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Sweet citrus fruits straddle salad, dessert courses

A serving of fruit has been all but a mealtime requirement in the past six years since I’ve had kids. Fruits go down easier than vegetables, after all, and the fiber keeps kids full between meals when fruit is their snack. Plus they’re loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, in short the plethora of phytonutrients. [...]

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Citrus fruits pop next to fat from avocado, olives

Distinctive citrus needs little adornment to constitute a salad. Case in point is Citrus Salad With Avocado in this week’s food section. The only ingredient that infers a green salad is the cilantro leaves scattered atop the orange and avocado slices. Another favorite in this vein is Orange, Fennel and Olive Salad. Is a theme [...]

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Winter is time to make citrus shine in food, drink

That the vast majority of domestically grown oranges becomes juice likely comes as little surprise. But the variety of oranges available in mainstream grocers may be a bit surprising. Blood oranges, Cara Cara and mandarins all were featured in this month’s Oregon Healthy Living story about citrus. Numerous ways to prepare the season’s citrus and [...]

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Deep-frying hardest part of quick doughnut holes

Baked goods calling for just a few ingredients and a few minutes of hands-on time have been this blog’s theme for the past week. From cream biscuits to English muffins to classic scones, they’ve progressively gotten a bit more challenging and a bit more decadent. To that, I’ll introduce another level of difficulty, which adds [...]

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Handle with care is beginning bakers’ challenge

It’s perhaps the hardest lesson for a novice baker — and I count myself in that group. It isn’t what you do, but what you don’t do, that makes all the difference in delicately textured baked goods. Minimal manipulating is key whenever flakiness is the goal. Dairy fat mingled with flour and leavening can produce [...]

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No self-rising flour for baked goods? No problem

Pillowy perfection is possible in just two ingredients, or so runs the recommendation for biscuits featured in this blog’s previous post. Sticklers may say that self-rising flour, which contains salt and leavening, isn’t a single ingredient. But it’s still a scant number, whichever way you look at it, not to mention a simple process. So [...]

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Bypass boxed mixes for self-rising cream biscuits

Bypassing box-made biscuits is the premise of this week’s food-section feature. I had to chuckle at the writer’s revelation that making biscuits from a box is hardly more involved than making them from scratch. That’s because my mom recently announced that she hardly bought Bisquick anymore when it’s so easy to make biscuits from the [...]

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Dish combines tofu, egg to cut beef consumption

The Whole Dish podcast: Celebrate plant-based protein in hearty, cohesive dishes If you want to save the planet, eat beans, not beef. That’s the latest advice from a panel of experts on nutrition, agriculture and the environment. Their recommendations for improving the food system entail a massive overhaul from field and factory to shopping cart [...]

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Mushrooms masquerade for plant-based proteins

The Whole Dish podcast: Mix up your mushrooms with widely available exotics With 3- and 5-year-old boys who clamor for dinner by 4:30 p.m., I rarely these days get caught on my heels. Serving up the family meal between 5 and 5:30 p.m. leaves little wiggle room. Thus, I conceive the menu at least 24 [...]

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Warmth, patience bring out mushrooms’ essence

Reassured by weather forecasters and lulled by my own wishing thinking, I assumed the rain would cease for several days. But I woke up this morning to a dark, dreary sky. Drizzle chased away the previous evening’s chill, but I bundled up in a scarf and donned a hat under my hood. Demoralizing, that’s the [...]

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