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Pepper-roasting season is time to make romesco

Returning home this week from a trip to Southern California, I was feeling chilled to the bone, although evening temperatures hadn’t dipped into freezing. The threat of frost had spurred my mother-in-law, our garden guru, from pulling any numbers of peppers from the plants and depositing them in our fridge. I knew she would. I [...]

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Multi-cookers can ‘bake’ custard-like desserts

A recent conversation with Master Food Preserver Michele Pryse wasn’t the first time we’d dished on the Instant Pot. Coordinator of ACCESS’ Cooking Skills Education Program, Michele has supported my volunteer efforts to teach cooking classes for the past four years. I’ve joined her during that time in sharing plenty of “Kitchen Wisdom,” including how [...]

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Apple syrup concentrates fruit’s sweetness, tang

Apple cider can infuse fall’s flavor into numerous dishes, from baked goods to meat entrees to side dishes to sauces. Several past posts to this this blog have shown the beverage’s versatility. Extending the flavor even farther is apple syrup, essentially cider that’s been reduced to a thick consistency that concentrates all the fruit’s sweetness [...]

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Hand-pressed cider isn’t your average apple juice

Usually nixing juice, I make an exception for cider. Half the intrigue for my kids is helping to press the nectar-like beverage from apples picked at a local orchard. “Making cider is a lot of work,” my 5-year-old son commented after we climbed ladders, shook limbs, collected apples in 25-pound boxes, then schlepped the boxes [...]

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Apple desserts can feature fruit or farm-fresh juice

Preparing apple pies for a recent potluck was a labor of love. The recipe started not in the kitchen, but in the orchard of a local farm, where I’d been invited to cook and eat. About 20 or so apples of several varieties, picked right off the trees, constituted enough fruit for two generously stuffed [...]

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Cornbread, creamy dressing riffs on panzanella

The Whole Dish podcast: Fusion fare doesn’t have to be fancy or fussy My Asian-Latin-Southern-fusion contribution to a school potluck wasn’t consumed in the quantity I anticipated. But that left plenty of the succotash-esquites hybrid, dressed with a sweet chili-sauce vinaigrette, for the next night’s dinner. Colorful and chock-full of garden vegetables, the salad asked [...]

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Gardener tires of zucchini, but never its blossoms

The Whole Dish podcast: Extend zucchini’s appeal by quick-pickling, pureeing for freezer Alongside the garden’s last zucchini are the plant’s final push to propagate. Velvety squash blossoms are a delicacy I never seem to enjoy enough, unlike their fruits that have all but worn out their welcome. Squash blossoms lend tender texture to dishes from [...]

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Lemon adds late-season zest to zucchini cake

The chill in the air and downright brisk mornings are foreshadowing the garden’s demise. But you wouldn’t know it from the number of zucchini we picked this past week. There was enough for my mother-in-law to keep a couple on hand and for my mom visiting from the coast to take home a pair. Still, [...]

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Wary of watery potatoes? Roast them for salad

With the utmost respect for my mom’s cooking, I poked fun two summers back at our running debate over potato salad. The setting was my house this past week, the dinner smoked pork ribs and baked beans. But because I planned to teach cooking that evening, rather than partake in meal preparations, my mom was [...]

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Follow these chef tips to up the ‘avo’ toast ante

It’s the food I love to hate: avocado toast. I confessed in an October post that the affection for this simple snack turned millennial must-have eludes me. Ordering it in a restaurant when it’s so easily prepared at home is even more baffling, I opined. More recently, avocado toast has become my trigger for logging [...]

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