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Rise to challenge of eating more local tomatoes

Just when everyone should be sated on summer’s tomatoes, along comes Eat Local Week with several more reasons to fete this glorious fruit. The Great Tomato Tasting has been a headlining event since Eat Local Week’s inception. And over the past nine years, chances have only grown for tasting why tomatoes epitomize the locavore movement. [...]

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Dukkah dresses up hummus, spreads and dippers

A bland, beige persona belies traditional hummus’ complex conveyance of zesty garlic and lemon with earthy chickpeas and tahini. And the Middle Eastern staple often is dressed up with still more flavors, such as olive oil and pine nuts, or sprinklings of sumac and za’atar, mentioned in this blog’s previous post. Hummus accompaniments, however, don’t [...]

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Middle East’s ‘peanut butter’ on the rise in U.S.

Hummus is touted in the current Mail Tribune food section as a health-savvy and satisfying snack for kids, as well as adults. Indeed, Charlotte Observer writer Kathleen Purvis called it “the Middle East’s answer to peanut butter.” But whereas peanut butter is a sticky issue in some schools, hummus has a lower allergen risk and [...]

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‘Crispy Treats’ a cut above rice-cereal originals

School bake sales and parties just wouldn’t be complete without the ubiquitous Rice Krispies Treat. Kellogg’s beloved cereal bound up with melted marshmallows is certainly high on nostalgia but most definitely low on nutrition. Even an organic version enhanced with some high-quality nut butter doesn’t make the grade for nutritional therapist Summer Waters, although the [...]

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Try this sweet treat for back-to-school snacking

If there’s ever a time when meals and snacks should keep kids and parents going all day, it’s the rush back to school. The best options, nutrition experts can attest, don’t come in the packages. Simply put, they’re whole foods or dishes comprising them. And while fruits and vegetables are high on the list, it’s [...]

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Silky stew or quick saute is summer’s symphony

Shares from a traditional community-supported agriculture program can seem a bit like the “mystery boxes” intended to stump chefs in so many cooking competitions. Both entirely unfamiliar produce items and the all-too familiar — filling boxes for weeks on end — offer their own culinary challenges. Even home gardeners who grow exactly what they like, [...]

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Onion pickles can wait for home-canning lull

Canning often is akin to preparing a time capsule: capturing a fleeting moment of peak ripeness and flavor. For centuries, food preservation has extended the bounteous harvest into the lean months when fresh produce is sparse and therefore precious. So it’s no wonder that summer’s tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and copious fruits are arguably the [...]

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Home-canned artichoke hearts a ‘revelation’

For years, I was the one doling out food tips to fellow Mail Tribune staffers, including the design guru behind so many editions of the newspaper’s food section. This week, I was on the receiving end, as my friend and food-section counterpart filled me in on how to grill artichokes. Clearly, some variations on this [...]

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Spur quicker consumption with quick pickling

The last post to this blog betrays my tendency to purchase more food than we can consume in a reasonable period of time. It’s not so bad when the item is shelf-stable, at least for a couple of years. But many of us overestimate how often preserved food will keep. In many instances, it isn’t [...]

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Blueberries bring natural pectin to jam-making

If there’s one food without a chance of escaping my innate hoarding tendencies, it’s jam. I’m ashamed to admit it isn’t even homemade jam, a backlog in the pantries of many avid food preservers. Because my husband, Will, consumes jam with such abandon, I’d never be able to keep up. That’s why I stockpile it [...]

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