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Mexican chorizo inspires Greek-fusion pasta dish

Chorizo, of the smoked variety, got a plug in this blog’s previous post. The paprika-infused Spanish sausage, to my mind, qualified for consumption on National Hot Dog Day. Perhaps better known in the United States is the ground, chili pepper-laden chorizo popular in Mexican food. The vinegar-seasoned sausage was featured in the current A la [...]

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Hot dogs aren’t just backyard or campground fare

I outed myself in a previous post for serving such low-brow dishes as boxed macaroni and cheese with canned tuna. So I might as well fess up to another food that, with a few extra fixings, masquerades as a meal. Sausages, frankfurters or, in the words of Anthony Bourdain, “meat in tube form” are handily kept [...]

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Watermelon trivia is a slice of summertime fun

Ways for improving lackluster watermelon recently have seeded this blog. So why eat watermelon whose flavor and texture aren’t up to snuff? Apart from not wasting such a large piece of produce, nutrition is a compelling reason. The liquid-laden fruit, as I acknowledged in a 2010 post is one of the highest in vitamin C. [...]

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Two-melon shake mingles sweet fruit with bitter

Call it textural difficulties: that mealy mouthfeel that can ruin watermelon, one of summer’s quintessential eating experiences. One not-so-classic way to remedy it is deep-frying, mentioned in this blog’s previous post. With less muss and fuss, but not nearly so much panache, is my fallback plan for overripe or otherwise undesirable fruit. Just blend it [...]

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Frying lends a welcome crunch to watermelon

Melon, I’ve confessed in this blog, has never been one of my favorite fruits. But in a bid to win watermelon’s favor with my 2-year-old, I’ve tried to give this summertime staple a second chance. It isn’t the flavor, I’ve decided. What’s to dislike about pure sun-warmed sweetness? Like so many foods, particularly those vying [...]

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Prepare pantry-staple pasta from fish, nuts, herbs

It’s fortunate that long holiday weekends are the stuff of indulgent eating: bacon-and-egg breakfasts, salads boasting mounds of succulent shrimp and the compulsory fried-chicken picnic. After the delights of my mom’s well-stocked kitchen, we returned home to a refrigerator almost devoid of fresh produce with only the leanest of dairy products (not even cream for [...]

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Historic berry crop puts the blue in patriotic pie

As searing heat shatters weather records throughout the state, one silvery-blue lining to such extreme temperatures is a bumper crop of blueberries. The haul could hit a historic 100 million pounds, the Oregon Department of Agriculture reported last week as the earliest blueberry harvest in decades got underway. A mild winter and spring made for excellent growing [...]

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Soy sauce, honey are tried and true with salmon

Salmon fishing usually doesn’t come to my mind in high summer. Perhaps it’s because I spent my formative fishing years in bays and estuaries during the actual seasons that lend their names to Oregon’s chinook runs. So it was something of a surprise when a friend offered up salmon just plucked from the Umpqua River [...]

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Baking with yogurt sauce keeps egg whites tender

Recent news reports of a nationwide egg shortage have renewed my household’s long-standing debate over backyard chickens. As everyone with a few square feet of space behind their tract homes seemed to be raising chickens, my husband, Will, held firm in his stance that a flock is not in our future. Forget that our home [...]

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Use oven-safe skillet for no-stick, no-flip frittata

If cooking with what you have is the goal, frittata is a fitting strategy. Local author Tod Davies recommends the Italian egg dish, along with omelets, tortilla Espanola and eggs baked in a toaster oven within the pages of “Jam Today Too,” discussed in this blog’s previous post. Inexpensive, quick-cooking and infinitely adaptable, eggs are [...]

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