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Silky stew or quick saute is summer’s symphony

Shares from a traditional community-supported agriculture program can seem a bit like the “mystery boxes” intended to stump chefs in so many cooking competitions. Both entirely unfamiliar produce items and the all-too familiar — filling boxes for weeks on end — offer their own culinary challenges. Even home gardeners who grow exactly what they like, [...]

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Onion pickles can wait for home-canning lull

Canning often is akin to preparing a time capsule: capturing a fleeting moment of peak ripeness and flavor. For centuries, food preservation has extended the bounteous harvest into the lean months when fresh produce is sparse and therefore precious. So it’s no wonder that summer’s tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans and copious fruits are arguably the [...]

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Home-canned artichoke hearts a ‘revelation’

For years, I was the one doling out food tips to fellow Mail Tribune staffers, including the design guru behind so many editions of the newspaper’s food section. This week, I was on the receiving end, as my friend and food-section counterpart filled me in on how to grill artichokes. Clearly, some variations on this [...]

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Spur quicker consumption with quick pickling

The last post to this blog betrays my tendency to purchase more food than we can consume in a reasonable period of time. It’s not so bad when the item is shelf-stable, at least for a couple of years. But many of us overestimate how often preserved food will keep. In many instances, it isn’t [...]

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Blueberries bring natural pectin to jam-making

If there’s one food without a chance of escaping my innate hoarding tendencies, it’s jam. I’m ashamed to admit it isn’t even homemade jam, a backlog in the pantries of many avid food preservers. Because my husband, Will, consumes jam with such abandon, I’d never be able to keep up. That’s why I stockpile it [...]

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Hands-on knife class needs keen participants

Sharps knives are much safer in a cook’s hand than dull knives, or so most of us have heard. And sharp blades also are more efficient, allowing cooks to work faster and with less effort. But how many of us maintain the right tool with conscientious care only to wonder how exactly to wield it? [...]

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Baby’s berry blues warrant look at prewashing

Fresh blueberries have been a commodity at local farmers markets and U-pick patches almost since the start of summer. But they’re just starting to come on at the Oregon Coast, my preferred locale for U-picking organic berries at a family farm that’s grown them for several generations. I mined the bushes with more fervor than [...]

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Ways with watermelon span summer months

There’s no trick to eating summer’s sweet, juicy watermelons, as Doreen Bradshaw pointed out in this week’s A la Carte. The owner of Seven Oaks Farm in Central Point keeps a bowl of chilled watermelon wedges in her refrigerator to keep her cool as she traverses the farm’s fields and country store all summer. But [...]

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Strawberries, apples make jams just right

Peaches, blackberries and even local apples are starting to dictate food preservers’ plans. The biannual peach-canning spree with my mother-in-law is slated for Friday. But that hasn’t kept her from filling the freezer with other local fruits, including blackberries I picked, to put up at her leisure. Indeed, strawberries, given the low- and no-sugar treatment [...]

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Pack these salads, chilled soup for picnics

Saturday at Britt Festivals wasn’t just a chance to see one of my favorite artists; it also afforded one of the summer’s first occasions to picnic. Kudos to Britt for still allowing outside food and beverages at its venue. It’s a tradition I always plan to exploit, not least because I have so many garden [...]

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