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Lemon, almond boost sweet cherries’ pie potential

The thermometer’s spike should ripen the cherries remaining on our tree overnight. Cooler temperatures last week babied a small crop of more delicate Royal Ann cherries, those tender, creamy-toned fruit with the fetching blush. From a front-yard tree, we managed to pick more than we had in years. But of course, I can’t remember when [...]

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Trio of mushrooms go far in richly flavored tart

Mushrooms beyond the garden varieties have pride of place in this week’s food section. It recently became easier for me to cook with a wider assortment of mushrooms, one of our family’s favorite foods, since the locally owned grocery store where I habitually shop stepped up its inventory. Cremini debuted in the past couple of [...]

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Nix butter for cream cheese in radish sandwich

It seems like the time should have long since passed for buying so much produce. A slow start to the growing season means that our garden also is a bit behind schedule. And while we just harvested the first garlic and snow peas are starting to size up, I walk the rows a bit anxiously, [...]

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Plenty of room for improvement in chicken wrap

It’s the rare recipe that’s sacred, so fine-tuned that even the most creative cook brings nothing new to the format. BLTs, the main course in this week’s food section, tend toward that untouchable recipe category. Don’t mess with the concept; just combine the best versions of the three defining ingredients that you can possibly find [...]

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‘Sushi bowl’ is a simple way to savor seaweed

Outside of Japanese restaurants, seaweed, as acknowledged in this month’s Oregon Healthy Living magazine, is a novelty for many Americans. Yet sea vegetables, in many forms, have become more mainstream as salty, savory snack alternatives to chips and crackers. Seaweed wafers provide much of the satisfying crunch when starchy foods are baked or fried but [...]

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Grill butterflied or spatchcocked bird in a hurry

Grill recipes calling for thinner cuts and delicate proteins, such as fish or seafood, are the main course in this week’s A la Carte. Quickly caramelizing a tender cut of meat, piece of produce or underripe fruit has lost none of its luster, despite our family’s purchase of a pellet smoker several summers back. The [...]

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Hummus, other cold mezze dips also freeze well

My summer celebrations, particularly where kids are guests of honor, start with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies before chips and other salty snacks make an appearance. Memorial Day weekend was no different, kicking off Saturday with my younger son’s birthday party. Fresh strawberries and pineapple were an easy choice, along with the cucumbers that [...]

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Blueberries bring brown betty to summer’s table

Since I blogged last May about my younger son’s de facto chocolate birthday cake, his tastes have emerged more clearly. Berries, particularly blueberries, are a serious contender for his favorite food. And the kid will reduce a slice of fresh lemon to just a half-masticated chunk of pith. His needlelike, 2-year-old teeth prize both zest [...]

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Refry beans in just a bit of fat for loads of flavor

A last-minute change in dinner plans last week saddled me with a husband craving nachos and a shortage of toppings. Typically, I would load the chips and cheese with bits of whichever meat — chicken, turkey, pork or even lamb — that we’d roasted or smoked for the week. But I hadn’t managed to pull [...]

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Kitchen hack: peanut sauce from poaching liquid

The “hack,” as we’ve come to know it, implies that life is a series of chores to tackle inelegantly but effectively, eliminating yet another stumbling block in our way. I never used to view cooking as a hurdle or pitfall, that is until I had kids. Four years in, the relentless cycle of maximizing the [...]

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