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‘Good’ sushi may be more rare than real wasabi

Photos of yellowfin tuna sashimi and raw Kumamoto oysters depicted the “joy” of real wasabi in this week’s A la Carte. If only there was more joy around so-called sushi, which the mainstream American palate has transformed into another kind of junk food, stuffed with cream cheese and spicy mayonnaise, sometimes deep-fried, to mask the [...]

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Steep, don’t smother, chilaquiles in red chili sauce

Tacos were a logical conclusion when my husband added corn tortillas, onion, queso fresco and tomatillos to our grocery-shopping list. Turns out, Will had breakfast in mind, chilaquiles to be exact. The impetus was a disappointing version he ordered at a local restaurant, a lapse we were more inclined to forgive because of its location [...]

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Orange-blossom water enhances honey syrup

Foods highlighted in this week’s A la Carte story on Greek cuisine also may have called to mind Middle Eastern fare. It’s true that there’s a lot of culinary crossover in certain parts of the world, the Mediterranean included. The olive oil, lemons and mint essential to Greek cooking are just as indispensable to the [...]

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Leave fruits whole for crumbles in a time crunch

Fruit crisps are easy to assemble with minimal ingredients, qualities that earned them a nod in a recent story on five-ingredient dishes. Almost indistinguishable from the fruit crisp is the fruit crumble, according to cooking dictionaries. When time is of the essence, a crumble recipe that leaves fruits nearly whole is practically effortless, particularly when [...]

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U.S. dietary guidelines change little with the times

The U.S. government’s MyPlate dietary guidelines were no mystery to kids at Medford’s Howard Elementary participating in a recent cooking class. When I, in my role as volunteer nutrition educator, held up the pie chart-type illustration and asked who had seen it before, every hand in the room shot skyward. And the kids, for the [...]

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Give Easter ham the egg treatment in sandwiches

It’s a tough time of year for hard-boiled-egg haters, particularly those with children who decorated a dozen or so for Easter. I personally can’t comprehend this affliction and have many times lauded eggs as the perfect food. Over the years, this blog also has bowed to pressure from colleagues and readers to suggest uses for [...]

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Light lemon souffles are an easy Easter treat

Spring’s first strawberries foreshadow the bright, juicy berry bounty that’s just around the corner. And there’s little that complements fresh, sweet berries like a bit of citrus, the topic of a February story in A la Carte. As strawberries offer variety during the rapidly waning citrus season, now’s the time to pair the two. One [...]

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Try slightly smoky baked beans instead of refried

With a cooking surface several times larger than a Weber kettle, a wood pellet-fired smoker is seeing lots of use at my house. Mentioned in a previous post, my husband’s new Rec-Tec is proving its versatility, even as a pizza oven. Not only can we cook several components of a single meal at once, but [...]

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Stoke meat-smoking passion with these tips

Two years of researching brands and saving spare cash paid off last month when my husband set up a wood pellet-fired smoker on the back deck. Will has since smoked everything from whole chilies to rabbit in the Rec-Tec. It comes as little surprise, though, that beef tri-tip has been the most well-received by Will [...]

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Top toast with smashing beet, cheese spread

Ways for enjoying beets with cheese have been suggested in several recent posts to this blog. Whether the root vegetable is roasted or raw, the cheese firm or soft, rich, savory dairy adds a satisfying note to earthy beets. But really, doesn’t cheese make just about everything better? So in that vein, here is one [...]

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