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Seafood stock makes speedy shrimp meatballs

It’s a simple enough proposition to produce a pot of stock. Immerse any whole poultry carcass, some vegetable trimmings and maybe a few whole spices in water, simmer for a few hours and strain. Or assemble a mess of the less desirable parts, like chicken and turkey wings, poultry necks, even turkey tails, for a [...]

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Give mini wontons a bath in homemade stock

The Whole Dish podcast: Homemade stock transforms rice into exceptional risotto If you’re inclined to read significance into groundhogs seeing their shadows, an unseasonably sunny Feb. 2 surely means more winter is on the horizon. So I’m still filling the fridge and freezer with foods that will see us through the cold season into spring. [...]

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Sandwich turkey sloppy Joe mixture in cornbread

Say the words “Super Bowl,” and I almost immediately think of chili or pulled pork or anything meaty and spicy that can feed a crowd, preferably by scooping it from a Crock Pot. Those criteria make this recipe a natural for football-watching. It’s not indicated here for slow cooking, but certainly could be adapted to [...]

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Cooking it on a sheet pan doesn’t make it ‘supper’

Sheet-pan suppers are up and coming, as this week’s food section proclaimed. And my story isn’t the only one heralding this updated approach to the Sunday roast. The St. Louis Post Dispatch gave the trend a hearty spread in one of its recent editions. But for all of writer Daniel Neman’s enthusiasm for the method, [...]

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Life without pasta, oil, salt would bring me to tears

The Whole Dish podcast: Follow a few rules for perfect plates of pasta Just as I’ve never been one for much in the way of New Year’s food resolutions, I’ve never warmed up to the notion of a low-carb diet. Pasta is a staple in our house, something I simply won’t do without. I’ve been [...]

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Sheet-pan supper updates Sunday roast, leftovers

The Whole Dish podcast: Choose seasonal vegetables for sheet-pan suppers Relevant season in and season out is the last in this blog’s list of tips for making vegetables the star of mealtimes — even in winter. Cooking enough meat and vegetables, as well as beans and grains, to repurpose later in the week is simply [...]

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Cook, cherish cabbage family during cold season

Practically perversely, I planned a January cooking class on making seasonal vegetables the “star” of mealtimes. The class, I reasoned, is too easy, too obvious during the height of the growing season when students expect tomatoes, summer squash, peppers and green beans on the menu. But in the depths of winter? The approach gets quite [...]

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This dish is so basic it’s called just ‘cabbage’

Copious cabbage convinced me to craft my first batch of sauerkraut, explained in this blog’s previous post. After all, there’s no better fate than fermentation for this vegetable, at least. Sure, I appreciate cabbage’s flavor, texture and long-keeping quality. That’s why I have it on hand more often than lettuce for salads, slaws and toppings [...]

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Sauerkraut takes longer to contemplate than make

The Whole Dish podcast: Winter is the prime time for countertop fermentation When it comes to food, I’ve never been much for New Year’s resolutions, as evidenced by the lack thereof in this blog. I did vow three Januarys ago to eat more fresh, locally grown veggies. But that resolve stemmed from reluctance to waste [...]

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Browning mushrooms takes light hand, high heat

I’ve blown it, I thought, staring down a pan of steaming mushrooms. Because of course, I know the conventional wisdom, a la Julia Child: cook mushrooms in small enough quantities, on a large enough surface, to brown them beautifully, instead of marinating them miserably in their own sweat. Except, I didn’t have a larger pan [...]

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