinkle of salt and a bath in barely browned butter is all the ceremony required around shrimp. The crustaceans have become one of the few foods to reliably find favor with my almost-4-year-old and 20-month-old. If I [...]

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Pass up power bars for homemade energy bites

Frigid weather and the region’s related power outages have me thinking about nutrient-dense foods that can be kept on hand in the case of emergencies, stashed in the car or tossed into a backpack. Better than commercially made “power bars” are homemade “energy bites.” A scaled-down version of grab-and-go snacks, energy bites are popping up [...]

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