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Liver paté an easy nosh for Hanukkah and beyond

The latke is emblematic of Hanukkah in a spread that includes plenty of other traditional foods. Even non-Jews take the holiday as their cue to enjoy yet another comfort food in a season filled with them. This quintessential potato pancake can take lots of directions with the inclusion of other root vegetables, including sweet potatoes, [...]

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Gobble gougeres as appetizers or with light meals

I love intricately plated appetizers probably more than the average person. So I’ve spent no small amount of time over the years rolling dates in prosciutto, folding phyllo into miniature triangles and topping off pastry cups with cheesy fillings. But something has to give when preparing a holiday spread for 30 people. It’s times like [...]

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Choose presents cooks can cherish, not regift

The past week has been spent devising the menu for a holiday party, composing to-do lists to prepare the house and penciling yet more dates onto the calendar for gatherings and revelry. Then I woke up this morning to the realization that just over two weeks remain until Christmas. As I was plotting how to [...]

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Lentil cooking water doubles as soup stock

There are plenty of lentil soups out there, including one suggested with the story in this week’s food section. Whether brown, green or red, these legumes often are simmered with carrots, celery and potatoes, perhaps accented with bacon. But it’s the rare recipe that specifies a use for lentil cooking water, which typically goes down [...]

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Post-holiday soups easy on the budget, waistline

A few quarts of turkey stock typically are this week’s reward for cooking over the course of several days. But a big pot of turkey posole, a hit with the whole family, polished off the carcass and its distilled liquid in a single meal the day after Thanksgiving. My husband, Will, spearheaded the dish with [...]

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In soup or salad, savor pumpkin with leeks

Pumpkin has enjoyed pride of place on this blog for the past couple of weeks. Lest readers get the impression that this winter squash is worthy only of Thanksgiving dessert, this post will celebrate pumpkin’s savory possibilities. Pumpkin-leek soup, of course, is a classic, one I’ve previously recommended. I suppose that’s why this Los Angeles [...]

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Feast on this blog’s Thanksgiving recipes, tips

In nearly a decade of writing about food, I’ve run across enough holiday tips and tricks to stuff this blog as full as a Thanksgiving turkey. Past years saw some of the best holiday stories rounded up on a single Mail Tribune web page. But the guide known as Holiday 101 didn’t make the transition [...]

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Finish off Thursday’s feast on a lighter note

For all those inclined to mix pie dough in the food processor, there’s someone else who would rather skip the resting and rolling and just grind up some graham crackers or cookies for a quick crust. If that’s you, or if you’re just looking for a twist on pumpkin pie, here are two recipes to [...]

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Bourbon-bacon pie crust perfect with pumpkin

Just in time for Thanksgiving, a lucky 30 participants will learn the “Lost Art of Pie Making” today at the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center. This class with a professional baker of 45 years is so popular that it sells out months in advance, before it was on my radar as a feature for [...]

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Pumpkin, salted caramel pair tradition, trendiness

Just as foods that evoke pumpkin pie are riding a wave of popularity, salted caramel has been a food darling for some time now. Salted-caramel lattes can be found on coffee-shop menus along with pumpkin ones, mentioned in a recent food-section story. And salted-caramel stouts have even cropped up to complement the pumpkin beer craze [...]

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