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This gingery sauce softens stance on scallions

The love-hate relationship with scallions previously revealed in this blog is something of a mischaracterization. Absolute animosity toward scallions better describes my attitude, at least for most of my life. Cultivating green onions in my own garden finally nudged that rigid stance toward grudging acceptance, followed by appreciation for a plant that grows quickly in [...]

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Any addition can make eggs devilishly delicious

I’ve never met a deviled egg I didn’t like. That goes for even those versions with commercially prepared sweet-pickle relish and pimentos. With Easter still nearly two months out, the topic is perhaps premature for some. But for others, deviled eggs constitute the perfect party platter, just as suited to Super Bowl as to cocktail [...]

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Citrus-fennel salad an easy alternative to greens

Our friends had to hand it us. My husband and I pulled off a Sunday-style dinner of roast chicken and potatoes on a busy weeknight. Hands-off dishes were the primary strategy. Once we seasoned both the bird and potato wedges, our pellet smoker did all the work. A balsamic-vinegar sauce simmered away on the stovetop [...]

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Make harissa at home, but make sure it’s spicy

Fiery condiments are a fixture in my fridge. Besides the de rigueur Tabasco sauce, the lineup includes Sriracha, chili-garlic paste, several types of curry paste and wasabi. Suffice it to say, my palate is pretty conditioned to heat. So I was surprised to suddenly sputter and gulp some water after adding the tiniest dab of [...]

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Call it grits or polenta, corn mush makes a meal

Southern-style greens inspired a recent post to this blog. Grits to go with them would constitute a full plate. But like my take on greens (I’ve never actually used ham hocks), my version of cornmeal mush is closer to what most cooks call polenta. What’s the difference? As near as I can tell, the type [...]

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Escarole, white beans marry well in soup or salad

These are salad days, or so proclaimed the headline on this week’s A la Carte. But the story and recipes didn’t suggest mere plates of greens and shredded veggies with maybe a few fruit-and-nut garnishes. These salads are full of fiber, healthy fats, warming spices and winter’s indispensable citrus. A lentil salad, couscous salad and [...]

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Southern-style greens can include any variety

Wet, cold weather brewing is the time for stewing. Or braising. Or any cooking method that produces a rich, filling, flavorful eating experience to counter the dreariness. Tonight, it’s lamb stew with root vegetables. Greens also are a common component of this dish, particularly when I serve it with polenta. Or grits, depending on your [...]

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Wake up to the savory, spicy flavors of Vietnam

When I have homemade stock on hand, Asian-inspired soups are one of my favorite quick-cooking meals. Noodles in a long-simmered stock need few additions, maybe just a splash of fish sauce, squeeze of citrus and sprinkle of fresh herbs to wake up the palate. This kind of noodle soup is the ubiquitous breakfast in Vietnam [...]

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Vinegar, pickling add pucker to fresh cranberries

Holiday remnants continue to clutter my house nearly two weeks into the new year. To go with the Christmas tree still dominating my living room, there’s a compartmentalized box with a couple of withering oranges on the kitchen table and a dwindling assortment of glaceed fruits and toasted nuts on the counter. The pantry holds [...]

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Lower-fat pasta in cook’s carbonara comfort zone

The recipient of some sad news, I scrapped last night’s dinner plan for a salad of grapefruit, avocado and seared sea scallops. Comfort food was in order, with a big glass of red wine. In times like this, pasta is my go-to, and it doesn’t get much more comforting than pasta carbonara. Make that pasta [...]

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