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Undercook scrambled eggs, then nest into pastry

Put an egg on top, and the profile of just about any dish instantly and exponentially increases. So proclaims a story in this week’s A la Carte. Similar logic would suggest that putting an egg inside a food item also heightens its appeal. The theory certainly held true for a certain calzone that I enjoyed [...]

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Rolls offset all-they-can-eat appetites for shrimp

Shrimp don’t need presentation as “popcorn” for my kids to consume them in massive quantities. Just a light sprinkle of salt and a bath in barely browned butter is all the ceremony required around shrimp. The crustaceans have become one of the few foods to reliably find favor with my almost-4-year-old and 20-month-old. If I [...]

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Pass up power bars for homemade energy bites

Frigid weather and the region’s related power outages have me thinking about nutrient-dense foods that can be kept on hand in the case of emergencies, stashed in the car or tossed into a backpack. Better than commercially made “power bars” are homemade “energy bites.” A scaled-down version of grab-and-go snacks, energy bites are popping up [...]

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Chocolately cookie bars refuel athletes of all ages

Chocolate was a recurring theme of interviews for a story on runners’ nutrition in this month’s Oregon Healthy Living. Compared with regular milk, chocolate milk provides practically the perfect ratio of carbs, protein and fat, according to sources cited in the article. A recipe for homemade energy bars, courtesy of local sports dietitian Annie Behrend, [...]

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Fermented foods are traditional and on trend

Food-trend forecasts aren’t all about the next superfood, ethnic-cuisine craze or unexpected pairings, such as salted sweets or savory desserts. Sometimes, the industry’s most informed players can agree on the staying power of dishes steeped in tradition and comfort foods in general. Count all things fermented in that category, according to recent stories by the [...]

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2016: These recipes review the year in my kitchen

The past year’s progress came both in huge leaps and literal baby steps. Once my younger son, now 19 months, could feed himself, I found myself each day with an extra hour, some of which I used to experiment in the kitchen and to plan more frugal, healthful meals. Dispatching our holiday leftovers engendered a [...]

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Wrap up holiday leftovers in dumpling dough

Another holiday has past, and another pot of stock is simmering on the stove. This time it’s duck, the remnants of one of two birds prepared on our pellet smoker for the Christmas feast. Our Thanksgiving turkey received the same treatment to our family’s very vocal appreciation. Like the turkey, and just about any bundle [...]

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Sip spiced turmeric lattes for a trendy health tonic

The lull between Christmas and New Year’s celebrations ideally is a time to rest and reflect. There’s also no better time to set aside some of the season’s excesses, for a few days at least. Caffeine to keep us going through all the shopping and decorating, along with alcohol as a feasting companion, takes the [...]

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Simple flavors, less cooking de-stresses holiday

“Simplify, simplify, simplify.” I’ve tried to adopt as a holiday mantra this sentiment of American sage Henry David Thoreau. The enthusiasm of young children, admittedly, quickly turns to expectations, not all of them realistic. The official word from the North Pole, according to our family, is that Santa’s sleigh has space for just one gift [...]

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Christmas Eve seafood stews are widely savored

Browsing photos recently posted on a friend’s Facebook page, I was transported straight back to childhood and holiday evenings around a steaming pot of clam chowder. My family’s Christmas Eve tradition owed much to my grandpa’s penchant for digging clams around Coos Bay. So successful in this pastime, my grandpa pressure-canned whatever clams couldn’t be [...]

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