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Pizza is a canvas for season’s freshest veggies

If you’ve signed up for a CSA, the action is an expression of optimism. Community-supported agriculture, explained in a previous post, represents hope for a bountiful harvest months in the future. Maybe shares will yield enough produce for favorite dishes: eggplant Parmesan or stuffed peppers, perhaps. Looking forward, the seasonal cook won’t compromise with vegetables [...]

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Support local CSA farms by signing up Saturday

The last load of farm-fresh vegetables arrived today from my community-supported agriculture program — just in time for subscription renewals. Small farmers and local-foods advocates tout Saturday as National CSA Sign-up Day. As explained in a previous post, my family participated in a winter CSA designed to provide locally grown produce when local farmers markets [...]

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Clean anything with lemons, baking soda, vinegar

Lemons as cleaning agents will be a sidelight to today’s citrus class with Master Food Preservers. The concept didn’t make the cut for Wednesday’s story in A la Carte on preserving citrus. But I figured most savvy cooks know they can freshen a sour garbage disposal by feeding it a lemon half or two. Hands [...]

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Citrus fruits shine in foods fresh and preserved

Like rays of sunlight, citrus brightens just about any food it touches, observed a local chef quoted in this week’s A la Carte. Once the weather is reliably warm and sunny, it’s easy to forget that the citrus season is waning. So with citrus at its best, now is the time for capturing its essence [...]

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It’s time to lavish love on heart-healthy lentils

Lentils will anchor a cooking demonstration I’m putting on this evening as an ACCESS volunteer. Participants in an Asante employee wellness program will get a taste of these little legumes in tortillas topped with common taco fillings. The idea, of course, is that lentils are a protein-packed yet fiber-rich alternative to meat or even more [...]

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Custard mashup omits scary step for amateurs

Given the choice between custard and cake, I’d take the former any day. So the only decision left for someone of my ilk is which creamy, sweet iteration: pot de crème, crème brulee, crème caramel or maybe panna cotta. If only there was a dessert that combined them. And actually, there is. The Inn at [...]

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Braise chicken with fennel for one-pot feast

Biweekly deliveries of fresh, organic vegetables from a local farm go far toward filling my family’s produce needs. The highly seasonal nature of community-supported agriculture, however, requires me to use carrots, turnips, potatoes, kale and spinach week in and week out. I can think of worse fates for a cook who prides herself on preparing [...]

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Cupcakes can be good for sweetheart’s heart

More than a decade since “Sex and the City” made cupcakes chic, the frenzy has faded around these cutesy desserts. The essential character of a good cupcake, however, hasn’t changed, according to local bakers. And the decades-old concept has only improved with innovations spawned from cupcakes’ status as sweet-treat sensation. Among the cupcake’s attributes is [...]

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Bone broth on hand makes for effortless flavor

Apart from health, the reward for making bone broth is rich, deep flavor. Because just about every culture and culinary tradition has its version, bone broth broadens a cook’s menu options far beyond soups and stews. Add it to pan sauces. Cook whole grains, beans or pasta in broth. Braise meats and vegetables in it [...]

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Raise a cup of bone broth to better health

Sipping a hot cup of bone broth is no bizarre-foods experience for me. Anyone who’s made homemade stock should have felt the urge to ladle up a bowl before squirreling the lion’s share away for other uses. Likewise, when I was casting about my kitchen for some fast but wholesome sustenance earlier this week, homemade [...]

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