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Pickling, slicing and spicing rejuvenate egg salad

Anyone still trying to find ways to use up all of Easter’s hard-boiled eggs definitely got too much into the holiday spirit. For at least one more year, my family does not fall into that category, owing to my son’s tender age. But that doesn’t keep us from buying two-dozen eggs per week and hard-boiling [...]

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Try infusing tea in Asian-style noodle soup

Spices may be the main attraction at The Spice & Tea Exchange in Ashland, featured in this week’s A la Carte. But the business’ secondary component — tea — has its culinary uses and can lend an unexpected note to familiar dishes. That’s the case in this tea-infused noodle soup created for The Washington Post. [...]

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The spice of life should be fresh and flavorful

Even the most seasoned cooks have a skeleton in the spice cabinet: the jar of desiccated herbs or powdered, now tasteless, remains of some seed or bark or root. I’ve fallen victim many times to the overzealous overpurchasing of such esoteric spices as juniper berries, reminiscent of potpourri or cleaning products, and poppy seeds, which [...]

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Experience sold-out food event via social media

“Progressive dining” is the term organizers use to plug a food-and-wine event that kicks off this weekend’s Pear Blossom Festival. In my mind, “food crawl” better describes the Smudge Pot Stroll, a ramble around downtown to taste dishes “peared” (pun absolutely intended) with beverages. A previous post to this blog explains the Smudge Pot Stroll, [...]

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A cook’s birthday wish: a knife of her own

Followers of my social-media posts likely saw photos from a family birthday this past weekend. It was my son’s very first such celebration. And as to be expected, his milestone met with much more fanfare than my 35th birthday about a week prior. My gifts, at least, are still waiting to be enjoyed, namely a [...]

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Kale keeps locavores in fresh, springtime greens

For all the panning in gourmet circles of kale as a passé ingredient, the coarse, leafy green has staying power in the locavore movement. Among the few pieces of truly fresh, in-season, local produce in March, kale was featured for precisely that reason in Ashland and Central Point school cafeterias under a pilot project with [...]

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Orange-blossom water helps to improvise salad

The warm salad mentioned in this blog’s previous post did, in fact, materialize over the weekend. And true to form, it incorporated ingredients I had on hand instead of those dictated in a recipe. The kale in my garden isn’t quite big enough to pick for salads, but the asparagus is popping up all over [...]

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Spring greens sustain warm dressings

Spring, with greenery sprouting across the landscape, is the time for salads. But the chill in the air calls for more warmth and sustenance than raw vegetables provide. This time of year, I dress heavy-duty salads, containing meat and other proteins, with warm dressings often whisked up in a pan of bacon drippings. This technique [...]

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State sanitation standards apply to home kitchen

For years, I hoped that I was helping people learn to cook by selecting recipes for publication in the newspaper’s weekly food section. This week, I took a more hands-on approach by volunteering to give cooking demonstrations at ACCESS food pantries. The recipes chosen by ACCESS’ food education program coordinators are simple with basic ingredients [...]

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Pasta recipe softens this cook toward broccoli

The spring garden yields little in the way of immediately edible rewards. In my family’s case, it’s usually rhubarb, spring onions and a few herbs plucky enough to weather winter. For the first time in several years, however, my mother-in-law persisted against my indifference and planted broccoli, which is sprouting up from myriad stems to [...]

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