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Iced tea packs even more refreshment as ice pops

What’s more refreshing in summer’s swelter than iced tea? How about freezing tea into homemade ice pops? Although store-bought ice pops abound, most are full of sugar, corn syrup, gum and stabilizers with a few artificial colors and flavors for good measure. With many fewer — but much fresher — ingredients, ice pops can be [...]

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Snap up season’s nectarines to pair with peaches

If locally grown peaches aren’t a sweet enough treat, nectarines also can be picked and purchased at some area orchards. Ashland’s Valley View and Central Point’s Beebe Farms, both mentioned in this week’s food section, grow nectarines. But nectarine varieties are fewer than peaches, and the window for snapping them up is smaller. With both [...]

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Local fruit just peachy on pizzas, in tortillas

Polling people on how to eat peaches yields predictable — albeit reliably good — responses. Cobbler is so indispensable that Beebe Farms shopper Julie Hall freezes enough fruit to make it all winter. Putting up peaches is a popular summer pastime that benefits from some local growers, highlighted in this week’s A la Carte, offering [...]

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Fry zucchini with other veggies for texture, flavor

Frying up the remains of a giant zucchini this week, I was pleased to find the flesh surprisingly sweet. The prolific summer squash usually doesn’t offer so much in the way of flavor. And overgrown specimens, as noted in this blog’s previous post, often suffer seedy centers. So shredded and mixed with other ingredients is [...]

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Fried zucchini pasta combines 2 classic concepts

If only using up overgrown zucchini was as easy as preparing more of something: more relish, more fritters, more ratatouille, more zucchini pickles, even more zucchini bread. Texture is the problem, of course, with zucchini that escaped harvest before reaching gargantuan proportions. The innermost few inches are almost guaranteed to be pithy and seedy, not [...]

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Pare overgrown zucchini into pasta-sized ribbons

When garden vegetables are ripening this rapidly, picking becomes almost an hourly exercise. So I always wonder why we plant “enough vegetables to share,” in the words of my mother-in-law, when we struggle so mightily to consume them all. Yet sun-ripened, garden-fresh, organic vegetables are welcome for just about any occasion. Beyond sharing vegetables at [...]

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Eggplant casserole can be a hit without Parmesan

“There’s so much food out here to be eaten!” exclaimed my mother-in-law over the garden fence. After a short sojourn at the South Coast, I returned to a riot of summer colors, shapes and textures in the vegetable garden. Even the appetite of a pesky deer couldn’t stop Romano beans from producing 6-inch-long pods perfect [...]

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Summer or winter veggies make lentils ‘fabulous’

The garden at Frau Kemmling Schoolhaus Brewhaus may be a bounty of tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. But squashes and hardy greens are biding their time until winter sets in. Versatile and inclined to “last forever,” the two vegetables are “favorite food categories” of chef and Frau Kemmling general manager Hilary Kemmling. A surplus of kale [...]

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Mexican chorizo inspires Greek-fusion pasta dish

Chorizo, of the smoked variety, got a plug in this blog’s previous post. The paprika-infused Spanish sausage, to my mind, qualified for consumption on National Hot Dog Day. Perhaps better known in the United States is the ground, chili pepper-laden chorizo popular in Mexican food. The vinegar-seasoned sausage was featured in the current A la [...]

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Hot dogs aren’t just backyard or campground fare

I outed myself in a previous post for serving such low-brow dishes as boxed macaroni and cheese with canned tuna. So I might as well fess up to another food that, with a few extra fixings, masquerades as a meal. Sausages, frankfurters or, in the words of Anthony Bourdain, “meat in tube form” are handily kept [...]

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