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Trends aside, butternut squash a seasonal darling

Exclusion from this year’s lists of trendiest vegetables doesn’t take anything away from butternut squash. A food darling for several years, the squash’s appeal isn’t exactly news. It’s a good source of fiber, potassium and magnesium, as well as an excellent source of vitamins A and D. It’s a naturally sweet substitute it for any [...]

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Cauliflower cuts calories in faux pasta Alfredo

Every year, food-trend forecasts renew interest in preparing and eating some overlooked, even obscure, vegetables. Move over kale; watercress is the new super-green for 2015. I don’t need a top-10 list to justify eating more veggies, not when a local farm makes biweekly deliveries of fresh produce to my house. It also comes as no [...]

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This pureed vegetable soup has a bit of a bite

Harmonizing a soup of various vegetables often takes the form of pureeing. This obvious technique is one I regularly employ, for certain vegetables more often than others. But unless strained until silky, some soups can verge too much on baby food, texturally speaking. So it’s nice to see recipes that add back some bite-sized components [...]

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Braised greens and potatoes epitomize season

To first-time participants, community-supported agriculture shares can seem almost like random assortments of vegetables. That mentality needs reminding that CSAs epitomize local and seasonal eating. In other words, don’t look for tomatoes in your winter CSA box (unless the farmer sun-dried some back in September). This time of year, CSA customers like me can count [...]

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Scanty spuds stretch winter greens into salad

It can be a blessing to split a CSA share with another household, as I observed in the last post to this blog. In our case, it makes the task of cooking and consuming so much farm-fresh produce a bit less daunting. But some items, such as potatoes, don’t go far enough when divvied up. [...]

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Farm share boosts resolve to eat more veggies

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions, particularly when it comes to food. But this year I’m joining millions of Americans in their resolve to eat more vegetables. Fruit hasn’t been a problem over the past month, thanks to holiday boxes of pears, apples and their dried counterparts. A good month before those gifts started arriving, [...]

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Ring in new flavors with year’s last appetizers

Food tends to play second fiddle to the drinks on New Year’s Eve, at least in many circles. After hosting a still-notorious gathering mentioned in a previous post, I vowed not to spend a day concocting appetizers to wow guests who have designated their last few hundred calories of the year for booze. Yet I can’t throw in the [...]

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Baking contest finalists combine cookies, candies

Those of us still burning the midnight oil purchasing and wrapping Christmas gifts have little time to spare to in the kitchen. A lackluster baker, I consider this an optional task, one that gets appended to the holiday to-do lists. That’s why past years have seen me sullying my kitchen in the late-night hours of [...]

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‘Cookbook Book’ digests genre’s past 300 years

Among the year’s must-have holiday gifts, books always get their due. And for enthusiastic cooks, great cookbooks are bound to top their wish lists, right? I guess it all depends. Christmases past have brought me such utilitarian classics as “Betty Crocker’s Big Red Cookbook,” trendy celebrity-chef take-offs like Jamie Oliver’s “Jamie at Home” and even [...]

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Liver paté an easy nosh for Hanukkah and beyond

The latke is emblematic of Hanukkah in a spread that includes plenty of other traditional foods. Even non-Jews take the holiday as their cue to enjoy yet another comfort food in a season filled with them. This quintessential potato pancake can take lots of directions with the inclusion of other root vegetables, including sweet potatoes, [...]

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