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Lemon, saffron dress up meatballs’ creamy sauce

The “little black dresses” of the culinary world, meatballs can fill a sandwich, pair with pasta, buoy a soup, top a pizza and hold their own in spreads both casual and elegant. No less versatile when it comes to family meals, meatballs are a go-to on my menus. When a few months have passed since [...]

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Stock pantry, refrigerator, freezer for fast pastas

As carbohydrate-heavy as the Thanksgiving meal tends to be, I come off that eating marathon hungry for pasta. Omitted from the main spread, pasta typically doesn’t show up until the week’s last hurrah with turkey-noodle soup. But we returned home from almost a week away with frozen turkey carcasses and the need for a fast [...]

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Tired of turkey sandwiches? Try smorrebrod

The week after Thanksgiving can’t pass without the obligatory turkey sandwich. For some of us, make that more than one. I like turkey probably more than the average person. But once the cranberry sauce is gone, along with neat slices from the bird’s breast, I’m ready to move on. Tuna salad trumped turkey for today’s [...]

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Pear streusel pie a simple swap in holiday spread

Most Thanksgiving menus are set, the shopping done and prep work well underway by Wednesday before the big feast. In my family, however, the meal’s parameters were firmly established some 30 years ago. Whenever my mom and I attempt to change or eliminate items from the well-worn but much-beloved roster, cries of protest arise from [...]

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Position parsnips prominently on winter’s plate

Parsnips are a gateway to the realm of root vegetables, which shed their ugly duckling reputation in this week’s A la Carte. Sweeter than carrots with a satisfying starchiness, parsnips once were winter’s primary storehouse staple throughout Europe. Then the potato, imported from the New World, surpassed the parsnip’s prominence. A stash of parsnips is [...]

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Simple squash soup repurposes pantry staple

Even as I’ve been grateful for soup in the freezer, a week of upset tummies and sore throats called for mild flavors and smooth textures. Recalling a carton of butternut squash soup I’d purchased for just such an occasion, I went rummaging among the pantry’s cans. The carton wasn’t so difficult to spot, but I’d [...]

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Triple-creme Brie is a perfect pairing for pears

Windfalls. Referring to fruit, the term most often describes apples. But it was a windfall of pears that greeted me upon returning from a long weekend away from home. My mother-in-law left four, long-necked Boscs on the counter, along with a squat, green winter squash. My mom packed up a few rapidly ripening Comices in [...]

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Cache chicken soup in freezer, without dumplings

Returning home from a long weekend away should have been a comfort to my cold and cough. But a break in the city’s water line, leaving my house without water, put a considerable damper on our homecoming. With no running water, of course, cooking becomes challenging. It’s time like these when I’m grateful for several [...]

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Put pumpkin puree to use in pie-spiced porridge

Pumpkin-spice waffles, like so many recipes of its ilk, leave cooks with leftover pumpkin puree. Not that surplus squash is such a bad thing. A recipe isn’t even required to repurpose it. Pumpkin puree can redeem boxed macaroni and cheese and, unlike almost any other vegetable, goes practically undetected by picky palates. The same, old, orange [...]

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Waffles that play like dessert include pumpkin pie

With no fewer than 20 preparations of waffles, the new Waffle Barn restaurant in Ashland more than lives up to its name. Save for a jalapeno-bacon waffle, the overall theme is sweet, sweeter and sweetest, reinforcing my long-held impressions that waffles play more like desserts on most menus. Apple, blueberry and strawberry sauces are crowned [...]

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