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Cheesecake bars please this fruit-loving palate

What to make for a child who can’t tell you what he likes? I’ve learned through the past three years of celebrations — sprinkled with some spontaneous bribery, pacification and rewards — that chocolate is a pretty safe bet. Thus, my older son’s palate determined the cake flavor for his younger brother’s first birthday. Without [...]

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Better tacos just a tortilla press and practice away

There’s no shame in purchasing good-quality tortillas for most of one’s taco needs, according to a primer in the current A la Carte. Happily, there are several sources of fresh tortillas in the Rogue Valley. But even local supermarkets sell masa harina and inexpensive tortilla presses. Although masa harina, as opposed to freshly prepared masa, [...]

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For ‘real’ meatballs, fry in a skillet, then add sauce

Meatballs can be many things: large, small, sweet, savory, spiced or sauced. But they should always be succulent and satisfying. Making meatballs for an ACCESS cooking class in Rogue River was an enjoyable exercise, which I mentioned in this blog’s previous post. But concessions to ingredients more wholesome than run-of-the-mill ground beef and white breadcrumbs left [...]

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Use ‘claw’ for mixing up these and other meatballs

It’s been quite a week for meatballs. The commencement was an ACCESS cooking class I taught at the Rogue River community center. Detailed in an April post, the class ran for six weeks and culminated with a celebratory meal of spaghetti and meatballs, albeit a more healthful version to accommodate the MyPlate dietary guidelines. The [...]

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Lamb-phyllo cigars are the Middle East’s taquito

Judging from some responses on social media, this blog’s previous post found favor with fans of phyllo pastry. But as convenient as phyllo can be as a crust for quiche, the box in my freezer has been earmarked for a recipe that I hit the food wire a few months ago. The background story for [...]

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Phyllo crust puts crunch in quintessential quiche

Pasta carbonara, the topic of this blog’s previous post, soon will be a welcome way of using more eggs. That’s my expectation since some long-awaited chickens arrived on our property last week. They’re still too young to lay but in short order should produce more than enough eggs for our typical needs. Quiche is another [...]

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It’s a make-or-break sauce for spaghetti carbonara

It’s been a week of rare meals from my kitchen, meals that materialized on the plate just as I saw them in my mind’s eye and tasted them on my mental palate. I can credit an extra measure of focus, a precise hand with seasoning, uncanny timing and a bit of luck. Because for all [...]

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Seared Belgian endive updates grilled Caesar

Greens of all varieties have benefitted from the caprices of recent weather. The plants in my garden grew lush during unseasonably warm temperature, then cooled their heels in a cold snap that kept them from bolting. So the past week’s meals have incorporated plenty of greens: chard, spinach, lettuce, even the ruffle-edged tops from beets. [...]

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Spuds satisfy morning or night in Spanish tortilla

Ideas for morning meals, most recently with quinoa, have proliferated in A la Carte and this blog. Absent, perhaps conspicuously, have been potatoes. They’re another source of satisfying starch for anyone who’s gluten-free, a dietary concern noted in this week’s story. But that doesn’t mean hash browns and home fries are the only ways to [...]

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Tiny goats produce local cheese to rival feta

Southern Oregon has proven fertile ground for the gamut of artisan foods, notably cheeses. Along with Rogue Creamery, several smaller operations were highlighted for a story in this year’s Our Valley. Among them is Pholia Farm near Rogue River, where playful Nigerian dwarf goat kids frolic every spring. The diminutive herd produces ultra-rich milk for [...]

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