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Roasting rhubarb riffs on beet-goat cheese salad

Pickled rhubarb, covered in this blog’s previous post, is a delicious addition to salads. Think frisee, blanched asparagus or chopped Belgian endive topped with a poached egg. But quickly sauteing or roasting rhubarb brings out just a hint of sweetness in the vegetable while softening it. The technique, in combination with goat cheese and toasted [...]

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Pucker up for quick rhubarb-celery-berry pickle

Its nickname, fittingly, is pie plant. And in the pantheon of pie fillings, rhubarb ranks right up there for me. Indifferent baker that I am, I managed to cobble together a strawberry-rhubarb crostata on the fly as lamb shanks simmered away in my Crock-Pot earlier this week. Slice the fruit, toss it with some sugar, [...]

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Rhubarb’s sour stalks have surprising savory side

The most recent post to this blog played into most cooks’ penchant for using rhubarb in sweet condiments and desserts. While the pucker-provoking stalks do indeed go with strawberries like peanut butter with jelly, they have a surprisingly savory side, one I’ve come to appreciate. In the past few years, I’ve quick-pickled rhubarb for salads [...]

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Fruity french toast makes Mom’s, or anyone’s, day

It’s true. There’s no one quite like Mom. And now that I am one, the significance of what begins as the world’s closest relationship truly makes sense. But so many other close relationships make life rich. I’m fortunate to have a mother-in-law who is close in proximity (readers of this blog may recall that she [...]

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Sorry, Mom, there’s more than one beef stroganoff

Just in time for Mother’s Day, some friends and fellow foodies shared fond memories on my Facebook page of family-heirloom recipes and cookbooks. Over the years, this blog has been a repository for a few family-favorite dishes. Kugel, banana bread, popcorn balls, Japanese Chicken and Texas Pecan Candy Cake are sentimental specialties of my mother [...]

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Teatime is anytime when recipes brew new dishes

Cooking with tea isn’t a novel concept for this blog or A la Carte. But this week’s food-section story was steeped in some intriguing new ways to enjoy the brew. Recipes with tea also have accompanied a previous post on pairing tea — like wine — with foods. Adding matcha powder imparts a “je ne [...]

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Variations on potato patties please brunch palates

The topic was brunch. But I was surprised that morning exercise or other physical activity did not come up in a recent interview with personal trainer and cooking instructor Tiazza Rose. Relaxing with family and friends, rather than squeezing in a workout before breakfast, is behind Rose’s concept for a sold-out Mother’s Day brunch at [...]

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‘Good’ sushi may be more rare than real wasabi

Photos of yellowfin tuna sashimi and raw Kumamoto oysters depicted the “joy” of real wasabi in this week’s A la Carte. If only there was more joy around so-called sushi, which the mainstream American palate has transformed into another kind of junk food, stuffed with cream cheese and spicy mayonnaise, sometimes deep-fried, to mask the [...]

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Steep, don’t smother, chilaquiles in red chili sauce

Tacos were a logical conclusion when my husband added corn tortillas, onion, queso fresco and tomatillos to our grocery-shopping list. Turns out, Will had breakfast in mind, chilaquiles to be exact. The impetus was a disappointing version he ordered at a local restaurant, a lapse we were more inclined to forgive because of its location [...]

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Orange-blossom water enhances honey syrup

Foods highlighted in this week’s A la Carte story on Greek cuisine also may have called to mind Middle Eastern fare. It’s true that there’s a lot of culinary crossover in certain parts of the world, the Mediterranean included. The olive oil, lemons and mint essential to Greek cooking are just as indispensable to the [...]

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