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Stick to simple seasonings for superior skirt steak

Skirt steak is a Southern Oregon staple for grilling, or so say local butchers profiled in this week’s A la Carte. The quick-cooking cut becomes even more convenient when butchers sell it already marinated. Check out this week’s list of local butcher shops doing a brisk business in both meats cut to order and ready-to-grill [...]

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This juicy cheeseburger is a ‘smashing’ succcess

With all the special diets and international cuisines influencing American palates, the good ol’ burger has lost some of its foothold. I confess that I almost always bypass beef for turkey, lamb, fish or even veggie burgers, particularly ones that boast interesting accompaniments and sauces. There’s no denying, however, the appeal of a basic beef [...]

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Burgers blend flavor, health and sustainability

The “blended burger,” featured in this week’s A la Carte, is a concept I’ve long championed. In one of this blog’s first posts, I sang the praises of moist turkey burgers made by cutting the meat with tofu. Replacing some of a burger’s meat with mushrooms not only makes them more sustainable, but tastier, too. [...]

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Vintage Velox tomato strainer is a priceless find

As my food processor largely lay idle over the past few years, I’ve relied more on my food mill. Mine is a low-tech, hand-cranked, stainless-steel model with screens in three gauges that not only puree foods but simultaneously strain out foreign particles. Useful for mashed potatoes and silky soups, the mill provided some peace of [...]

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Free-form pie evokes classic tomato sandwich

A surplus of cream cheese spurred me to rekindle a relationship with my food processor. My neglect since last summer’s batches of pesto and baba ghanoush wasn’t intentional. Although an undisputed multitasker, a food processor just isn’t necessary in my daily cooking routine. But the appliance is about the only way to grind nuts fine [...]

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Savory shortcakes show off summer tomatoes

Buoyed by some recent baking successes, I’m contemplating my kitchen canisters of flour and sugar with more inspiration. I’ve admitted many times in this blog to being an indifferent baker. The words “haphazard” and “lackluster” also come to mind when I break out my KitchenAid stand mixer and cookie sheets. So homemade sweets are rare [...]

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Recipes, workshop whet appetites for tomatoes

The earliest tomatoes in my garden are just starting to show the faintest hint of peachy-pink blush. So it’s a good time to plan for the season’s harvest and whet my appetite on some recipes in this week’s A la Carte. Garlic-mint tomatoes would be a tasty variation on our favorite bruschetta, particularly if served [...]

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Tarragon is a natural in summer’s spud salads

It wouldn’t be Fourth of July without potato salad. And it wouldn’t be my family’s typical holiday without making the side dish from scratch. There’s no disputing that commercially prepared potato salads, in all their goopy glory, have a following — just not with me nor my kin. I had to suppress a gasp when [...]

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Falafel ‘hash’ is a forgiving alternative to fritters

Falafel, the Middle Eastern chickpea fritter, earned a recent mention in this blog. Extolling the virtues of chickpeas, I revisited my family’s fondness for falafel, particularly when summer cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh herbs are handy in the garden. For a slightly richer version, I like to pair falafel in pita with sautéed summer squash, eggplant [...]

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Sweet peas, sesame make stunning summer salad

An update on the standard picnic spread’s sandwiches, watermelon and potato salad sets the tone for summer in this week’s A la Carte. My family’s favorite fresh corn salad would be right at home alongside the black bean salad and “walking chicken tacos” suggested in this week’s story. Like beans, it holds up well in [...]

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