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Homemade baby food doesn’t have to be a hassle

As my 2-year-old clamored for macaroni-and-cheese at the Thanksgiving table, I had to sigh over so many good intentions gone awry. Rewind to the 2013 holiday, when he was still happily eating squash, sweet potatoes and vegetable soups pureed with turkey stock. Because I made all his food, I naively assumed that he was developing, [...]

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Roast squash on hand makes quick, healthful side

After paying top dollar for a locally raised, free-range, heritage-breed turkey, I feel duty-bound to appropriately honor its remains. But I only have so much stomach for the same ingredient for days on end. So while I’m recasting turkey in various forms with a variety of flavors, I usually shun the bird’s traditional side dishes: [...]

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Getting under turkey’s skin produces moist meat

Deconstructed turkey roasted on a bed of stuffing isn’t exactly a new concept. The method, explained by Oregon State Master Food Preservers for the newspaper’s annual holiday guide, was championed by Julia Child and America’s Test Kitchen. But it’s one I hadn’t touted in years of editing the paper’s food section. And unlike so many [...]

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Legumes, whole grains fill up guests without meat

Teatime with a vegetarian friend and the topic of Thanksgiving called to mind the “vegducken.” This zucchini-and-eggplant-stuffed butternut squash recently has been heralded as the vegetarian answer to the typical holiday centerpiece. I felt compelled to ask my friend if she’d ever encountered anything like this in the Thanksgiving spread. But even with her parents, [...]

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Lush parsley leaves keep winter dishes fresh

Frost has come and gone, leaving the remnants of zucchini and tomato plants — stripped of their final fruits — to molder in the garden. Starts of chard, kale and spinach portend garden-fresh produce in days to come. But they’ll take weeks yet to size up. Still straddling the seasons, flat-leaf parsley has grown vibrantly [...]

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Rich coconut, hearty lentils are just right for fall

There’s a funny ripple effect with soup. As soon as I start thinking about which to make, more and more bubble to the surface. This blog’s previous post suggested French onion as ideal for fall, along with five featured in this week’s food section. Unless I miss my guess, the story and recipes whet readers’ [...]

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Any bread, cheese, onion makes a meal in a bowl

Five soups for fall are the centerpiece of this week’s A la Carte. To the roster of squash, carrot, lentil, broccoli and potato-leek, I would add French onion. This classic recipe with its broiled topping of bread and cheese is a meal in a bowl. But without the bread and cheese, the soup itself freezes [...]

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Kale rolls are a flexible take on cabbage classic

If the topic is cooking without recipes, kale is an ideal ingredient. I’ve long championed this kitchen workhorse for its versatility in all manner of dishes, adding color, texture and a quick infusion of vital nutrients and fiber. Without a recipe in sight, kale can be sautéed and stirred into soup, sauces, pasta, eggs, rice [...]

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Relax and tame the chaos to really get cooking

I can’t help but see similarities between local cooking yogi Julianaa Satie and cosmopolitan kitchen diva Ruth Reichl. Although the latter built her career on rigorously tested and authoritative recipes for Gourmet, her latest book chronicles how she cooked from her heart to heal from the pain and shock of the magazine’s closure. The book’s [...]

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Commercial candy apples as scary as Halloween

I confess to harboring little love for Halloween. It’s the candy that’s primarily to blame, haunting the house long after the jack-‘o-lanterns have collapsed in a moldy heap near the front doorstep. But there’s also the effort and expense that goes into a costume to be worn for one night only. Now that my son [...]

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